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Nyirenda calls Macha for Cameroon encounter

Coach Wedson Nyirenda has named 28 players to face Cameroon in a formality Russia 2018 world cup qualifier on November 11.

Nyirenda has continued with his youth policy giving Nkwazi youngster Lameck Banda his second national team call up. Nkana duo Muchindu Muchindu and Moses Nyondo have also been named in the squad.

Baroka Striker Lewis Macha who is a player Nyirenda has alot of faith has been given a call up.

Emmanuel Banda and Brian Mwila who missed the game against Nigeria due to injury have all made the team.



Kennedy Mweene (Mamelodi Sundowns-RSA), Toaster Nsabata (Zanaco FC), Allan Chibwe (Power Dynamos FC)


Donashano Malama, Boston Muchindu, Moses Nyondo (all Nkana), Simon Silwimba , Fackson Kapumbu, Ziyo Tembo (Zanaco FC), Isaac Shamujompa (Power Dynamos FC), Adrian Chama (Green Buffaloes), Stopilla Sunzu (Arsenal Tula FC – Russia)


Rodrick Kabwe (Ajax Cape town FC – RSA), Kondwani Mtonga, Misheck Chaila, John Chingandu (all Zesco United FC), Emmanuel Banda (Ostende FC – Belgium), Augustine Mulenga (Zanaco FC), Fashion Sakala (Spartak Moscow – Russia), Enerst Mbewe (Zanaco FC), Edward Chilufya (Djurgadens FC), Enock Mwepu (Red bull Salzburg FC – Austria)


Patson Daka (Red bull Salzburg FC – Austria), Brian Mwila (Platinum Stars FC – South Africa), Justin Shonga (Orlando Pirates FC – RSA), Lameck Banda (Nkwazi FC), Alex N’gonga (Power Dynamos), Lewis Macha (Striker Baroka FC – RSA)


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33 Comments to Nyirenda calls Macha for Cameroon encounter

  1. Andy DeRoche says:

    Selecting younger players and focusing on the future makes sense, especially after being eliminated from Russia 2018. I am wondering, though, why there is no place for Lubambo Musonda. He is playing regularly and well in Armenia, and is still quite young himself. Does anyone have insight into why Musonda does not get called anymore?

    • Leo says:

      One wonders why Lubambo Musonda has not been part of the team…..
      The other issue kapumba and silwamba these players are not good enough for the national team
      What will chaila do what Nathan can’t do even better
      What can kapumbu do that mbola can’t do the latter even better
      I just think Wada is big headed and does not know how to handle ego players which makes him NOT a good manager

  2. Positive thinking says:

    A consequence free fixture like this would have been the best time to recall Kalaba or Sinkala. I think those players have a place in this team and an encounter like this would be a good olive branch to see if there is really any change in attitude especially from Kalaba.

    Also, we need to have our fullbacks commit to helping the attack and improving their ball distribution. Our wingers are super talented, but are being isolated by other teams by pressuring the Zambian fullbacks.

  3. Egwugwu says:


  4. Chimpombwa says:

    A formality match like this is the best time to try unknown players in an effort to phase out those whos watch has ended. Well done coach and thanks to the old guard for their much appreciated effort!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Faz just fire coach like Zesco united did him. mo

  6. 90minutes says:

    On Lubambo Musonda, i agree 100%, because he only 23year. But the other guys like kalaba, I think the coach is sending a clear message and setting a precedence.

  7. Mark c says:

    Swallow your pride Wada please call kalaba why are you having a personal vendetta with your players

  8. BYONKABYO says:

    Mmmmm I think the coach is oso indiscipline not only the prayers Faz do something pliz

  9. BYONKABYO says:

    This is not building the future team but destroying.experience is important in the building process ba coach and faz pliz think twice.players like kalaba,sinkala,fwayo,mbesuma u need them not only as players but oso as coaches for 2moro.come on ba wada those guyz needs u.

  10. discipline says:

    The zega fullbacks are sooo useless but also the player we all want for those positions is just a very,very good bench warmer

  11. Tony mash says:

    Chisamba lungu is also missing. Whats going on..

  12. slim says:

    Could b that Kalaba is in the confed cup final! Also maybe the coach has one eye on Chan? But Wada has a serious problem, egoistic and proud reminds one of Peter Kaunda’s attitude. He wants to satisfy his ego, does not care abt country’s reputation.

  13. km says:

    I personally miss lubambo and kalaba

  14. I can see the coach has already come up with a team,I cannot see much difference from the team which beat Algeria both games.
    lubambo kalaba sinkala and also chongo kabaso these are players who’re always ready to deliver please wada try to throw the dice again and make some changes.

  15. km says:

    Here WADA should act like a parent. He should not be too hard on these players,.We all make mistake,we need someone to forgive us to live well in society. We all know that, they made mistakes .But our coach should find room in his heart to forgive these players. Let him find time for each player who was at faulty and discuss the difference on friendly basis.He should have the Goal of winning over these players. It took a lot of resources to train or nature these players. Our coach should know that dumping these player,its a huge loss,for all who were involved in the upbringing, naturing,and training these players . The country has invested a lot money,time,education,healthy and protection on these players,hence the need not give up on them .Am sure even our coach has made a lot of mistakes in his life,he is there, because others forgave him.He should do the same with these players. Not take matters so personal, but lovingly forgive. What has lubambo done to him.because I strong feel lubambo is better than fashion. May our coach hear our sincere concerns .Discipline is not about dumping players,no!, its a about correcting the wrong in the players.When that is done,There is no need to be headstrong and hard-hearted. He should not have the favorites such as(kapumbus and silwimbas),let him embrace all the players who desiring to play for the national team.

  16. Tony mash says:

    Wada wada is too small to coach zambia.. We are heading nowhere with this idiot..

  17. Kanja Geoffrey says:

    Can somebody shade light on the current status of Charly Musonda of Chelsea…Is he eligible to play for Chipolopolo,,

  18. kensplash says:

    Can you people stop making noise. Kalaba this ,Kalaba that.Leave the coach alone let us look at the future of the national team.These guys have had their time.We are building a team for the future.Currently it is only Lubambo Musonda who deserves a call up because he is young and perhaps Emmanuel Mbola because we are lacking on the left back.We may need Kalaba OR Nathan for experience’s sake BUT NOT NOW!

  19. kensplash says:

    Wada is not too small for Zambia BUFI! He has so far shown us what he can do given chance and enough support. These old players have tested success and have less zeal for more, hence we need to mold these young boys who still have the zeal for more trophies. Leave Wadawada to do his job.

  20. Don says:

    Guys, lets move on from the Kalaba,Mbesuma and company era. That time is already gone. They had their time and achieved something for the country. These are same players that failed to qualify for AFCON 2017, lost to Mozambique and made us not qualify for 2018 World cup by losing to Naija at home. What new things are they going to bring to the team? The young boys have shown in the last 3 games that they have what is takes to compete with the best in Africa. We already have experience players in Sunzu, Mweene and Ziyo.

  21. km says:

    Am asking for some wisdom from you soccer.i feel the u20 clue of (lubambo Musonda, Spencer sauty,lally bwalya e,t,c)interest should also shown to them.More especially, lubambo Musonda, Spencer sauti,and lally bwalya. I feel the coach should take interest in these players.lally bwalya and Spencer are playing well.What due you think my soccer analysit

    • Don says:

      Honestly, I Sauti and Larry haven’t impressed much to be considered for the current team set up. I agree on Lubambo, though he will find hard to replace any of the wingers. Having watched the Barclays cup final on Saturday, the coach should consider drafting in Youremember Banda from NAPSA and Zulu who has recovered for the CHAN. With full recovery Zulu is better than Enerst Mbewe and Lubambo on the right wing.

  22. SLIM says:

    Wada prefers Macha over Lubambo, Kangwa, Austin Phiri; but this Macha has not been featuring at all, let alone scoring! How come ba Coach ?! Bring back the technical committee!

  23. Big Steve 4rm SA says:

    I still don’t agree with using seasoned players in formality games. These international formality games are a golden opportunity to test new talent and increase the selection pool. We already have money problems which result in friendlies being far apart and additionally with rather week opposition most of the time. This was a golden opportunity to test new talent especially with the Afcon qualifiers test approaching.

  24. collinto says:

    plz we deserve better,you people you need to watch Evans Kangwa,,the boy is playing 90min week in week out in Russian premier league,he ended zenit unbeaten run.wada we have eyes don’t take us for granted recall,lubambo,kangwa and look for better full backs.

  25. Mutale Aloysius says:

    human is to error,leave wada alone to lift us further in fifa rankings

  26. Mutale Aloysius says:

    human is to error,leave wada alone to do works and lift us further in fifa rankings.

  27. Mutale Aloysius says:

    By the way,where are james chamanga and given singuluma?

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