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No one is assured of a place in the team- Sven

Chipolopolo coach Sven Vandenbroek has revealed that there is no player who is assured a place in his team. The Belgian was talking after guiding the copper bullets to a one one nil win over Gabon on Tuesday.

Sven was however impressed with the way the players accounted for themselves during Tuesday’s friendly match.

” It gives me alot of options. The fact that everyone gave a good account of themselves today is good for the group because no one is assured a place. I think the competitive spirirt they had today is good for the group, for everyone and for the next games in October,” he said.

Justin Shonga scored the only goal of the game in the 16th minute and Zambia managed to hold on to the lead. The coach pointed out good defensive organisation and high pressing as the major contributors to keeping a clean sheet.

” Even when we were under pressure we still played high, our defence was far away from our goal and we remained well organized even when they attackd. I think these two things gave us confidence to defend and not concede a goal. Gabon had two or three close chances but we still stayed calm, ” he said.


15 Comments to No one is assured of a place in the team- Sven

  1. Geofrey muselekano says:

    The chipolopolo coach should improve the team and shouldn’t be lefting mwepu on bench

  2. Prince says:

    Congratulations…more forward thinking football next time…use more Mwepu and Kalaba going forward!
    Sad about Mbola coming to his room with a third party after skipping bedtime 🤬

  3. Tony mash says:

    We need quality in the team. The coach should not judge his boys the garbon match. Garbon is not playing serious football. The local boys failed at chan and cosafa. Please coach bring more professionals in the team. Namely brian mwila, kangwa, mbola, donnashona malama, e banda, rodrick kabwe, chiluya prosper.

    • Nostra says:

      I support you @Tony to bring more professionals. All names listed plus those under 20 in UK.
      E.Banda or Rodrick Kabwe need take left back its vacant. Or sorry Prosper Chiluya can just have that position.

  4. SALUS says:

    Sometimes certain players have lost form due to mismanagement by some coaches. I know we need more of Mwepu but we should also be cautious on how he is used so that he wins games for Zambia and also cement a place at his club. Even too much praise also can destroy someone especially if pride begins to build in his head so let’s keep encouraging the young lads to improve and aim higher. where is Fwayo Tembo? we almost lost C.Chama. In Europe players like Neyma may not win world best player because of too much pride.

  5. slim says:

    There is cutthroat competition for young African players in Europe. The poverty ‘carrot’ is being dangled before their eyes as alluded by the young Lungu in Armenia or some place! Faz should arrange friendlies for under 23s so as to ensure that they lock in Chipo all the boys in Europe. That wat they cannot b poached to change allegiance.

  6. Mwebantu says:

    First time to hold on to a lead that early. Good job. We have been complacent for years, losing leads. Where are the Wailers? Did they all go to LT?

  7. Pascal Chola says:

    Let go boys let’s go gauche mwebana we need you more and more. Insomnia eventually we should avoid losing at will. We know what we want bane. Sven can not do it alone but don’t disturb him. Together we can do better.

  8. Joseph banda says:

    I feel Brian Mwila still brings stability up front

  9. ck says:

    You are right. We need one big body upfront with great ball controlling skills

  10. Frank says:

    We should have faith in Sven because for the first time in a long time Zambia is playing good possession passing football. He is trying to build a strong team with a good style of play. Mwepu should always play 90 minutes. Remember what happened when mwepu was stretched off the pitch against Italy u20.

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