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Munaile: Foreign coach for Chipolopolo

■Apart from Sameul “Zoom” Ndhlovu what have local coaches done for the national team?

Emmanuel Munaile says Zambia needs an expatriate coach to train Chipolopolo.

The former FAZ vice-president was speaking on Sports Bantu (A show I host on Diamond TV every Wednesday at 21h00 and repeated Thursdays 22h30) last night.

“Let’s consider the records, apart from Sameul “Zoom” Ndhlovu (who led Zambia to third position at the 1990 Africa Cup and the quarter-finals of the 1988 Seoul Olympics), what have the local coaches done?” Munaile wondered.

“After the disaster of 1993, it was expatriates that helped in the rebuilding of the team.

“Just nine (09) months after that disaster (Gabon) Zambia reached the Africa Cup final in Tunisia in 1994 with an expatriate Ian Potterfield,” the former Mufulira Wanderers, Zanaco and Minning Rangers of South Africa midfielder said.

“In 1996, an expatriate Roald Poulsen helped Zambia to third place at the Africa Cup in South Africa. I remember Joe Bwalya scoring a beautiful goal to beat Ghana 1-0.

“In 2012, it was an expatriate Herve Renard who won the Africa Cup for Zambia. In 1974, our first ever Africa Cup final was reached with Ante Buselic an expatriate.

“You can see the pattern, it’s not about patriotism. It’s about results. For me, Zambia needs an expatriate coach,” Munaile who is a trained coach who once coached Zanaco said.

The former Malole Parliamentarian also said Zambian coaches need further training in order to meet the challenges of handling Chipolopolo.

“They have all been tried. For example, if Wedson Nyirenda was to leave today, which local coach can come in to replace him?

“Our coaches need further training. For example, I was once sent to Europe for three months under an arrangement with the International Olympics Committee (IOC). Our coaches need such programmes,” Munaile said.

Among other things Munaile spoke on why he quit the Kalusha Bwalya led FAZ in 2010 and the need for FAZ to recognise people who have contributed to the development of the game in Zambia.

“Sometimes, I go to a game and the chap at the gate asks me to produce a ticket to gain entry. The people who gain free entry are those close to FAZ officials and have contributed nothing to the game, ” complained the 56-year-old who on ocassion captained Zambia and also served as a FAZ executive committe member before being elected vice-president in 2008.


16 Comments to Munaile: Foreign coach for Chipolopolo


    I agree with Mr. Munaile! Indeed we need an expertrate coach! Let him WADA not be complesant, we want good players to be playing for our National Team. The experiments he at Cosafa was enough. The Zimbabwean Coach had put an excellent side who defeated that third string Zambian squad. How can he be beaten by the very tired legs?

  2. Christopher says:

    I agree with munaile.wada wada is not taking us anywhere.
    Visionless coach

  3. Pungwa says:

    So ba Munaile wants free entry to games ?????????

  4. how can a coach say”qualifying for the world cup is not his aim”.visionless.

  5. Pungwa says:

    Lets try Dan Kabwe as the next in line. He is the most qualified, yaa but Numba Mumamba is very tempting !

  6. GRAND says:

    Munaile , you are exactly on point by coach

  7. Mulenga Pulu says:

    Wedson has lamentably failed we need Bonneti Asap

  8. Chu says:

    Thus all y’all know. We need coach, We need coach but your players are not in shape. By now, teams from France, Sweden, Belgium and even Italy should be scavenging your U-20 team. That would improve their quality for the future. All you know is cry coach coach Wada Wada

  9. Amandla says:

    Just give Beston the mantle and give him his Under 20 Team and you shall see history period! Why are we so blind to success which we have seen! The “senior” team we have must be retired and reinforce the Under 20 with two or three defenders that so!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Emma Mudala just how much is a local game about k10 surely a man of your caliber wouldn’t want to get free entry to a match you are campaigning what’s the advice all about

  11. Anonymous says:

    Emma just a game worth k10 and you want free entry just what’s wrong with politians get life Mudala iwe

  12. Discipline says:

    Emma a game worth a pantry k10 and you want free entry get a life

  13. Redblue says:

    I agree with Amandla we can bring Best on chambeshi with his under20 team just include few player such as Sunzu,Mbola,kapumbu,Fwayo,Cletus chama etc

  14. Sibs says:

    Well spoken Mr Munaile. Totally agree with you. We need to send our local Coaches for training let them get exposed.

    Though on you looking for free entry to some matches i don’t agree with you. It’s only cash that will get you in not your past fame bwana.

  15. Lusanga says:

    I am disappointed by this colonial mentality.
    Can Zambia not produce a coach of repute?
    How long did it take Herve Renard to lift the Afcon?
    How long?
    He first got out in the group stage. Then he got out in the quarters. Then, he won the final and the last time around, he got out in the group stage.
    Four attempts with the same set of players. Mixed results. I will say that the worst was 2013 after winning.

    Which Local coach has been given such a chance? Patrick Phiri and Zoom. Phiri did not do much while Zoom reached the semis and quarters. He did not win us the cup. The only one to have beaten him from the foreign coaches are Buselek(1974 silver) and Poulsen (1994 silver) and Herve (2012 cup.
    Is Herve the best? Well, its debatable. but we thank God he helped us to win the cup.

    Munaile mentions Samuel Ndlovu’s success. He led an Olympic team, the Under 23s.
    Just now, Zambia were at the world cup with the under 20s and they did well. Just now, the under 20 won the AFCON and reached the equivalent of what Zoom achieved in national colours.

    failed to qualify 6 times. Only once was it a local coach.
    exited in the group stage 9 times. Foreign 4 times, local 5 times
    reached quarters twice. Once by a foreign, once by a local (Zoom)
    reached Semis three times. Once by a local twice by foreign coaches.
    Reached the final three times and won it once. All three times were by a local coach.

    If we look only to the senior national team, Munaile is right.
    However, when we look at the worst –
    Zambia failing to qualify, expatriates did this the most.
    When we look at medals won, they got us more medals.

    We have had the Worst and best from foreign coaches. My take is, an expatriate coach, is no guarantee for success. They are basically high risk.
    Zambian coaches have generally performed from okay to very good. when looking at the Afcon.

    If we look at all competitions, and all the Zambian teams – from under 17 to the senior team, Beston Chambeshi will be named higher than Herve Renard. He also won the Afcon, and he went to the world cup and reached the quarters, missing the semis by a whisker.

    Our local coaches can achieve what their compatriots have achieved and more.
    In fact, they have shown more consistency. At least, you are assured of qualifying to the Afcon.

    With the performance of the U20, we can be assured of better things to come. Forget expatriates. We have what it takes. Just let the coaches work professionally. we have the talent and we have the brains. We can make it.

    Imagine how many expatriate coaches Chambeshi beat at the world cup?
    Take note.

  16. Akin Sambaki says:

    Meanwhile, the Super Eagles of Nigeria without first teamers like Victor Moses, Odion Ighalo, Ogenyi Onazi, Moses Simon walloped Argentina 4-2 in a friendly match played in Krasnodar,Russia on Tuesday, 14th of this month.Argentina was complete with Sergio Aguero, Angel De Maria, Javier Mascherano, Paolo Dybala, Eva Banega etc(though without Lionel Messi).
    The mighty Super Eagles rallied from 2 goals down to thoroughly trash the Argentines by 4-2.Alex Iwobi scored a brace while Kelechi Iheanacho and Brian Idowu scored a goal apiece.
    It should be noted that Sergio Aguero fainted in the dressing room during the halftime of the match and had to be rushed to the hospital!!(fear of the Super Eagles of Nigeria?).
    Did I hear someone say Nigeria and Zambia are on thesame football level?

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