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MTN has no plans of leaving the Zambian football scene – Molapisi

Super league official Sponsors MTN have re-asured the football family of their commitment to the Football Association of Zambia and Zambian Football. MTN Zambia CEO Charles Molapisi laughed off  the rumours of a possible pull out when he addressed members of the press shortly after watching a double header at Heroes Stadium on Saturday.

” First let me state categorically that they is no possibility

of us pulling out. You have seen the success Zambian Football has been having in the recent past, We want to continue being part of that,” Molapisi said

Molapisi said the company is open to the idea of competitors and are not threatened by anyone. City of Lusaka football club claimed the football Association of Zambia was chasing away possible new investors after they banned Woodlands Stadium from holding super league games due to a conflict of interest as Vodafone have now acquired the excludes naming rights of the Stadium.

” We welcome competition in the market. We are very happy and comfortable with competition,” he said

” We have a good relationship with FAZ because we identify with their vision of taking Zambian Football forward. We also happy with the many other stake holders,” he added

Molapisi said MTN can not make any decision in regards to the Woodlands Stadium situation as they are just their to support FAZ who are the custodians.

” Well we get guidance from the Association as you know we are just the support and our major interest is to deliver that support. FAZ are the custodians of Zambian football,” he said

MTN are planning a contract renewal once the current contract runs out but the CEO was not keen on discussing the matter.

” We are planning a contract renewal butbi would not like to pre-empty the terms can only be discussed during the negotiations. You know it is a two way thing, We have to look at what value we are getting and the value we are giving Zambian Football,” he said

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  1. discipline says:

    Also let your competitors some space it happens every where say in England we have seen advertising boards runs stanchart around the kop in a league sporsored by barclays

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