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Munthali banned, Nkana escapes with a fine

The FAZ Player Status Committee has ruled in favor of Power Dynamos and banned Christopher Munthali from all football activities in the case of the disputed transfer of Munthali.

According to a media release by FAZ, Munthali has been banned from all football activities for two months effective today, while Nkana have been fined K 10, 000 for failing to do a due diligence in signing a contract with Munthali who already had another contract running with Power Dynamos.

“Munthali is a Power Dynamos player and has been asked to get back to Arthur Davies Stadium effective today,” the statement read in part.

Nkana last month stated that they had signed Munthali who was a free agent a claim which was disputed by Power Dynamos who produced evidence that the player still had a running contract with them.

The player was this week training with Nkana FC.

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15 Comments to Munthali banned, Nkana escapes with a fine

  1. Manfree says:

    Though being a good player, he deserved to be punnished. He should think as a footballer or any other jod when signing contracts. Big up Faz on dis one.

    • Chindika Popeye Nguni says:

      Well said my brother and I feel FAZ has been very linient with Nkana the fine is too small. This ban should be extended to the other player from Muf who also signed a backdoor contract with NKana..

  2. Bingoras nimbus says:

    Why always Nkana? First they called the immigration to frustate Walter,Diego and Soutra,now the have pounced on Jacob and Chris.They wont destroy our spirit we are 12 times champs and we are heading for the 13th. Kalu and faz wont dribble us this season .

  3. Willard says:

    Munthali also behaved like an abnormal person; how could he forget the fact that he had a running contract with Power Dynamos? This vindicates that Zambian football is still in ancient status. In addition, Nkana have been renowned for poaching players using backdoor methods; a very undesirable trend. That said, and since they have been found with two cases to answer within a week, they deserved a much stiffer punishment than this.

  4. rud van nistrooy says:

    Kapena sa ziba ku belenga. Aganiza niku joina joina chabe,winanagu sana kanbe I just run away

  5. mambwej says:

    Maybe nizoona saziba kubelenga kaili ni player wakuza Zambia. But the truth is dat the guy doesn’t like being at Power. he love the favour behaviour.

  6. lawrence chama says:

    Money at work

  7. Dynamite says:

    In as much as Chris was wrong i feel Power should let him leave its clear he doesn’t want to play for Power & even if you force him his heart is somewhere else you won’t get the best out of him….it’s like forcing a woman to marry you when she actually doesn’t love you….

  8. Dynamite says:

    @ Shi Malama I totally agree with you that contracts have to be respect but lets be realistic,this guy doesn’t want to play for power even though he has a running contract. The sensible thing to do is to sell him since we are still in the transfer window

  9. Bingoras nimbus says:

    Jimmy failed to tick at nkana after scoring 8 goals for power simply because he wasnt wholeheartly committed to play for nkana.chris’ career will be destroyed if he stays at power. Sometimes a players opinion should be respected otherwise the will be demotivated and become mayuka .

  10. Duncandinho says:

    Nkana should table an offer to power, I believe Power ‘ll accept the offer coz clearly Chris doesn’t want to play for them as this in not the first time it’s happening, even last time he was refusing to go back to power after his loan had expired at Nkana .

  11. Dynamite says:

    @ Bingoras nimbu & @Duncandinho well spoken

  12. Bola says:

    Chizungu Tate, Let the contracts be translated in local languages as well. Maybe some players do not understand the contents of the contracts. But for Nkana getting involved again in such issues……………..

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