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Match Build-up: Sunzu / Ziyo partnership

The Positives and negatives of the Possible Partnership

There has been a lot of negative energy towards Chama following his bad day at the office againt Nigeria.

Most are of the thought that Ziyo Tembo must partner Stopilla Sunzu in the heart of defense this Sunday as Cameroun host Zambia in Limbe this saturday.

Zambianfootball.co.zm looks at what the partnership may bring both in terms of strengths and Weaknesses.



The two are not blessed with blistering pace and as a result are bound to struggle againt pacey players in 1 V 1 situations.

When dealing with Players full of trickery like Clinton Njie and Benjamin Moukandjou the two may have challenges coping.

Untested / Communication

The first time the two played as a pair was on Tuesday against Uganda and still remain untested at this stage of competition. The mere fact that the partnership has not played together may make communication a challenge in the early stages. One Hopes that by the time the game stabilises, the two will be in sync and put in a massive shift


Excellent Interceptions

Both have great ability to win back the ball from the opposition even at the highest levels of pressure.

Time and time again Ziyo has proved to be a rock in the heart of the Zanaco defense and Sunzu is one we know very well at the Top  Level. Such quality can never be too much and is always welcome.

Positioning and Awareness

Knowing where to be, when to be and what to do. Right positioning makes 50% of the Job done and the other half goes toward awareness.

Knowing when to engage and when to stay off. The two have these qualities in abundance.

Physical Presence

His   skills on the ball aside, Vincent Aboubacar  is a monster and will  bully anyone off the ball. Luckily, both Sunzu and Ziyo have the Physique to match up to the Besiktas Striker and any other Target man that cameroon may employ on the day.

More often than not, Sunzu has held his own and has had excellent performances  against  ‘BIG’ forwards.

Big Match Temperament

In all Big Games for Zanaco, Tembo has been phenomenal. The Zanaco skipper has led from behind giving his team inspiration all season as they stand strong on the top of the log. Without writing much about Sunzu, he has already proved himself at the highest level. That he held his won to net the 2012 finals winning penalty speaks much about his temperament

Other than defending?

Sunzu is well known for the danger his poses going forward on set-pieces and has always registered his name in every season played in France from set pieces.

His partner Tembo is the highest scoring defender with five goals in all competitins this year. When the two step up into the box for set-pieces, you can hold your breath for a possible goal threat.

By Franklyn Malambo

10 Comments to Match Build-up: Sunzu / Ziyo partnership



    • luapula bize says:

      Lol!!!! your description of Adrian’s physical and mental soccer traits are so demoralising tho hilarious!! Ati ”..no sixth sense”? kekekekeke!! He would quit the national team if he was accorded chance to read your comment LOL!!!

  2. Billy says:

    1. Mweene
    2. Kabaso
    3. Kapumbu
    4. Mtonga
    5. Sunzu
    6. Chaila
    7. Sinkala
    8. Fwayo
    9. Mbesuma
    10. Kangwa
    11. Kalaba

    Let’s play with two defensive midfielders in Chaila and Sinkala. Kalaba should get the free role in running around and helping the striking force. We need to pack the midfield.

  3. Not sikala you have got it wrong bro

  4. El-Solo Lobo says:

    Great piece!!!
    This is a budding partnership that I think will undoubtedly fix our defensive woes….Ziyo has been a revelation in defense for Zanaco and Captain Fantastic has had a stellar season for the Bankers this season. His physical prowess is a deterant for many strikers in the league and I hope he can bring his good form into the Cameroon match. Would be good to see us capitalize on set pieces with these two and I hope our full-backs cover these guys better than they did against Nigeria.

  5. Zambian buffalo says:

    okela! 1.Mweene 2. Kapumbu 3.Sichilima 4.Ziyo 5.Sunzu 6.Mtonga 7.Chansa 8. Kalaba (c) 9.Mbesuma 10.Kangwa 11.Fwayo. Sub ; Spider boy, Munthali, SINKALA, Chisamba and Sate Sate

  6. Zambian buffalo says:

    meant silwimba

  7. tkay says:

    Good luck boys wishing u all the best.were is Rodrick kabwe ba Nyerenda kansi the guy is good ….hop kalaba has been advised not to be selfish kale yapwa ilya bola…and mwandi load sheding is killin us kaya if we goin to watch the game live.

  8. Am , convinced about the team.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Truth be told, we are far from our best – a new coach, a new team ageing strikers – we will be lucky to get a point 3-1 is a realsitic outcome. But, nothing is God-given we previously humbled the LIOns ..so fingers crossed….

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