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Mwikisa dumps Portuguese side Santa Clara

Zambian striker Linker Mwikisa has severed relations with his Portuguese Segunda Liga club Santa Clara before even kicking the ball.

Mwikisa is said to have personally decided to leave the club after delays in getting his work permit with the club confirming that he left for personal and objective reasons.

Santa Clara has committed to reimbursing the former Green Buffaloes hitman all costs incurred in the process of the botched transfer.

Mwikisa who had a successful spell in Mozambique’s Macabola league with Costa Do Sol signed for Santa Clara at the end of January and his stay in Portugal did not last a month.

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15 Comments to Mwikisa dumps Portuguese side Santa Clara

  1. Chindika Popeye Nguni says:

    Sad story for this guy but never lose hope. Keep fighting and soldier ahead. Disappointments are part of life..

    • Nostra says:

      abaiche aba sure?? If he stayed in Portugal he may have been called to play against Mozambique.
      But going back to Maputo kutumpa fye.

  2. 90minutes says:

    newly we’d he was not suppose to go in the first place.

  3. Positive thinking says:

    This is what we call short sightedness on the part of the player. How many players have had to wait for work permits in the past. He has to start thinking long term not just immediate action.

    • Alexander Liwana,RSA says:

      Zambian players of these days are one of the most impatient players in the world and even if they have not reached the mountain top they think they have.Isaac Chansa and all the other players are in the position they are in because of being impatient and Collins Mbesuma and Davies Nkausu are very exceptional.

  4. abram says:

    he shud go back in mozambique

  5. yebo says:

    For him to leave just after a month, am sure he has another offer somewhere else. It would have been good for him to remain in Portugal but hey it’s his call. We shall wait to hear where he ll go next.

  6. kampinda says:

    There is more than meets the eye to this story. It’s his manager’s fault (assuming he has one). I guess no proper due diligence was done on the club. Many clubs in Europe are flat broke, Portugal and Greece are the worst hit countries.

  7. Mambwe ZimaNdola says:

    I hope it wasn’t MARY’S decision.

  8. Ex Zit says:

    Mary Magambo eagerly waiting

  9. PIKU says:

    He’s use less.He was supposed to wait for the club to decide. Maybe he believes in zaffico,so there was no bush nearby hence leaving Europe.

  10. Ngake says:

    Hope there is more to this story than what has been written above. It would be extremely stupid to cancel because of impatience over a permit. Here in SA a PSL coach Julio Leal has had to wait 3/4 months for a work permit. What makes this guy so special that he cant wait more than 1 month. Disgraceful.

  11. abram says:

    let him go back in moçambique

  12. rud van nistrooy says:

    And he wants to play at old traford with that atitude.baza ola pa zed aba.

  13. Bingoras nimbus says:

    Where is fwayo?

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