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Match Build Up: Who takes position #1?

Kennedy Kapalayi Mweene v Jacob ‘Spiderboy’ Banda

Since the final group match against South Africa at the 2006 African Cup of Nations, Mweene has been the undisputed no.1 for Zambia but it now seems like Zesco United’s Jacob Banda is becoming a real contender.

Against Uganda on Tuesday, Mweene watched from the bench as ‘Spiderboy’ was preferred and made vital saves.

This was the first time that the 2012 Africa’s best goalkeeper started on bench.

Since marking his debut almost a decade ago, Mweene has amassed a wealth of experience having been to six AFCON tournaments.

As for JB,  he can only boast of two junior tournaments as well as two CHAN tournaments.

It hasn’t been another easy ride for Spiderboy as he had to see off competition from the likes of Joshua Titima, Racha Kola and Danny Munyao.

With Mweene relegated to being third choice at Sundowns, Banda is proving to be the right challenger for the Zambia no.1 tag.

Was the friendly game against Uganda a big hint that Wedson Nyirenda will start with Spiderboy over Kapalayi on Saturday?

Who would you prefer Mweene or Banda in goal against Cameroon? Have Your Say.

Vote in the poll section.

18 Comments to Match Build Up: Who takes position #1?

  1. Mambwe ZimaNdola says:

    Pliz ba admin…that spider whatever u call him is 4 cosafa games and mweene is a big game keeper. Don’t confuse the coach with yo poll.

  2. Kennedy mweene is the man. zamfoot can we also talk about the best striker in the league walter bwalya is he eligible to play for the zambian national team because his father is a zambian I don’t understand why the arrogant, pathetic,disgrace,waste and useless kamanga does not want to give him the chance to play for the national team the guy is a good striker he can make it in europe unlike sate sate who is a failure

  3. The problem with our football administrators in zambia they don’t use they heads when making decision I don’t know what they use because they is too much in fighting in FAZ failing to make simple decision why call sate sate and leave walter bwalya why call Adrian chama and yet you leave out Davies nkausu and mbola

  4. Zim bullet says:

    Guyz zambia they need a foreign coach who can make solo decision. Good preparation starts with good team section and playing freindly matches intime.. Not to read a day before the exam.. Destiny will never favour . Look when zambia won afcon they made it a destiny . Team selection was done on merit, chipolopolo was well drilled, the system they were using was excellent and their ball passing was beyound reduction. It was a team of professionals . Nyambe mulenga was a misfit. Nathan was exceptional . Lacal players are not brave enough to play against stars doted in europe..

  5. LIMWESI says:

    Mweene should be the first choice

  6. LIMWESI says:

    Mweene should be the first choice

  7. GSK11 says:

    Kennedy is by far the better keeper cool under pressure, dominating at the back Jacob lacks in both.

  8. Zacheus Pearson says:

    Jacob banda let be the first and mweene second half to try his luck spider boy

  9. chindika Popeye Nguni says:

    Jacob Banda is no spiderman. The nickname is too big for him.

  10. Big Steve 4rm SA says:

    These are the sort of polls that actualy do more harm than good. Next thing is Jacob reads a blog like this and then instead of taking inspiration from and learning from Mweenes wealth of experience he will start comparing himself to Mweene all because he read somewhere that people were making a comparison. Lets not do this gents.

  11. Big Steve 4rm SA says:

    And Mweene is not third choice,if he was he would be on the bench right now at Sundowns wouldn’t he? since Onyango’s injury he has been between the sticks for Sundowns and Sandilands on the bench. And I can assure you when Onyango returns there will be a bit of a battle for the number one spot again. When it comes to club football coach Pitso is very open minded.

  12. McLean says:

    Kennedy mwene is a key go keeper and first choice so far they will be playing with a very big team. they need experienced and talented player for us to earn point.

  13. Billy says:

    My friend Kennedy Mweene is always number 1. Aba bonse baiche. There is a very big gap between Mweene and whoever is number two. Mweene’s “shoes are too big to fit”. He has set up a very big standard for other goalkeepers in Zambia. The record is there to see for yourselves. He may not be getting a lot of game time at Sundowns but the guy is still tops.

  14. El-Solo Lobo says:

    I think what Wada is trying to do is create competition for Mweene and I think this is healthy for the team. Mweenes had this post for a decade and as much as we don’t want to admit that he is growing old, that his sharpness and his fitness levels have dropped considerably…his reign is coming to an end. It’s time to usher in a new shot stopper. JB is a good fit…plays week in-week out, consistent, a leader and A good keeper with adequate experience under his belt. He has some work to do on commanding his box and displaying the authority that Mweene has but he’ll get there eventually. If Mweene knows that JB is breathing down his neck and his position is not as safe then Mweene will step up and we can get the best of what’s left of him. I welcome JBs gradual rise to the starting line up…we have to prep for the future.

  15. Zambian buffalo says:

    kikikikikikkik @Big Steve from SA,it’s because of what previous FA admin subjected us to is what has made @Undefeated Guru say so much about the current Fa boss. On Kennedy, it’s good that he started at the bench,the coach has reasons but Spider boy can also be given chance,if at all we using these world Cup qualifiers as preparation for future tournaments. How will he gain experience and confidence if we the soccer fans are the first to say that he is not better than Mweene, statistics are there to show how experienced Mweene is. Negatively comments on some of our players who are not mentally strong I believe they affect our players to under perform. I am sure we are not the only netzens who access zamfoot site, even players and other stake holders do so
    .Mweene still number one but let’s consider other boys like Spider boy.

  16. McLean says:

    I suggest may be we can use him during international friendly match at now let use use Kennedy mwene for the start. Cameroon is not a small team and for that matter we will be away.We ate not despising Jacob banda but we trying to make him have more experience before he is given the duty in the national team .positively we are going to win,hard work is needed and avoid selfness especially to our captain kalaba,we are not there to entertain but to win.continue supporting our boy.no retreat no surrender whether we win or not.

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