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Mayuka makes EPL season debut


Zambian striker Emmanuel Mayuka made his season debut today coming on in the 80th minute for Southampton in their 8 – 0 thrashing of Sunderland.

Mayuka who has been a constant feature on the Southampton bench stepped on the pitch with Southampton leading 7 – 0 as he replaced the club’s main striker Pelle who accounted for a brace in the match.

Mayuka showed his natural pace and high work rate in the few minutes he was on the pitch.

The Zambian international will look back to a good week which saw him score for Zambia in the Morocco 2015 Africa Cup qualifier against Niger for the first time since 15 August 2012 when he score in a friendly against Korea in 2012.

36 Comments to Mayuka makes EPL season debut

  1. That’s what it means to support your local team. Outsiders. Will follow suit. Glad for him.

  2. Baaxy P says:

    A goal could have done some justice though all the best.

  3. positive thinking aka realist says:

    Glad for Mayuka. Just wish he could be more mobile when he comes on.

  4. naked goal says:

    Good news for Mayuka and zambia too. The guy should continue working hard.

  5. D4 says:

    Mayuka, Sate Sate, Evans Kangwa and Ngonga Pillato Alex are the strikers that Honor Janza should work with. Supported by box to box man, Richard Kasonde from Power Dynamos.

  6. john says:

    I agree that Janza does not have what it takes to do well at the Africa cup but he is good enough to qualify us

  7. Good for mayuka hope he will be used by the saints in the coming games, he seems to have skill though sometimes he does not perform to expectation but congrats BA mayuka.

  8. Alex zz says:

    As things stand mayuka’s team will finish above man utd, Liverpool, arsenal,Tottenham come end of the season. but mayuka is not premier league material.

    • john says:

      Do you always have negative stuff to say Bro. Mayuka is premier league quality. He is a former afcon golden boot winner. He deserves to be in england

  9. James says:

    The best to know if Mayuka is not EPL material is Kwarasey.

  10. Why Cant he shoot from There! says:

    Mayuka should tailor his game on Gyans game. Mayuka like Gyan has good balance and can fire from awkward angles! Both score when they seemingly get their opponents off balance!

  11. kamomu says:

    Many thanks to Honor Janza

  12. john says:

    Mayuka is a quality striker and an asset to the saints from the bench. This southampton team is strong and will go far. Mayuka is top quality I have always said this.

  13. john says:

    Mayuka is the best striker Zambia has. He must be partnered with Kangwa or sate sate in Zambia’s new strike force

  14. PULU MULENGA says:

    MAYUKA wa bola this guy is real a topman

  15. Armed Gunman says:

    Way to go boy. Keep working hard. Utilize to the utmost the slightest chance you are given. Also check your weight – you are way to young and it is too early for you to be bulging the way you are doing. Your goal against Niger was not good but it counted and added to your confidence. Way to go boy!

  16. Armed Gunman says:

    This Pelle boy is bad news. Who said he was being favoured? With his quality?, the coach knew what he was doing by being patient with him the first games when he was fluffing.

  17. BIG 5 says:

    Yuka-yuka my man work hard you gona play champions league that real..

  18. stan says:

    Janza plz use sate sate upfront and evans kangwa

  19. Southern says:

    Gud fo him and Zambia, bt he stil needs to improve on his pace.

  20. Anita says:

    Good for him! This will boost his confidence.

  21. john says:

    I agree pelle is very good but mayuka has a chance with shane long ive always suspected shane long is a pathetic striker. He has failed to score and Koeman will soon lose patience and give Mayuka a chance. His Niger goal made news in england and Koeman knows he has a hungry striker on the bench.

  22. john says:

    rodgers kola scored in israel. Maybe it’s time to drop another old man and bring in kola

  23. Sibs01 says:

    Keeping working hard young man. What you need is a goal.

  24. Anita says:

    Even if Mayuka is warming the bench, for the first time we have a player playing for a team in one the best leagues which is not fighting relegation! The Sichones, Sinkala andrew when they were in Germany it was year in year out fighting relegation!

    • positive thinking aka realist says:

      Anita. Sinkala was playing at Bayern for a season or two before moving to Kohln.

      • Anita says:

        Sinkala stayed with Bayern for 1 year six months and during that period played 5 times for the senior team coming from the bench. He was used in their B side.

  25. gode says:

    mayuka wht eva little chance u ar given show thm tht u cn do it if given more tym.

  26. Billy says:

    All the best Mayuka

  27. The Great says:

    I still have a lot of faith in Emmanuel Mayuka and he is still very young.

  28. The Great says:

    I like Mayuka and I have faith that one day he will show them what is capable of.

  29. Strategist says:


  30. john says:

    Mayuka has been given praise by some of the saints fans in his brief 10 minutes this is what one fan had to say

    canadian saint

    Indeed. Moreover, Wanyama and Mané are tremendous players to have “up our sleeve”, whether we’re looking to solidify a midfield in which everyone runs their nuts off, or to throw electric pace at a tiring defence. And even Mayuka didn’t look out of place during his brief appearance.

    There were many exciting dimensions to yesterday’s game, but one was certainly the quality we now have on the bench.

  31. websterhaks says:

    i also believe in yuka.he is a skillful striker and causes a lot of problems to the strikers.i know he is very much capable of helping the country and his club with goals if total chance is given to him.it is his jubilee to reposes all he had lost

  32. craig says:

    Yuka beta stat firin on all cylinders 2 repay koemans faith and patience in him he cannot afford 2b anatha flop like mbesuuuma

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