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Nigeria preps for Chipolopolo underway

The Super Eagles of Nigeria head coach, Gernot Rohr has kicked off the player scouting mission ahead of the do or die 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifier, against their Zambian counterparts in Uyo, next month.

According to the Busy Buddies website, Rohr left the shores of Nigeria on Sunday, for a 4-day holiday trip to Europe, to watch the Super Eagles abroad in various European leagues.

With the absence of Carl Ikeme, the first choice shot-stopper, who was found with Leukemia, Rohr and newly appointed foreign goalkeeper trainer, Enrico Pionetti, will shoulder much focus on a quest for a suitable Super Eagles goal minder.

Nigeria are on the brink of qualification for the next year’s World Cup in Russia with 10 points from four games in Group B.

Zambia need to win in West Africa

However,  victory for Chipolopolo, on Matchday 5, the penultimate, will take the qualification race in this group to the wire.

19 Comments to Nigeria preps for Chipolopolo underway

  1. rodrick ngoma says:

    zambia will qaulify we have enough potential to compete with any team (country) just like what the u 20 did but it wil all depend on the preparations am appealing to the government to come on board offer them something like what other countries do u win we will give so much each i know H:E Edgar c lungu is a listening president pliz sir do something

    • Big Steve 4rm SA says:

      Say who is a listening pres???????……lol

      I agree on the other things though, there has to be an incentive dangled in the players faces for this one outside of the regular allowance.

  2. Big Steve 4rm SA says:

    Eish the killer is that goal difference. I was going to say I hope Algeria haven’t thrown in the towel and come out swinging against Nigeria but that would be jumping the gun. There is still the small issue of Uyo to consider first.

  3. Big Steve 4rm SA says:

    And also after reading all the good news on our prodigal son finally seeing the light (Charley Jr.) we might just have another U21 kid doing wonders for us in the upcoming two games….

  4. discipline says:

    Zed is not under pressure, we are just building a team so even if we don’t qualify it’s fine but Nigeria boy o boy they need this kikikiki

    • Big Steve 4rm SA says:

      No disrespect but this is exactly the mentality that will make us never ever qualify. If every time time we hit a hurdle we sit back and say its ok we are building, believe you me we will never kick a ball at a world cup.

    • Chimpombwa says:

      Building a team for how long? By the time the next qualifiers come round, we will be building another team because you wont have Mweene, Fackson, Sunzu, Chisamba etc.. Grab life by the horns! Make no apology for you intention to succeed right now! Put it out there that I am here to compete and not just to make the numbers.. Zambians, lets not be too cautious or apologetic. Others are making it with new teams and young players, why not us?!!!

  5. It’ll be a twist of a tale if we copper bullets qualifies to Russia 2018 we can make looking at how our boys played the last two games i’m hopefully that we can make it, there was a lot of new faces in the team but they did wonders good luck Zambia.

  6. Chimpombwa says:

    Eish.. Just reading about this game gives me the hibajibers…. The first few minutes will have a lot to say about this encounter, Nigeria will look to gaining an early advantage over our shaky boys but…..should our boys hang on early and settle…the pendulum will swing the other way with our boys growing in confidence and throwing it all to the wind…. I look forward to a worthy tussle that will make Africa proud.

  7. djeniko says:

    Apart from monitoring our boys abroad, the Nigerian government has gotten hold of the tapes of the 2legged Zambia vs Algeria matches and the coaches all have individual copies. Plans are underway to make many copies and mail to each player in the team( I am not too sure of this later part). The coaches are seriously studying the tapes. Zambia coaches should do same if they have any sense of the trick of the game. Last time out the Eagles were motivated with a $10k/goal and $20k/goal respectively. Can Zambians do same with the Chipolopolo? We are waiting for you on 07102017. You are welcome.

    • Big Steve 4rm SA says:

      Not everybody can effectively read a game, not even players. Yes they can play and play well but very few can actually read a game hence the need for a tactical coach who can read a game, plot and develop a system according to his findings. Giving players copies of tapes is not really anything. I agree though that our technical team should also be studying the tapes of the Nigeria games and plan around their strengths and weaknesses.

  8. Paschal says:

    I have a question. Was it that the Zambian team was so good or that the Algerian team was so poor on the night? Watching the second leg, the Algerians could hardly string five passes together all evening. I encourage Zambians not to celebrate the away win too much but rather focus more on the Uyo game. To me Zambia has the best goalkeeper in Africa right now. Even when we beat them in Ndola it wasnt becos we were better, Zambia threatened Nigeria several times in that match but were simply unlucky. I respect Chipolopolo but I pray Nigeria wins afterall.

  9. Paschal says:

    I look forward to an entertaining contest and I know the Zambians have that in abundance with outstanding players like Mwepu, Patson, and Kalaba if he plays. My prayer is that one day, Africa will establish itself in world football and win the world cup. I dont care who does it for us so long as its an African country. Long live Africa.

    • justin Favour says:

      Paschal.Interesting post. In as much as the Zambians are preparing , the Nigerians know what is at stake , win it and go to to Russia!, loose it then you are out .I see the preparation of the Zambians , I quite commend their readiness but you are going to play against a Nigerian team that has all the confidence now! in their own land! they would not survive the first 20 mins. I can tell you that Nigerians are not Stupid or immature when it comes to football, it will be trouble for Zambia. They will definitely remember Oct 7, winning 10 points does not just come easy. Nigerians worked hard for it .

  10. treasure says:

    West Africa:king of African football. Take it or leave it

  11. henry says:

    Zambia simply doesn’t have a chance. Nigeria will not only defeat Zambia in Uyo but will crush Algeria in constantine like they did in previous world cup qualifiers. There is no quality in the Zambian team for them to even pull a draw in West Africa. Winning home and away to a weak Algerian side is nothing to jump around about. Looking at the present Eagles, they do have the legs and with Arsenal’s Iwobi & Chelsea’s Moses in top form they will seal the world cup berth in few weeks. The world cup is not for half baked footballing nation but serious professionals .

    • Paschal says:

      “Half baked footballing nation”? Such dont win Afcon. If they are half baked they wouldnt have won an afcon that Nigeria couldnt even qualify to participate in. Let us respect other nations please. I am Nigerian too but I will rather not talk about other nations that way. Meanwhile lets watch our arrogance, football is not played on the pages of our internet browser. Lets respect other nations while praying to come out victorious.

  12. Umungalato says:

    @henry….you sure about that??….lets just wait for the game. I hope you do realize that the Zambian team you faced last year in Ndola lacked pace. Which we now have abundantly. The result in that match will be shocking. Anyway, all i can say is i am actually looking forward to that game.

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