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Namibia beat Zambia on penalties

The Zambia national soccer team on Saturday afternoon lost to Namibia on penalties to complete a poor outing at the Angola Independence four nations tournament.

The two teams played out to a goalless draw after 90 minutes in a game coach George Lwandamina made wholesale to the team which lost 3 – 0 to Congo DR yesterday.

Boyd Mwila, Spencer Sautu and Mwape Mwelwa all converted their spot kicks while Jack Chirwa and Buchizya Mfune missed for Zambia to lose 4 – 3.

Zambia starting XI vs Namibia:

16. Toaster Nsabata 12. Benedict Chepeshi 3. Solomon Sakala 15. Buchizya Mfune 21. Dauti Musekwa 19. Salulani Phiri 6. Jack Chirwa 14. Spencer Sautu 7. Conlyde Luchanga 13. Moses Phiri 23. Clatous Chota

50 Comments to Namibia beat Zambia on penalties

  1. Sibs says:

    At least the defence was not leaking goals. Is it because the
    usual suspects were benched?

    Ba Lwadamina can not take the Chipoloplo boys to the W.C. Period!

  2. abram says:

    i vindicted that we cant beat Namibia & pipo where calling wailer but hv u seen wht has happen?

  3. Don says:

    Kkkkkkk! We have become the minnows of COSAFA !

  4. el tageto says:

    well said sibs…i guess he’s ambition is the CHAN in 2016,(that’s if he is still coach after the WC qualifiers )….the world cup for him must only be but a far fetched dream,let alone making it past sudan.

  5. General says:

    Sudan will beat us unless we change the defence. More especially mkandawire,chipeshi and munthali. Its better to use katebe, Sunzu, mbola and nkausu or choongo against Sudan.

  6. john says:

    Fwayo ( astra, romania) mayuka( metz, france), kabaso chongo( tp mazembe), mbola( israel), Rogers kola( veira, greece). These boys must be called immediately for the Sudan game to avoid embarrassment.

  7. klarrychenko says:

    The game against Sudan is very important and zambia must call, deploy her best legs for the game. No slip off this time.

    Faz must get a new coach for chipolopolo as soon as possible.

  8. Mambwe ZimaNdola says:

    Chicken cannot take us 2 da WC only in our dreamz. Poor selection,poor tactics the list goes on.

  9. abram says:

    i agree with Mr john.

  10. Paddy says:

    This has to be Zambia’s worst run of results. Friendlies or not, team A or whatever this trend has to stop. Faz seems to be as clueless as the coach himself. Those who will be voting at the next Faz elections have a very important decision to make in order to restore Zambia’s pride. Folks, it’s time for something new.

    • muchofe says:

      i wish you were a club official my dear. You would understand how rotten the system is. Faz is a very corrupt institution..i so it with my own eyes at Moba hotel in 2010, or was it 2011?

  11. chindika popeye nguni says:

    This failure of a coach won’t take us anywhere. We should forget about qualifying to the world cup and afcon.

  12. sly says:

    Those who watched the games could do better by giving us a detailed analysis of two games; how Zambia players fared (individually), cohesion of the team, a comparison with the opponents, how the coaches fared etc.

  13. sly says:

    I understand at some point Zambia hired a muzungu soccer pundit to analyse Zambia’s games. Where is he and what was his advice in those games Zambia played at Afcon and junior African competitions? Is Zambia implementing his recommendations if there was any?

  14. chindika popeye nguni says:

    Lusakatimes.com reports zambia beat Namibia on penalties, so who’s reporting the truth?

  15. zim bullet says:

    in future they should send the under 23 for developmental purpose

  16. sly says:

    @CPN this is serious negligence f duty on the part of the Zambian reporters.

  17. THE GAFFER says:

    Most players who played today are under 23 and its a gud prep for them.

  18. Don says:

    What is this?? Lusakatimes has it that Zambia beat Namibia ,here it’s the other way round. Who’s fooling who??

  19. PULU MULENGA says:

    When I tell you Lwandamina is a talented FARMER and not a coach you dont believe me

  20. Anita says:

    From his appearance, the way he talks very slow, you can tell George Lwandamina is dull!

  21. Billy says:

    A chicken will always be a chicken. Fire this chicken and hire a better coach. Zambia won’t go past Sudan.

  22. General says:

    The coach is dull. Let him be using the u23 as part of preparing for Senegal.

    • Don says:

      Let’s comfort ourselves by the fact that it will be our senior team playing Sudan, however Chicken needs to do his part ( the right players and tactics to grind a result ) . Otherwise this could be his last game in charge .

  23. muchofe says:

    Please baFaz,we need to have Mweene,Nsabata, Banda(goalies) Mbola, chongo,katebe,sunzu, mantari(defence), sinkala, kalaba,chisamba, lubambo, katongo,sautu(midfield), and mbesuma,kalengo,nkola, mulenga, kangwa(strikers). if you dont call all these or at least 95% of this team, then you & your Lwandamina are just ANOTHER joke of so called leaders in Zambia.

  24. ShowOff says:

    Its what happens when you let monkeys drive ……….

  25. Anonymous says:

    don’t expect wins each time we v a game no team has never lost even Brazil lost to Chile besides the team we used isn’t the one we usually use if u r behind Zambia for g u don’t give up so all of you are fake Zambian fans

  26. DISCIPLINE says:

    Big and serious footballing will stop consindering us for friendlies because we are now just a joke hence we will be playing with the likes of Comoros,eritria ,somalia and the like.

  27. Kalampa 4 lyf says:

    BaGeorge bigman please stop playing Chepeshi and the other rookies,enough is enough.We dont want embarrassing displays of football by these lads.

  28. PULU MULENGA says:

    Look Lwandamina is a farmer not a football coach

  29. General says:

    We don’t want to insult faz and lwandamina. The coach was told not to use chipeshi and mkandawire in defence if anything let them play at u23. Call mbola,choongo or nkausu. This guy musekwa is also useless.

  30. abram says:

    kabaso chongo & singuluma on de bench for Tp Mazembe vs USM Algiers final clash.

  31. Kalampa 4 lyf says:

    Solomon Sakala,which team does he play for?Awe mwandi..

  32. sly says:

    Zambia is not doing well in football any more.There has been so many reasons given by those who have interest in the country’s football. However, one thing is certain about the factors advanced for the poor showing by the Chipolopolo. It is all assumptions. Unless some scientific approach is used Zambian direction in football development will remain uncertain.

    Having said the above, I also want to add to the layman’s point of view my perspective of the scenario of the Zambian game.I am in agreement with sentiments that suggest that the Chipolopolo are not performing well in to-to.However, my factors for it would vary with what others suggest.While many of us suggest the source of the dismissal performance as the technical bench especially the head coach , I blame the Zambian Premier League (and the clubs )for the situation Zambia finds herself in. My argument is as below :

    1.The league has not been able to produce players who compete very well for a first team place when exported in recent years. It is for you( the reader ) to take stock of the players exported recently and rate the validity of this point. In fact I harbour the notion that had some of the players sent out been part of this league it could have raised the standard of the game in Zambia.This in turn could have strengthen the Zambian style (remember the styles Zambia was known to exhibit in the past and during the days of fewer foreign based players : Zambian hammer style (powerful form of shooting), Mpila ( from which Mpila Zambia got its beautiful name)…….

    2. The premier league teams have failed to represent Zambia well on the African platforms(caf champions league, car confederations cup etc). Once your team has been in you ought to put a programme that addresses the problem. I wonder if the Zambian club reps have ever come up with any programmes of this nature. Benchmarking can help.

    3.Recruiting players of the quality that can raise tomorrow’s game has been a problem.Some people say the physique of a player does not matter. The truth is that it matters the most.It can close the does into top teams for aspiring athletes.

    Well I only wanted to focus on these few factors. However, with more time I will definitely share more.

    • Vunga says:

      Another disturbing notion we entertain in Zambia is the view that talent is unearthed. That some how people are born with the ability to pay football. This is not true. In most countries footballers go through years of development before they walk into any club or national team. Footballers are made by training people from childhood till adolescence. They are taught where, when and how to kick a ball. They are taught trapping, dribbling, positioning and a hundred other techniques used while playing the game. Germany does not go to some village in the hills of Bavaria in the hopes of miraculously unearthing hidden talent. They make the talent.

    • Peter Vogel says:

      I totally agree with u man. I also think that the level of our league should improve for the National team to perform better, and one way for it to improve is by improving the level of our coaches. With better coaches and coaching staff providing better training for the players their level of football will improve. Another problem in Zambia is the money issue. Government and FAZ and broke so we need more investors. Look how far Katumbi has taken TP Mazembe with his money. Today they are African champions! Money will bring money youth academies which is a necessary for chipololopo. We just work on these and Zambia is an African giant again I tell u.

  33. PULU MULENGA says:

    I insist chicken is a Farmer and not a football coach

  34. DISCIPLINE says:

    Solomon Sakala plays for Kabwe Warriors and he is far much better than Buchizya just needs some International games.

  35. collins mumbo says:

    Sad news nd hard 2 swallow we are lacking a holding midfilder Jackson chirwa is not yet ripe.Bye the way how is Alex ng’onga performing in Gabon?

  36. abram says:

    zamfoot where is de team? are stil in Angola? & if the team is stil Angola when is the team start off to Sudan? poor travelling again!

  37. Watch Over says:

    Zambia has just been put in it’s place. That’s the appropriate place for Zambia following it’s form,depth as well as fifa rankings.It’s not a team which most bloggers claim to be .For once please accept reality!

  38. Peter Vogel says:

    Yes u right we not an Afrcan giant at the moment like our pathetic an corrupt FAZ claim to be just because we’ve been to 17 cup of nations winning one final and losing two. Maybe if u say one of Africa’s best in football history as we have a decent history finishing 5 at 88 Olympics where we thrushed (one of biggest teams in the world) Italy 4-0 before losing by the same scoreline to Germany in the quarter final and were unlucky to miss out on the 1994 World Cup as our team died in a plane crush. But overall u have to respect our national team as after that plane crushed in Gabon we still made another strong team (with a few players like Kalushya Bwalya) that weren’t on the plane and finished runners up to Nigeria at the Africa Cup the following year. Wikipedia says that before 2012 we are the best team in African football history not to win the AFCON and also the best not to qualify for the World Cup. But at the moment, we are very average side till things improve.

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