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Watch Senegalese player throw ‘foreign substance’ …as Senegal coach denies juju talk

Senegal head coach Joseph Koto has dismissed talk of his side possessing any form of fetish at the just concluded Afcon U20 tournament in Zambia where they lost to the hosts 2-0 in the final.

Speaking after the loss, Koto emphasized that he had no knowledge about this and insisted that juju does not work in football otherwise they would have won.

“I did not see it for sure I did not see it. I can say that I do not believe in such things and if we won this game you would have used it as a suspicion that we won the game but despite what is being said, Zambia won,” Koto told supersport.com.

Senegalese striker Ibrahima Ndiaye threw an object from his socks into the Zambian goal past goalkeeper Mangani Banda as the Junior Chipolopolo prepared to take a freekick from the right flank in the 57th minute as the West Africans found themselves on the back foot 2-0 down.

Burundian referee Thierry Nkurunziza booked Ndiaye for his naughty action and the match proceeded but after the former had to end a burst of commotion between the two sets of players.

Earlier on in the semi-finals between Senegal and Guinea, the Guineans complained bitterly about foreign objects being used by Senegal. One was caught being exchanged on camera. Could this just be a coincidence?

Koto, whose side has lost their second consecutive Afcon U20 final and will be representing Africa at the Fifa U20 World Cup in Korea from May 20 – June 11, admitted that Zambia were the better team on the day.

He further added that, “What I believe is the preparation of the team. We have to focus more on the preparations because African countries can go far with good preparations.”

“Our focus now is the World Cup but I would like to say that stop believing that those things exist. If juju exists, you would have seen Senegal win this game.”

Senegal will alongside Afcon U20 champions Zambia, Guinea and South Africa carry the African flag at the Korea showpiece.

29 Comments to Watch Senegalese player throw ‘foreign substance’ …as Senegal coach denies juju talk

  1. Maite 365 says:

    These guys with their technical bench will embarase Africa at the tournament.the number 10 chap was playing with juju in his hands.the ref spoted it & was asked to throw it.

    • Nostra says:

      What is difference with Zambian players asking “heroes” of disaster in Gabon before tournament? Some players even wrote names on their in shirts? They should have gone to sea shore after tournament. That’s Juju.
      The Senegalese boy was playing with a peace of cloth of his dead grand father. Whats wrong with that you superstitious Zambians.

  2. Judge Joe Bidden says:

    That shit really spooked our goal keeper…..ha ha ha ha I was shocked I just didnt believe it 😀 But how on earth did these Senegalese practice witchcraft in a 600000 full capacity stadium with cameras all over just like that!!? Why cant FIFA/CAF come up with rules like red card or something?

  3. sly says:

    It depends on the ref.I think he should have give the entire technical team a yellow card in the second instance and red card for the one who was was caught with juju in the first incident following the second incident. That aside, Banda is strong mentally.

  4. humble says:

    Senegal is goin 2 embarrass Africa in korea should dey keep on using juju, CAF must do something, in west Africa dis is common, I saw Ayew in another video throwing some substances in da pitch wen warming up b4 da game against cote devoire

  5. Sibs says:

    Congratulations to the young men and the Coaching staff. Did the Nation proud!! They beat every team we faced though Guinea(1st game)and South Africa(Semi Final) were our toughest games.

    The boys were playing with passion, confidence and the desire to win at all costs. This has been lurking in most Zambian teams.

    Paston Daka, Fashion Sakala, Edward Chilufya, B.Musonda, Prosper Chilufya and Mangani Banda need to be promoted to the Senior team.

    Though now the real work begins to prepare these boys for the W.C. It’s a high level there. I’m a bit concerned with our defense especially Central defense. The looked exposed numerous times when facing quick players. We saw it against RSA, Guinea and a bit against Senegal in the Final.

    On a final note, shame on the Senegalese who i think have a good team. Why put charms on opposition goal and the other player # 10 had some charms on his hand. In this day and age you can’t depend on voodoo.

  6. Babadabe says:

    Zamfoot kindly update us on the tournaments​ statistics and awards like man of the tournament “whichwe already know” best 11 for the tournament goalkeeper of the tournament golden boot winner “had 3 players on 4 goals each!!” etc we need to know how our boys have faired

  7. Judge Joe Bidden says:

    Senegal might as well carry a Sangoma/ Jujuman to Korea, what a bunch of creepy juju practicing team. Problem at a global stage they will embarrass our continent, you know how whites go about anything to do with Africans. Am even surprised so far the issue is been discussed online only in Zambia, its like we are the omly ones who watched the damn thing happen. SuperSport website doesnt even mention the embarrassing juju thing, but just talk about Zambia being crowned the championship, kinda like its OK – juju is part of football.

  8. serenje says:

    this coach was also involved. Why is he denying something seen by over 60000 people including camera and the entire world. We are stil primitive in africa

  9. Seen from afar says:

    For such ant act of throwing whatever it was in the goal in such a manner i have no doubt Senegal will be fined by Caf.

  10. C2 says:

    Let CAF staff look into this ,Senegalese will embarrass Africa at the WC.
    Don’t think they can stop using juju,Even their coach is involved, why was he shivering after that incident?

    Shame!!! Lost !
    Welcome to Zambia,Senegal!!!

  11. C2 says:

    Let CAF staff look into this ,Senegalese will embarrass Africa at the WC.
    Don’t think they can stop using juju,Even their coach is involved, why was he shivering after that incident?
    Shame!!! Lost !
    Welcome to Zambia,Senegal!!!

  12. Judge Joe Bidden says:

    ZAMFOOT, what did this Ref in the Senegal and Guinea game do about the obvious exchange of charms between players – he saw them, the other one even put it in his sock right in front of the Ref?

  13. Bsimms says:

    Shocking events what a disgraceful way of doing things. If the young one’s can do such things, the continent must really be worried about the senior teams.

    Super sport should bring such things in the open, so that people have an opportunity to air their views # can’t wait for soccer Africa. Am sure the wise men will table this issue.

  14. Justice lukanga kafusha says:

    The big question is, why did the juju not work.

    Answer: It is because it has never worked anywhere

    Those were just psychological games. The then Zaire leopards were known for the same. Ask ba kasai what happened at the 1974 world cup? It was a disaster

    For our beloved under20 or rather African Champions and ba FAZ it is times to plan about the world

    Players must as well be told in clear terms that no is guaranteed a place in team. Any dip in form by anyone will cost that chap the world cup

    Now is the time to work more harder


  15. juju has no power to challenge God every knee bows to God senengo lol shame shame hoooooooooo!!!!!

  16. RICHPOPO says:

    zambia is a christian nation,thus y juju was exposed b4 the final game,where is undefeated fimo fimo, is he with kalu

  17. @justice . that is spot on. juju has no place in real football. that was psychological games. but partly just thinking what of a doping it could be some drug of some kind.

  18. You fool I’m around have you mist me?congratration to the team and the coaching bench for the job well done.this is the combination effort of kalu,kamanga,the soccer fan and the government. it was during kalu regn when zambia was given the right to host the under20 Afcon and it was during kalu regn when the players like patson daka, enock mwepu,fashion sakala,mangani banda were discovered infact the whole team was discovered by great kalu as for kamanga kudos to him for the good preparations

  19. I know some useless kamanga carders on this blorg won’t agree with me but that the fact the records are there for every to see just like the way he left the record at kabwa warrior as the first chairman who presided kabwa warriors to demotion from premier league to division one the truth hates

  20. soccerguru says:

    Has anyone tho that maybe it was a tactic by the Senegalese to confuse and disturb our boys mentally…..how can we know for sure it was real juju. ….I don’t understand why all u punks are making so much noise about the Senegalese using charms…..If we really believe in Bola na Lesa we should not be concerned about what others look to for inspiration. ….just play u r game….In Korea they will meet Bhudists. ….Moslems etc…..nd will have to play….Zamfoot can u get serious ….focus on real issues not juju. ….bloody basket

    • TC Soccerman says:

      Speaking for myself, think what pissed me off was the action and not the fact that I believe that juju work or not. Come on man, the freaking world was watching and those kids/coaches had no decency for better sportsmanship? Heck our kids were watching and what does that teach them? It’s not a matter of whether juju work, it was a stupid stunt in my opinion, but again that’s just my take. I was so disappointed and angry and everyone should be.

  21. soccerguru says:

    TC Soccerman. …..maybe let me take the argument further….what if they actually believe in African Traditional beliefs and practice them as a religion? …..Our boys where allowed to pray on the field. ….If we are being fair then the rules apply equally. …..no one should he praying or making crosses on the field. ……coz if u all low that then why should u deny people who believe in charms to carry them around ?…..The only issue I have would be throwing them in the opposition goal but they should be free to carry their juju in their socks or on their armbands. Just as we are free to pray on the pitch. ….We don’t believe that stuff works after all

  22. serenje says:

    hey, stick to the main issue which is senegal and juju. What is this u are bringing in concerning kalu and kamanga?

  23. Amuna Onzuna says:

    Just like there’s an antichrist, witchcraft & satanic activities, juju is there and works both in the positive and negative depending on the situation applied. God created Humans and put them incharge of everything on earth and God said everything he created was good.In the case of Zambia, Senegalese Juju could not have any impact because our players believe in the power of prayer to the Almighty God. It’s the opposite to what Guinea or any other team which lost to Senegal. Every situation has an equal but opposite reaction.

  24. Anonymous says:

    whether juju works or not, preparing adequately is the only key to success, we prepared very well by taking our lads to Spain apa tuleya ku England bena ku ng’anga hahaha its copper bullets all the way.

  25. soccerguru says:

    Zamfoot if u don’t give me recent news I will slap you…..2 days same headline….can u get serious bloody basket

  26. Ashibole says:

    Zambia will not make it to the second round at the WC, but Senegal will. Anyone ready to bet?

  27. randy says:

    I m made to think if the Senegal Witches did not bring down that plane of our brothers in 1993 off Gabon coast, our death meant automatic qualification for them to the wold cup; We were the only last thing for them to cross and looking at the way evil and bitterness grips them even on the field of play as to wanting to even fight physically i have no doubt they might have used juju on that plane and Govts have found it hard to explain since our national laws including those of FIFa do not discuss witches and witchcraft.

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