Football Association of Zambia President, Andrew Kamanga has been summoned to appear before the Ndola Magistrate Court on 5th September, 2017 on a count of abuse of power.

The complainants, Kelvin Chipili, Damiano Mutale and Maxmillian Chanda have accused the FAZ President to have gone power overboard after spending big on his campaigning team, using the association’s funds.

In October last year, Chipili and company took the matter to the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC), who have been sluggish to release the findings, synonymous to the Kalusha Bwalya case reportedly in the UK Sunday Times–that he received $80, 000 from Bin Hamman and channeled it to his personal accounts, when the money was meant for the Association.

Henceforth, the complainants resolved to launch their case at the Ndola Magistrate Court and Kamanga has been summoned to appear for questioning in person on the said date, around 09:00 hrs.

The complaint is that, Kamanga directed the Association’s Treasure Rix Mweemba to pay a bill incurred by none executive members, a sum of K24, 552.00 to savoy Hotel on a non FAZ meeting.

Zamfoot Crew Sources says that Chipili and company have receipts from Savoy Hotel to show that their claims are not unsubstantiated.

Meanwhile, consensus questions the motive by the trio to be bare witch hunting on Kamanga as synonymous efforts are not put forth to clarify former FAZ President, Kalusha Bwalya’s case of channelling $80 000 to his personal account from Bin Hamman, instead to the association account.

Furthermore, the complainants are members of the Football house as councillors, the alleged money spent belongs to football and taking football matters to a government court could lead to a FIFA sanction.


  1. Discipline says:

    Kamanga also you have started stealing

  2. Anonymous says:

    no man can be trusted

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