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Lumwana Radiants in historic promotion to super division

Lumwana Radiants have made history by becoming the first club from North Western Province of Zambia to get promoted to the top flight.

The Solwezi club clobbered ZESCO Solwezi 1-0 Saturday afternoon to achieve the monumental feat.

The derby win means Radiants are champions of FAZ Division One North with an unassailable 66 points and gain entry to the Super Division.

The chasing park that include Kalulushi Modern Stars (60), Mufulira Blackpool (60) and sister club FQMO Minning (59) who play Sunday cannot catch Radiants!

[Ba Muzo]

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  1. muchofe says:

    Congrats to the Radiant. When i watched you play in 2011, by then division 2 North western region, i knew you would go this far. How i wish you adopted Solwezi independence stadium as your home ground so that you benefit from the large population’s support and the pipo of solwezi would in return enjoy top flight football. By the way, over a thousand km away,a seasoned choma eagles will be waiting for you next season.

  2. Billy says:

    Congrats Lumwana Radiants. Big things are happening from North Western Province. From mining to premier league football. Go NWP go!!!!

  3. mj says:

    Hei…congrats Radiants………We new this was your time…..wishing you a good stay in the premier league.

  4. mj says:

    I meant, “we knew”

  5. Mambwe ZimaNdola says:

    Welcome 2 the super league Radiants its gud 4 NWP. We want representation 4rm all corners maybe we can find a new KALU kaili ifintu tafili bwino apa ni zambian lotto.

  6. kampinda says:

    Congrats to Lumwana..fimo fimo….Surely, they could have found something else rather than ‘RADIANTS’…Doesn’t inspire much!…..as did Power Dynamos in those days when they earned their promotion with Fred Mwila…Baby born with teeth… Talking of NWP…. I always remember Willy Chibwika who stormed into Premier League overnight…we can expect new stars.

  7. PULU MULENGA says:

    VIVA LUMWANA RADIANTS barrick Gold is contributing to the growth of Zambian football

  8. PULU MULENGA says:

    I watch this team week in week out and they are a fantastic lot

  9. Sulu says:

    Ba Muzo Lumwana Radiants is no sister Club to FQMO Mining. Anyway congrats to Lumwana Radiants Harder na Radiants

  10. klarrychenko says:

    Congrats radiants. Now is the time to show what it means to called radiants. Go on and radiate the league.

  11. klarrychenko says:

    Today is fifa U-17 world cup final between Mali and Nigeria. 2 african teams in a world cup final. This is great for African football.

  12. Kalampa 4 lyf says:

    Congrats Radiants,well done.I want to warn the administration at Nkana fc not to sell dependable players next season.We escaped relegation by the skin of our teeth due to mismanagement by administration.I want to see Jimmy Ndlovu,Apanane,Walter,Tshimenga and Keli at Nkana next season because we have to win the league next season.CAUTION:We need positive results next season at kalampa next season,no excuses.

  13. Bingoras nimbus says:


  14. Billy says:

    TP Mazembe beats USM Alger 2-0 in the second leg in Lubumbashi to lift the African CLub Champions league 4-1 on aggregate. Only one Zambian namely Nathan Sinkala started the match and played only the first 45 minutes and was substituted at half time. Kabaso Chongo was an unused substitute. Kalaba did not feature in the game as he was suspended for this match after he received the red card in the first leg. Congratulation to TP Mazembe and all the Chipolopolo players at TPM. Mazembe has now won the CAF champions league 5 times and equals Zamalek of Egypt. Only Al Ahly have won it more than other clubs, a record of 8 times.

    • Paddy says:

      Thanks for the info boss. TP Mazembe is the perfect example of what happens when you invest in a club and run it professionally. Well done TP

  15. klarrychenko says:

    Congratulations to tp mazembe, sinkala, kalaba and kabaso

  16. kampinda says:

    Singuluma was also on the bench….earning his 3rd CAF Champions’ League medal

  17. klarrychenko says:

    FIFA U-17 World cup final in chile. 08/11/2015 Time: 11pm tonight.

    Africa Champion vs World Champion

    1: This is d 2nd time Nigeria eaglets are meeting an AFRICAN TEAM in the U-17 World cup final. Nigeria met and defeated Ghana in the 1993 u-17 world cup final with a 2-1 victory.


    3: THIS IS THE GOLDEN EAGLETS’ 8TH FINAL APPEARANCE, THE MOST BY ANY TEAM AT THIS LEVEL. Won 4 times, lost 3 times in past 7 finals.


    5: THE EAGLETS HAVE NEVER DEFENDED THE U-17 W/CUP SUCCESSFULLY. winning the maiden edition in China 1985, they lost to Soviet Union on penalties in Canada 1987. In Japan 1993, they claimed their second title but crashed out in the quarter-final after losing 2-1 to Oman in Ecuador 1995.
    And in South Korea 2007, they won their third title but failed to defend it despite being the host in 2009. They lost 1-0 to Switzerland in the final. Won it again in 2013 but can they defend the title in 2015?


    This is the first time Mali will make it to a fifal tournament last 2. Can they grab it from the dominant Nigerian team.

  18. Enock Sameta says:

    Thanks Lumwana Radiants, but which Stadium are will going be using? How shall we watch the games in restricted area?

  19. PAPA GAME says:

    Congrats lumwana radiant but mukose

  20. Blackpool 5:0 Chindwin…..congratulation blackpool

  21. Tembo jairos says:

    Congrats radiants–welcome to the super league

  22. klarrychenko says:

    Fifa U-17 world cup final
    Mali vs Nigeria 0 – 0 HALFTIME.

    Nigeria lost a penalty and mali have dominated pretty well in the first 45mins.

  23. klarrychenko says:

    Goal 1-0 to naija

  24. klarrychenko says:

    Goal number to naija 2-0

  25. klarrychenko says:


    Nigeria 2-0 Mali

    Nigeria finally defended their world cup title. Fifth world cup title to Nigeria.

  26. Congratulation Lumwana regents and Mufulira blackpool for the promotion

  27. F-15 says:

    nigerian men have won the U17 worldcup

  28. F-15 says:

    come senior worldcup these players wont be there ib the future

  29. badosqi says:

    Congrats boys…. You came, you won and you conquered. Thanks for defending the title and breaking the asian myths.

    Osimhen highest goalscorer with 10 goals in 7 consecutive games. This boy is a record breaker.

    These boys are coming down to zambia to win the CAF U-20 tournament in 2017.

  30. badosqi says:

    F-15 Hahahahahahahahaha at Nigeran men…. LOL. U-17 are boys not men.

    These boys are U-17 and they massacred your boys at the caf U-17 championship earlier this year. We didn’t hear the “men chant” then so why now?

  31. Anonymous says:

    Congrats to Lumwana for representing NWP. This is indeed history in the making. Congrats to the boys from Nigeria on wining the U-17 World Cup. Mali well tried.

  32. Sibs says:

    Congrats to Lumwana for representing NWP. This is indeed history in the making. Congrats to the boys from Nigeria on wining the U-17 World Cup. Mali well tried.

  33. badosqi says:

    That is a comment from a pained-as.s loser. People are free to comment what the like. Go to youtube you will see comments like that there too. But who cares? We went to the tournament with our U17 and won against a good malian team. Mali would have won the championship if they had met another team in the final.

    Nobody chants the men/overage song when it is an european or south american or north american team. Did you watch or follow the tournament the croatian boys are over 17, Ecuador brought old players too what of mexico no. 3

    An average African man mentality “yes the whites are always right, they don’t cheat and are the best while africans are cheats”

  34. badosqi says:

    Mali played well and represented Africa well. They are worthy champions too but were unlucky to play Nigeria in the final.

    I hope we meet again in Zambia in 2017 at the caf U-20 championship.

  35. badosqi says:

    The overage comment u copied was 4rm a south african.

    We met them at the caf U-17 championship and they defeated us at the semi final stage. They celebrated the victory on the supersport facebook page, even some zambians on zamfoot did same(John and others). The celebrated the feat(defeated nigeria and qualified for fifa u-17 world cup) like they’ve won the world cup. No overage or U-30 comments then.

    They were still celebrating their victory over naija while others were preparing for the main show. They were knocked out in the group stage without winning a match. The fourth team from Africa is now the world champion.

    They should prepare well and celebrate less when next they defeat a west african team.

  36. MULENGA PULU says:

    TP Mazembe has serious leadership unlike chipolopolo

  37. sly says:

    There is no needbto argue. Football is for either men or women. That is how it is despite it being played by boys and girls. The commentator was right. We either have men’s soccer team or women’s soccer team. Period.

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