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Nigeria coach: Zambia is a young and dangerous side

Coach of the Super Eagles, Gernot Rohr, has described the Zambian team to face Nigeria on Saturday in the 2018 World Cup qualifier as, “young and dangerous.”

The Franco-German is, however, banking on his side’s mix of experience and youthfulness to defeat his opponent.

The Eagles defeated Cameroon on September 4 in Uyo, and also got an away point in Yaoundé, but Rohr expects the Chipolopolo to be a better side than the Indomitable Lions.

He told reporters in Uyo, “The Zambia game will be difficult. They have a better team than Cameroon perhaps. So we must be ready to give a good fight.

“They (Zambia) are very young and dangerous.

“They don’t have anything to lose, they will come here with the mind to win this game. We’ve seen in the game against South Africa but I have a team with experience and youth to conquer and I think we are ready for this big game

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  1. FIZ Manuel says:

    This is how a coach should talk and not the over confident talk coming from our coach. He respects the Zambian team, acknowledges we are a big threat but still believes his side can overcome. May the better team win.

  2. humble mumba says:

    Fiz manuel ur right, I’ve bn wondering why ba wada Wada owez brags abt dis game instead of him showing respect to our opponents

    • Anonymous says:

      it doesnt matter when you are good you are good

    • Kel says:

      I watched both legs of the Zambia versus Algeria game and the major thing I noticed is that the new Algerian coach is not good. He has made the team completely rudderless and without rhythm. In fact, Cameroun will beat them this Saturday and even a weakened Nigerian team will beat them at home in November (after securing the Russia 2018 ticket this Saturday). Ironically, this poor Algerian team (the one Nigeria beat 3-1 was stronger and more motivated) has given the Zambians false hopes. I can only LOL.

  3. Anonymous says:

    What difference doe it make anyway ? if you are well prepared you are ready for the battle these days football is a mind game ask jose mourinho will tell you no wonder is a successful coach. Leave Wada Wada alone Nigeria is in trouble they are very scared

  4. Godwins says:

    Respect is simply needed. The Nigerian team is a crack side.

  5. GODWIN EVOH says:

    A good shows respect to the opposition. You can’t be too sure of beating a Nigerian side.

  6. djeniko says:

    The Zambian coach is an African and most African men are not humble. They hate acknowledging that humility is a weapon. You hide your actually power and give your opponents surprised performance taking him to the cleaner. That is what the Nigerian coach is doing. The fans know this but the coach thinks he is intimidating the Nigerian team with his boastfulness. Instead of intimidating, it makes the opponent to use the hammer treatment. We all know Cameroon is stronger than Zambia but he is turning it the other way round so swell your head. This coach is trickish indeed.

  7. I personally think that we need to be careful more especially that, Nigeria is one team that we always fail to beat. we have a better side but some players are selfish like F. Sakala and its very unfortunate that he is one of out key players. I am also for the suggestion that, mr. lungu be left out in the starting 11 because this game is not about dribbling, but scoring goals.

  8. Prince says:

    Oh shut up all of you…you are stressing me!!!

  9. Chimpombwa says:

    Mind games…..its a part of it.

  10. JuanMwitwa says:

    The Nigerian coach had a good choice of words on this one. I not only like his respect for the chipolopolo but also his confidence in his team. From a level headed perspective my coach should take a leaf

  11. Bennyy says:

    Hahahaha! true fans should be the ones to brag not coaches wada needs to respect Nigeria but not us as fans

  12. Zaka says:

    I’ve been reading Wada’s comments. He really needs to come down from his high horse. He knows in his heart that the game won’t be a stroll in the pack, why talk as if we own Iyo Stadium? If it’s a delibrate tactic that talking big will deflate the Nigerian team, he’d better had a rethink because he might end up forcing Nigeria to believe we’re what we’re not. This might make them come at us as if they’re playing Brazil and end up disgracing us. Respect is a virtue. That’s what the Nigerian coach displaying.

  13. Amandla says:

    Go very fast at ’em boys and they will falter!

  14. Tembo says:

    The Zambians are just football Clowns. They won’t be winning any other match in the qualifiers. They will be thrashed 5-0 in Uyo in 2days time. Good footballers and coaches show their mettle on match day and not in the news.

  15. Bsimms says:

    Prince! Now it’s time to break the silence. The Nigerian coach & Wada are basically just playing mind games. The truth is that on paper, Nigeria has this game wrapped up already. The good thing is we do not concern ourselves with whether Iwobi / Moses are on fire! We shall play Bola yapa Zed in Nigeria….

    When Mwepu, Chisamba & Fashion accelerate with the ball at their feet bazapunda ati UYO….

  16. Zambian Buffalo says:

    Ba ZAPUNDA ati UYO.

  17. Naya says:

    it’ll be a tough game and Nigeria attack is very dangerous, Zambia needs to work hard defensively because eagles always get their first goal within the first 30mins.

  18. Bsimms says:

    Uyo ! Uyo ! Uyo… Lol @ Zambian Bufallo we have nothing to lose in this game. Our boys should just go enjoy themselves as they punda uyo uyo uyo2

  19. GSK11 says:

    There were reports of monkey pox… may be the game should be moved…???

  20. Muchinga says:

    Wada Wada is a good coach. He knows where Zambia is coming from. Just wait and see Zambia Carrying the day Nig 1 Zam 2. Go Zambia Go.

  21. Bsimms says:

    @ GSK11 Monkey pox???

  22. Lukanga Kafusha Justice says:

    We will beat them

  23. Seerman says:

    Let Zambia just enjoy themselves tomorrow Zambia has nothing to lose hahahaha

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