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New Chipolopolo jersey – Have your say!!

The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) unveiled a new jersey and a sponsorship deal for the Chipolopolo this week.

The Association signed a 2-year deal worth USD200,000 cash and kit for the national team with MAFRO who have now become the official kit supplier of the Zambia National team.

The Zambia U20 national team was clad in the new kit in their world cup opener against Portugal.

The caption shows the new national team jersey.

Have your say on the kit.

29 Comments to New Chipolopolo jersey – Have your say!!

  1. Chimpombwa says:

    I like it!!!

    • Nostra says:

      Looks good, but Zesco United should stop copying, they always wear like national team, or is it the other way round?

  2. Billy says:

    Looks good. Better than the ZAWA ones. It’s even better than the immediate past kit, kappa.

  3. alex mumba says:

    there nice i liiike it

  4. musukwa says:

    this one is the best jersey,I think faz hve improved now not cilya ica last year as if u jst borrowed from ur neighbours

  5. Jbs SIMUBENARD says:

    I like it especially Green & Orange,looks original than zawa,Chinese made

  6. Pungwa says:

    Its good but i am missing black shorts in the equation. its always been black shorts on copper.

  7. Lengy says:

    I agree. The kit is great but black shorts will go well with the green and orange tops. Can’t wait to buy

  8. Tc Soccerman says:

    Awesome kit, now where is the online store to buy some. Not everyone has easy access to katondo street or Soweto market, please. Thanks

  9. Kasama Boy says:

    Likali Sana. Now Where are the replica’s? FAZ spurred by the performance of the ‘Dream Team”, its time to make a killing on selling a million of these jerseys.
    If you wait until the seniors lose to Mocambique, mukalya O, tabakashite not even one.

  10. Positive thinking says:

    I like this kit, but a little disappointed with the $200,000 over two years.

  11. Zambian Buffalo says:

    Nice kit, but we need to a permanent Jersey like Brazil, Holand, S.A not this year its this and that awe. If we can’t maintain this green one lets go for Copper the one we all know that its Zambia. Lets have our identity in short.

  12. Egwugwu says:

    Nice kit especially the white one, At least you can appreciate when we criticize certain things thats when they work ,its merely checks and balances being offered to them .



  13. hmmmm awee no words mwandi iyi teinobe taileseka I like those three stripes by the chest.

  14. Discipline says:

    Has anyone see that complaint John?

  15. Don says:

    Cool strip , I want the green shirt .

  16. Sibs says:

    I also like the green and Orange kit. Though i agree with @Positive Thinking $200 000 for 2 years is mot a good deal. FAZ needs to re-negotiate

  17. Amandla says:

    Please bring back the winning jersey Zambia had in the 2012 AFCON Cup final! It is the best!

  18. SMSoJC says:

    First of efforts to improve our look most appreciated, the two jersies green & orange are good but the white is alien to the tasted Zambian brand – it has no green. National Colour attires must have National colours predominantly. For now, we can only get better. Shalom

  19. Mario says:

    I can’t decide which one I like the most. The white looked strange at first but is growing on me.

    Most importantly where can we buy these?

  20. soccerguru says:

    The Green jersey is the best…..guys renegotiate. …..200 pin is okay. …don’t forget u have been in free fall in the fifa world rankings the last 4 years…..u didn’t even make it to the last afcon. ….don’t overate the team based on old news

    • Positive thinking says:

      Dude, think about the math here. How much is a replica jersey on the market in zed. Maybe $20 if you convert. They will make $200K if they just sell 10,000 jerseys. Unless FAZ is getting royalties then this is not highly profitable, but it is a good start no doubt, better than not having a kit deal.

  21. Positive thinking says:

    Just to further make my point. Kenya got $700,000 over 3 years, and you can’t tell me they are rated higher than Zambia. Also can’t tell me their market offers more profit than Zambia. Just Google Kenya mafro

  22. GSK11 says:

    Zamfoot please ask FAZ to place some of these in their shop so they can be purchased by walk – in or online. The jerseys seem to be improving and look good.

  23. Chali says:

    The immediate past Kappa kit looks better than this kit. The unknown sponsor is the winner in this equation with the 200 000 US dollars being peanuts. Was the negotiator fast asleep while the discussions were going?

  24. PIKU says:

    Nice kit, but kobili yachepa.Anyway, a begger is not a chooser, as Nigerians say.

  25. TWAFWANE says:

    The kit is awesome and the money is ok, Mafro is a very small brand that is looking for business.

    The owner of Mafro is from Ghana…….But if it was a Zambian we can never support.

    Mahmoud Gomda Abdul-Samad

    Founder & CEO
    Company NameMafro Sports management Pte Ltd
    Dates EmployedJul 2009 – Present Employment Duration7 yrs 11 mos

    Soccer Player
    Company NameGhana, Singapore and Australia
    Dates Employed1990 – 2004 Employment Duration14 yrs
    Professional soccer Player.
    Ghana, Singapore and Australia.

    In Ghana
    Played for Tudu Mighty jets,
    Olympics youth.
    Ghana Youth Team

    In Singapore,
    Played for Gombag United,
    Tesesson Rovers Khalsa .
    Labrador Juniors

    In Australia, played for number of clubs including
    Melbourne Zebras,
    Pascoe Vale United.

  26. Munyeme says:

    Kenya signed a 750000 USD contract for 3 years with the same company,meaning 250000 USD per year and ours is 100000 USD per year..What’s the meaning of this ba negotiator?

  27. TWAFWANE says:

    Alabane kuloleshafye, Kenya can not sign a better deal than Zambia.

    On paper its 200 000, but in the meeting its 450 000.

    Inside sources reviewed the truth……..

    Watch the space……..

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