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Mwiya ready, Lifumpa still adapting-Bwale

Zambia U20 national team first Assistant coach Charles Bwale is confident Wigan Athletic starlet Mwiya Malumo is ready to play even this coming Saturday as they host Rwanda in a return leg of their Niger 2019 African youth Championship second round qualifier.

Bwale also revealed that Shrewsbury Town’s Lifumpa Mwandwe was having a bit of a challenge regarding adaptation.

” We requested for this friendly so that we can see those players who did not play in Rwanda and we have seen what or two things. We especially wanted to give chance to the boys from UK because one of them (Lifumpa) is having a challenge in adapting but Mwiya is readily available even for Saturday depending on how we will train and as you have seen he even scored, ” He said.

” He (Lifumpa) has everything but just the adaptation is what is a challenge. Even after yesterdays training he came to me and said this is what feeling coach and I told him that with time it will pass,” He added.

Mwiya started the friendly against Red Arrows and scored a goal as the team succumbed to a three goals to two defeat at Nkoloma Stadium this afternoon. Lifumpa was introduced in the second half and had a run out on the pitch as the teams intensifies preparation for the return leg against Rwanda.


10 Comments to Mwiya ready, Lifumpa still adapting-Bwale

  1. Prolific Winger says:

    Is it the adaptation to the fast tempo or the physical nature of African football i wonder…


    I have been following this Boy Mwiya and I know He will deliver because He has the body and skill, I have watched Him!

  3. Tony mash says:

    Its about the physical and fast pace. According to what the coach said the boy has ball control and skill. The challenge is to adapt the chipantepante football. The ball is not always on the space. You need to chase and fight for the ball. Unlike in england where they play with a system and coaches work with flexable phylosophy which suits every player. This local coaches have no patients, lifumpa mwande will be dropped.

    • BigSteve 4rm SA says:

      Don’t just speculate like that with no facts. The coach or the article does not specify what aspects he is failing to adapt in.

  4. kensplash says:

    I agree with you @Tony Mash.What adaptation is the coach talking about? If it is to whom it may concern type of football adaptation he was referring to,then am afraid he is gonna take a full year to adapt.

  5. Sibs says:

    @Tony Mash. Ati chipantepate. Are these boys playing chipantepante? The class of 2017 were paying good passing football. I hope its not what you saying.

    The test will be the Sudan game. I know these two teams will qualify to the next stage. Sudanese are tall and physical.

  6. Tony mash says:

    If the coach said the boy is yet to adapt he is failing to fit in there system. Its about physic, pace and winning the ball on 50.. 50 situation. Thats the main reason why skillful players does not feature in the senior team.. 4-4-2 for the under 20….. ??????? The boy should play with three natural midfielders who form a triangle. Wada wada should leave the under 20. They should play their traditional formation 4.. 5.. 1.or 4. 3. 3. The local talent we have fit into this formation.

  7. discipline says:

    Me l know, its the macaroni and mice meat on a daily bases and being accommodated at masiye motel

  8. Jairos says:

    I thought gentlemen of the house were informed last week that it was adapting to the African weather. They were complaining that it was very hot. Hope that it will be cooler over the weekend. All the best guys and be positive!!!

  9. Chieza says:

    Let wada wada, leave the young Chipolopolo alone! Ba faz, what are you doing by puting him on the technical bench!

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