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National Assembly striker talks criticism of players by fans

2014 World Cup winner Mesut Ozil’s retirement from the Germany national team has provoked alot of debate on social media among football fans world wide especially with the touching but yet unfortunate story that accompanied his retirement announcement.

Well, Zambia has not been left out with many fans taking sides as the story is still unfolding as the go back and forth in Germany on said what, National Assembly striker Musonda Kapembwa has taken a more Zambian approach to the matter.

The youngster took to facebook to express his disappointment at how Zambian soccer fans treat their own players when they dip in form.

“Many people have reacted to the Ozil situation in Germany, and I also feel he deserved more respect, people have also spoken about how France didn’t want to give African immigrants French citizenships but have called the children French citizenship because the won the world cup, if the do well they are French if the don’t they are African immigrants.”

“Zambian soccer fans are no different, the hardest time for any footballer is when the luck confidence and Zambian fans pile pressure on their very own players they go as far as disrespecting them. Examples, Chisamba Lungu when he won Zambia the afcon he was celebrated now because he can’t do what he used to do people insult him, Alex ‘Bazo’ Ngonga always insulted but when he scores he is the best, the worst now is how hypocritical Zambians are with the Patson Daka situation, I remember being on UNZA radio and fans called in attacking my friend today he is your hero? Conlyde Luchanga after he scored against Kenya he is the biggest thing next, he loses a bit of form you want to kill him.”

Power dynamos striker Alex Ng’onga

Kapembwa feels booing a player does not help him in any way as it will be better to encourage the lad when he is down.

“Sometimes I feel if I was any of these guys I would have retired from national team football especially when I’m needed most, because when I need you all you give me are insults. Booing a player doesnt help him improve it kills the confidence of players. Many fans that watch football in stadiums have made so many mistakes in there offices and just because your office is not televised on tv you want to bring you anger to footballers.”

Kapembwa praying after a Super League game

He  went on to ask fans to respect players who have brought glory to mother Zambia especially the class of 2012.

“Let’s respect these guys the bring pride to our nation. Especially the 2012 afcon team it hurts me to see people insulting them, those brought pride that you will never bring to this nation. My last example Fashion Sakala at the world cup everyone sings praises and he deeps a little you want him out ? ”

The players mentioned above have come under heavy ctistism in recent past after a dry spell or a dip in form.


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  1. Positive Thinking says:

    I’m impressed at how articulate the young man is. Also really agree with his assessment. Fans are really quick to turn on players and it is truly sad. This is why I like Pastor Makembo and his people…they are none stop supporters.

  2. Kasama Boy says:

    In as much as I do agree entirely with this article, I also feel that, the coaches can also help by not playing names. This is a national Team matter we are talking about, and the team is for all Zambians.
    So if a player dips in form, why use him? Aren’t there any other players out there who can fill in his place? until the dimmed form comes back?
    It is also true that the class of 2012 brought pride to Zambia, but remember that the contributions made by all Nation Team players from the time Zambia entered the international Football scene (AFCON and World Cup race) in 1972 to date and in future should be applauded, of course 2012 being the pinnacle. But to say that, “these guys brought pride that you will never bring to this nation,” is not very accurate and on this I would beg to differ.
    I personally believe that every Zambians contributes something in their own way to the Nation. Even soccer fans contribute through the pressure they bring on players.
    Armchair critics, in form of bloggers like myself also contribute immensely, because I know young Kamanga, Ponga and other football administrators do read these blogs and if the do read then something surely rubs on.
    In as much as we can offer constructive criticism, we should of course be lenient and understand the dynamics of football and excuse players when their form dips. but does the soccer fan out there generally understand these?

  3. Mingalato says:

    Great article, that boy Kapembwa need be praised.
    These are future FAZ bosses.

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