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Mbalashi is the new custodian of the ‘priceless’ Makwaza 1974 AFCON final boots

A team facing relegation and has many issues on and off the pitch but lack of passionate fans is not anywhere near their issues. The Mighty Mufurila wanderers fans society on Saturday at the Mulungushi international conference centre.

The event was organised in collaboration with three members of parliament namely Kantashi MP Anthony Mumba, Kankoyo MP Brian Mushimba and Mufurila MP E Chibanda.

The dinner advert

The event attracted three former Wanders captain’s, Dickson Makwaza Snr, Allan Kamwanga Snr and Ackim Musenge. Another high profile person that made it to the dinner dabbed ” Make Maite Mighty again fundraising dinner” was 1988 footballer of the year Kalusha Bwalya who himself is a product of the legendary Zambian Club.

1988 African footballer of the year Kalusha Bwalya with 1974 AFCON finalist Dickson Makwaza Snr 

With all the importance the the dinner stood for and the legends in attendance, A rare opportunity came the way of FAZ deputy Secretary general, Lombe Mbalashi, who walked away with the boots that Zambian national team captain in the  1974 AFCON finals worn in the only two legged final in the history of the tournament during an auction.The boots costed him a K5000

Mbalashi described the the honour of being the new custodian of the boots worn by a legend he grew up being told stories of as priceless.

“How can i even describe it? Its priceless,” Mbalashi told Zamfoot in an exclusive interview

” I now own 2 pairs of historic boots. One is the 1974 boot and another is the boot i wore on anfield in 2015. Less than 10 Zambians have played there and i am privileged to be one. I retired my copa mundials after the road to anfield tournament and will frame them like the 1974 ones,” he added

Mbalashi said he never even in his wildest dreams thought he will ever have this rare privilege.

“No trust me i never in my life ever thought i would meet legends that i was told about as a kid and let alone interact with them. Linos Makwaza is a very good friend of mine another of my legends and to meet his father and own his boot well what more can a soccer fan ask for,” said Mbalashi

Mighty Mufurila wanderers fans society surely scored off the pitch on this great innovation. One would only hope that the players can also show the same passion the green and white everytime they are on the pitch.

2 Comments to Mbalashi is the new custodian of the ‘priceless’ Makwaza 1974 AFCON final boots

  1. Ronine Hollywood says:

    Glad to see Ackim Musenge is alive and well. He played for me when I was manager of the ZSFA team in the 1970s. As the manager of Kabwe United I met Dickson Mukwasa many times. Looks well.

  2. Bsimms says:

    Ideally those boots should be at a mini museum at FAZ. I wonder if they even have such at their house (football house).

    Am sure Nsunzu has held on to the boots that kicked the winning spot kick in that Afcon final. Should he ever think of auctioning them. FAZ must be in a position to buy such and keep in their museum to enable preserve history.

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