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National call up for Ponga


Dear Editor,

I write with utter dismay after learning that FAZ general secretary Ponga Liwewe last week travelled to Gabon for the Africa Cup and is expected to be out for a whole month.

It is common knowledge that Zambia will next month be hosting the Under-20 Africa Cup and the preparations so far have been very poor.

Honestly, how can the chief executive officer of FAZ travel out of the country for a whole month especially that not too long ago, the same gentleman decided to close operations at FAZ for Christmas holiday and even travelled to South Africa to be with his family.

Much as there could be nothing wrong with him spending time with his family, sometimes national pride calls for the suspension of such privileges especially when you’re faced with an important assignment like the Under-20 tournament whose preparations are already pathetic.

Mr. Liwewe must know this moral fact. It’s obvious that the GS has purely gone to Gabon for personal reasons but he could have easily delegated his deputy and I am sure that would have made sense.

I call upon the government to immediately recall Mr. Liwewe from this unnecessary trip lest we’re further embarrassed over the Under-20 hosting.

The real work is here and the entire FAZ executivee should not let such  irresponsibility to continue.

I now see why Andrew Kamanga wanted Simataa Simataa to be the GS and not the former commentator we have as CEO of such an important national association.

And since Mr. Liwewe is out, when will he start preparing for the FAZ AGM especially that the constitution of FAZ requires him to circulate the annual audited accounts and all necessary reports 45 days before the meeting is held by the end of March?

And when will he go round the country educating, lobbying and talking to councillors on the FIFA requirement to reduce the FAZ electoral college?

Mutale Bowa, Ndola.

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  1. Egwugwu says:

    This is the shit you wanted in these failures more to come.EVEN WORLD CUP WE ARE NOT GOING ANY WHERE.

  2. kindly contact Ponga and resolve matters. I don’t think there is a need to attack somebody on this platform.Having said,he travelled to Gabon on his personal agenda,for me I would say;you know him better.As for FAZ they should put there house in order.

  3. Big Steve 4rm SA says:

    Sorry to say but this is a crap little witch hunt by the author Mr. Mutale Bowa.

    So obviously grasping at straws to find something to condemn the current FAZ executive. I’m no fan of the current executive but I will not lower myself to this level of nonsensical criticism.

  4. kamwa says:

    Mr Bowa, you mean FAZ should not be represented by a senior official at CAF competition in Gabon, meanwhile the CAF Team will be shifting camp after the Gabon competition! I wonder the reason, is this the pull-him-down or something personal…

  5. Zim bullet says:

    The same people who are supporting liwewe are the ones who used to attack king kalu.. If Liwewe is out on personal mission why did he opt to go the time gabon is hosting afcon.. That idiot has no business in gabon.. He has gone to spend money with prostitutes.. Chipolopolo failed to qualify because of these arrogant people.. Idiots

    • kamwa says:

      Zambia is hosting the next CAF tournament (U20) and it is a requirement that a senior member of the next hosting institution should participate in CAF tournament starting with pre-tournament preparation up to the end. It does not matter who is in FAZ, FAZ has to be represented throughout the tournament. Please let us not mix big issues with personality…

  6. GSK11 says:

    Ponga is a man of integrity. End of story.

  7. Thoko Ngwenya says:

    What is FA Zambia doing to prep for the Qualifiers? It is understandable to dismiss that 2018 is not the Coaches’ target. Yet what is his Target? His target must be to win each game as a start. I See Uganda going to a World Cup 2018 before Zambia. I see DR.Congo going to Russia 2018. Two neighboring countries. Add South Africa. One can see why. That element of continuity and serious preparedness. Algerians are coming soon. Please identify the players and get serious with small incremental steps to prepare. Do not use fire brigade tactics when the match is two weeks away.

  8. SLIM says:

    Firstly Ponga is on a fully funded Caf business. Secondly U20 preps r spot on after Cosafa, part of this programme, and the boys are in camp! Thirdly, you expect prep games when Faz was financialy raped by Kalusha and his lackeys; one of them Kazala zapped K150,000 frm Faz coffers, just last yr!! Write the sports ministry that, only last wk, enquired 4 funds frm Finance for the tourney!!! We r all waiting with bated breath!! Mutale u run erratic; ‘BOOM’*!+&’ sounds like yo big FART this yr!!

  9. Lukanga Kafusha Justice says:

    What is he doing there. FAZ should explain

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