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Lubambo joins U23 squad ahead South Africa clash

Armenian based winger Lubambo Musonda has linked up with the Zambia Under-23 squad in Dakar ahead of this afternoon’s clash with South Africa in a Group A tie.

The 20 year old confirmed his arrival immediately after touching down in Senegal slightly after midnight local time on Tuesday.

“Yes, I am with the [team] manager [Hastings Ndovi] at the airport. I will be at the hotel soon,” Lubambo told the ZamFoot Crew.

“I am ready for the game,” the 12 times capped winger said.

Lubambo watched the Junior Chipolopolo Boys’ 2-1 defeat to Tunisia from a hotel in Yerevan on Saturday.

With the arrival of Lubambo, coach Fighton Simukonda has a full strength squad with the exception of Patrick Ngoma who has a soft tissue injury.

The match kickoff at 17:00 hours Zambian time.

Should Fighton Simukonda hand Lubambo Musonda a starting berth or bring him on as super sub? Have Your Say

22 Comments to Lubambo joins U23 squad ahead South Africa clash

  1. Tc Soccerman says:

    Why is the player showing up late for the tournament? Poor logistic arrangement? Not surprised with this Faz group, a bunch of good for nothing morons.

  2. Chimpombwa says:

    Cant wait for 5! The boys should die harder but remain focused. The Tunisia game was really tough but we can do it.. Self belief boys, self belief…

  3. givvo1 says:

    @t c dnt talk things u dnt knw abt.lubambo ws supose 2b in camp last bt his club refused 2 realise him till after the weekend game.at tyms i wanda why some of u blogers owayz wnt 2 bleam faz in evrything

  4. givvo1 says:

    ment 2 say last week

  5. gode says:

    The boy is good i hope he is nt fatigued after a long fright.

  6. Simms says:

    Lubambo is a perfect inclusion in the squad. hope he has a good game.
    can’t wait for 17:00

    It will be a tough regional battle but let the better team win.

    Chipolopolo 3 v 2 Bafana

  7. C J from RSA says:

    Let the boy lubambo start on the wing and Sautu Spencer start on the other wing, then let them be feeding Sate Sate in the box. It will be a good attacking line up.

  8. Danke! says:

    My starting line up:
    1. Toaster
    2. Chepeshi
    3. Boyd
    4. Billy Mutale
    5. Kapota
    6. Benson Sakala
    7. Sautu
    8. Katema
    9. Kampamba

  9. Rascozy says:

    All the best to the best team per the records of the southern African region.South Africa is the most successful football nation in Southern Africa. The only team from the region to have been representing the region at major Fifa organised tourneys.

  10. Doc says:

    Zambia wil carry the day

  11. ZYZO says:

    spanner salulani phiri should start ahead of paul katema please!!!!!!!

  12. Lubambo should start on the bench and come in in the 2nd half. Should we be leading confortably by 60th minutes, then he should just be introduced in the game 5 minutes b4 full time. He’s fatigue and we don’t want to put a blame on the coach as to y he selected the player who just joined the team few hours away from a crusial game.


    Zambia has participated in more tourneys than south african the under 20,23 and the senior team.lubanbo should start todays game because in the tunisian game he was the missing link.my predication Zed2 SA1

  14. Kay Hummer says:

    Lubambo’s inclusion to the team will not save the small boys from the jaws of defeat. They will be booted out of the tournament. The best result they will earn in the match against the Amagluglu is a draw!

  15. Bingoras nimbus says:

    We have to beat south by 4 goals then we will be safe .How did they lose by 3 -1 to senegal? We should also hope tunisia loses to senegal .

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