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Mbola: AFCON big tourney, We need experience

Israel based left back Emmanuel Mbola believes Zambia still need experience going into next’s African Cup of Nations in Equatorial Guinea.

In an Exclusive Interview with Zambianfootball.co.zm, the former Mining Rangers defender also said the Chipolopolo Boys can have a good tournament if they play as a team.

“We need experience in the team because we are going for a big tournament. I think it will be of great value to include experienced players,” Mbola told the ZamFoot Crew on Tuesday

Mbola is considered as one of the senior players in the team behind the likes Kennedy Mweene, Given Singuluma and Rainford Kalaba.

Though Stopilla Sunzu and Nathan Sinkala are the chosen captains now, Mbola made his competitive international debut much earlier in November 2008 against Angola in backline featuring Elijah Tana and Hichani Himoonde with Singuluma spearheading the attack.

With the coming of Honour Janza, there has been a lot of unrest in the team and behind the players have realised that it’s time to put behind the transition period excuses and work as team.

“We can reach very far and win the cup if we prepare well. We have what it takes to win the AFCON. We just have to prepare and be a team.

“Off course it won’t be easy but we can make it if we work as a team,” Mbola cautioned.

Look out for the full script of the ZamFoot Crew’s interview with Emmanuel Mbola. He talked about his ideal ‘5-aside’ team, his favourite Zambian all time player and a host of issues.


18 Comments to Mbola: AFCON big tourney, We need experience

  1. Seen from afar says:

    Contrasting points of view from Mbola and Nathan, though its all positive.

    The young guys have proven something and the vetrans are proven, we have the space in a tournament team to include the very best of both and that is exactly what we should do. Afcon is no joke and we must send the strongest team possible and that has to include experience. A team of players that will each put aside personal issues for the greater good.

    Our team is not an all round fluent team, we got some wins and some luck but that is all. We must strengthen our defence all over the pitch, strengthen our attack. The team will have to focus and work hard.

    Zambian football has not changed greatly since winning Afcon, our players are still underated but atleast this opportunity comes around and relish it. But we must be focussed.

  2. The Great says:

    Yessss!!! We need experience by first removing Mbola from his position and replace him with Joseph Musonda. Let Mbola watch from the bench troughout the tournament. Foolish!!! But please dnt replace Lubambo, Sate Sate, Mayuka, Singuluma, and Lungu.

  3. Like I said earlier,Mbola is 100% right not Nathan.may he is thinking that the coming back of Chris will strip his captainship. We all understand what transpired in camp in Ndola when Katongo was kicked out. On Katongo I don’t know but our cry is for the most experienced players like Jacob Mulenga,Mukuka Mbesuma and more. Let’s wait and see the final squad

    • man link says:

      There is sence in mbola katongo must be back to the squad,we must b sirious with wat we ar doing. Exprience is cadinal at this stage where we are.

  4. ROOTS says:

    The team is just ok. The only inclusion may just be Jacob and Isaac Chansa. The other madalas are for the archieves. Their ferformance at club level tells it all. Please Mr Janza, don’t play names but look at players form and consistence. For example, one madala by the name of Isaac has been consitent in his play. Zanaco not winning the league may be linked to his departure mid way through the season. If you check, when he left, thats when Zanaco lost momentum.

  5. Judge Joe Bidden says:

    We MAY need experience but I feel Mbola was giving credit to the youngsters or juniors, he didn’t praise them at all but he is aligned to probably seeing his buddies back in the team. It’s not only Zambia that has fused in new talent Ghana, SA have experimented. Let me remind you the pro – experience proponents, our AFCON 2013 team was just a duplicate of AFCON 2012 how did we perform? Mediocre. So calling old chaps for the sake of so called experience is a guarantee that we will ve a perfect team. I suggest team composition to have 60:40 ratio for new blood to old guards respectively. Old guards likes of Jacob,Mweene, Kalaba, Nathan, Sunzu, Lungu and probably Chamanga. Then we give a crush course to young ones to perform like seniors because they will be very eager to impress. My opinion.

    • Judge Joe Bidden says:

      …meant calling old chaps is NOT a guarantee, as the AFCON 2013 was the same AFCON 2012 team but failed dismally.

  6. Ngake says:

    This experience vs youngsters debate seems to be endless. My view is that Chris K based on his present performances alone should NOT be included in the team. He is not the same player of 3 years ago ask anyone watching the psl games. If at all he is to be brought back it should be as a squad player NOT first eleven player and he should not be captain. If he cant take being relegated which i assume is the case then he should be left out completely. As for Jacob and Mbesuma these guys should not be even considered. Their lack of mobility is not worth banking on rather let Sate Sate or Evans Kangwa gain experience for future matches. Being based in SA i have been watching Mukuka Mulenga’s performances with interest lately. He is definitely worth a squad place. i do not think he is worth a first eleven position yet. Congrats to Zamfoot on the website. it has a more professional feel about it.

    • Judge Joe Bidden says:

      Concur, we are on the same side of the fence these old chaps will just confuse the entire. We just need to give youngsters more international games before heading to EQ. I still believe Mweene should handle the arm band than Sunzu or Nathan. Both these 2 hardly speak let alone command as Mweene does.

  7. Big Steve 4rm SA says:

    Is it just me or does anyone else have this problem of some of the words in the posts blocked out?

  8. Luapula Fish says:

    We are chipolopolo, we are big and statistics dont lie .
    According to leading football History Website 11v11 Zambia is the second African national Team to score more than 1,000 goals.
    Zambia achieved the feat when Jacob Mulenga scored in Zambia’s 2-1 loss away to Cape Verde during the AFCON 2015 qualifier.
    Zambia have since scored 1007 goals winning 306 out of 639 matches.
    According to the Website Zambia is also the second African Country to win more than 300 games.
    Egypt has scored more goals than any other African country scoring 1,128 goals and winning 343 of its 701 matches.
    There are challenges in finding full information on African football as FIFA do not keep records of its members games on its website.
    11v11 is the football history leading website with the most information on International football. There is no other website as comprehensive as 11v11, with that said this information is not the final authority in African football matters which remains largely undocumented.
    Here is a Comprehensive List of Africas leading Countries games.

  9. Brave Nchanga Rangers says:

    4rm SA same applies with me i cannot even read your first name and words are being blocked by the image. Zamfoot pliz work on this at first i thought something was wrong with my PC. Otherwise Ba Zamfoot you guys are very inovative and this site is far far far much better than any other in Africa, our own!!!

  10. Uncle Bobs says:

    What experience? The same experience that flopped at Afcon 2013? The same experience that almost cost us Afcon 2015 qualification until Janza made the right changes? Mbola just count yourself as lucky being in the team as if it was up to me, i’d have Boyd Mkandawire of Napsa playing at left back in Equatorial Guinea. I’d have also taken the U17 and U20 with a few new faces not with the aim of winning it (being realistic). We’ve done now what we should have done 2 years ago. Crying for Christopher is an insult to the future of our game(an exceptional player during his God given time and we thank him but everything has its time-saw him get tired for Wits at the weekend, being substituted)

  11. Noble Eagles says:

    Mbola boyi in as much as we need experienced players according to your opinion .The current team is okay may be include Mutonga, Bronson Chama, Kasusu, though they are not experienced as well. Am very much disappointed with you my dear friend Mbola, leave such decisions to the coach and I second @The Great that u should be benched, thats bringing divisions in a team. If the coach decided does not include the so called experienced you are telling us that when you fail to win us a cup you will put the blame on us fans who have been calling new breed to be included in the national team. Dont take side ,work with the inexperienced one because you have experience like Sunzu, Chisamba,Mweene,Sinkala,Mayuka though to me he is a super sub who can inflict severe pain on the opponent like he did in 2012 to some self proclaimed supper power in A.football

  12. Discipline says:

    i do not get it of people always saying Zambia being lucky.ooh featuring at AFCON for 18 times,stand to be corrected,we indeed are a lucky bunch.

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