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Nyirenda explains European based bullets call ups

Zambia national team head coach Wedson Nyirenda has explained the logic behind calling seven foreign based Chipolopolo stars for the four team tournament to be held in Ndola between 21st and 24th March.

Nyirenda believes taking advantage of the four team tournament to keep the team together and asses the progress is the best idea.

” We need to be together as a team. It would have taken too long to wait for our next FIFA window which is in September. I think it is a good idea to use this tournament to gauge how all our players are fairing and were they are lagging behind so that we can work on it,” He said.

The Chipolopolo tactition is expecting to have a more co-ordinated team after the four team tournament.

” We want to achieve co-ordination after the tournament. Our programme has been different the previous teams. We have been very active over the past one year. We have been holding three day camps every month which we will continue despite having a team because we are unearthing alot of new talents,”He said.

Nyirenda is also hoping the players engaged with continental duty will be back in good time so that he can hold atleast two full sessions to be ready for the opening game of the Tournament.


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9 Comments to Nyirenda explains European based bullets call ups

  1. Lukanga Kafusha Justice says:

    Mr. coach professional players piling their trade outside Zambia will not be released unless they are useless at their respective clubs. Most the players are just settling e.g. Augustine Mulenga who has just joined Pirates. Those in Europe are busy fighting for a first team place, so please leave them out.
    Clubs can only release players during international and friendly games played on FIFA sanctioned dates. Let them concentrate at getting in the first teams at their respective clubs, where they are learning more, under very qualified coaches
    My advice to the players is as follows; (Remain at your clubs as this tournament will be played on a non-sanctioned FIFA date). And remember you are not employed by neither FAZ nor Nyirenda. injuries to any of you at this tournament will be a disaster as FAZ will do nothing about that. Ask some retired players like Charlie Cool and Johnstone Commando Bwalya
    Don’t destroy your careers young boys, period. DON’T TRAVEL

    • pungwa says:

      Awe ba Justice, you have it wrong. This tournament will be on FIFA sanctioned dates. Just say big up to Kamanga. Yours sincerely former Kolokombwa.

      • Lukanga Kafusha Justice says:

        Really I was lost on this one, Pungwa but all the same players in Europe shouldn´t take part. Let them remain and train at their respective clubs

  2. The team looks strong on paper.hope we shall build on the team that played Nigeria wc

  3. pundit says:

    i have no faith in this so called tactician in Nyirenda..the national team z not a talent search show please!

  4. Pele says:

    Wada. Zambian football is on the wane all because you believe long balls from the first whistle bears results. No my brother!Zambia is a team that was known for quick passes from the back..to the middle field and Kalusha, Kalaba,Charles,etc would do the rest. Your long ball tactic has seen Zambia loose possesion over 90% of the time. Long balls are useful in counter attacks. Bikeni bola psnshi please and NO defender should cross the centre line!
    You have destroyed our brand of Zambian football.

  5. Benny says:

    Ba Pele are u sure long balls remember when they meet Nigeria the ball was down

    • Pele says:

      Statistically long balls result in over 90% lost possession! When you lose possession like that you will not score! Long balls are called ” shots in the dark”. Zambia beat Italy in 1988 using a well oiled mid field. We beat Algeria using the midfield but with our long balls we hardly get more than one goal…

  6. Zambian Buffalo says:

    From the time the coach included Sate Sate, I am beginning to give him a benefit of doubt. Lets give him support, he has also included Solomon Sakala and I for see the coming back of 2017 U20Dream team.

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