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Mbesuma joins South African lower tier side

Former Chipolopolo striker Collins Mbesuma has signed a deal with South African football lower tier side.

The 34 year old striker has been unattached since he left Highlands Park 9 months ago and has now decided to revivive his career at Maccabi FC in Gauteng’s ABC Motsepe League.

Maccabi FC are top of the third tier league and pushing for promotion back to the National First Division.

The former Chipolopolo striker has featured for a host of South African sides including Mpumalanga Black Aces, Sundowns, Orlando Pirates and Kaizer Chiefs.

He has also had stints in Europe which has seen him feature for English side Portsmouth where he made just 4 appearances.

The current Senegal coach Alio Cisse and Congolese forward Tresor Lualua were his teammates in England.

He also spent time at Portuguese side Maritimo and Bursaspor in Turkey.

On the international scene, though he has a African Cup of Nations medal, the fans favourite was one of unused substitute at the Gabon/Equatorial edition.

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9 Comments to Mbesuma joins South African lower tier side

  1. Julio says:

    Make that pension Mbesuma. By now he should consider a role in management. Best wishes

  2. Kasama Boy says:

    Yes in the twilight of his career. make hay white the sun shines, wonderboy.

  3. Zambia shall win the Afcon again says:

    Mbesuma was used for a short while at the 2012 Afcon just like Noah Chivuta and Francis Kasonde though they did not influence any results.

  4. Lukanga Kafusha Justice says:

    Good idea same in Europe. Players heading to China to get ka pension. Take mwandi as no fan will be there for when you retire. Take advantage chapwa and save

  5. Chindika Popeye Nguni says:

    you people help me understand? what pension is in ABC motsepe league? do you even do your research to find out what kind of money Ayers get in the third tier?

  6. Prince says:

    Enjoy your madala status my boy…and indeed take the Lota route; management!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    zamfoot collins is not trying to revive his carear neither z he looking at making money at lower tier team..he has a family whom he wants to raise in southafrica and ofcourse some investments there he is now playing for the love of the Game..besides it is such teams that can give him a chance in managemnt before he can prove himself in as far as coaching z concerned..so its keep fit keep active than a life of a drunken master..:)

  8. daniel says:

    He was my favourite chipolopolo striker

  9. Benny says:

    Mbesuma is still very good striker Wada consider him if he is still scoring it’s only a matter of time not those Ng’ongas.The best striker we have now are Mwila, Daka Shonga and Mbesuma try him in case of injuries of these 3

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