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Zambia 1-3 Zimbabwe (Cosafa Cup Final – As it happened)

So it’s Chipolopolo up against the Warriors, the battle of the Zambezi, a regional Derby of sorts. With two coaches with a point to prove, four fiery forwards looking to make the headlines and two neighboring countries on the edge of their seats eager to cheer!

In 2009, it was at Rufaro Stadium where Zimbabwe won the battle of Zambezi, then a Bronson Chama captained side won it on home soil at Ndola’s Levy Mwanawasa Stadium in 2013.

Now, the stage is set at a neutral venue for Southern Africa’s top derby.

Kickoff @ 15h00

Zambia XI :  16. Allan Chibwe -4. Chama Adrian  20. Webster Mulenga, 21. Isaac Shamujompa, 3. Lawrence Chungu – 17. Mike Katiba, 19. Jack Chirwa, 15. Donashamo Malama (c) 7. Mwila Phiri, 11 – 12. Justin Shonga, 22. Brian Mwila

Zimbabwe XI: (16) George Chigova – Ocean Msuhure (3), Eric Chipeta (4), Jimmy Tigere (6), Talent Chawapiwa (7), – John Takwara (8), Oviddy Karuru (1) (C), Bruce Homora (5), Knox Mutizwa (8), – Honest Moyo (9), Liberty Chakdroma (22)

71 Comments to Zambia 1-3 Zimbabwe (Cosafa Cup Final – As it happened)

  1. ZamFoot says:

    16′ Zambia 0-0 Zimbabwe. Jack Chirwa banana kick outside the penalty box was tipped over by the goalkeeper

  2. ZamFoot says:

    GOAL ALERT! Zambia 0-1 Zimbabwe (Mutizwa, 21 )

    Allan Chibwe failed to deal with an aerial ball as Mutizwa heads to beat him.

  3. ZamFoot says:

    25′ Zambia 0-1 Zimbabwe. Zambia enjoying more possession but rushing with their long range shots.

    Chirwa is close again

  4. Mingalato says:

    Hoo man, back to worries

  5. ZamFoot says:

    30′ Zambia 0-1 Zimbabwe.

    Chibwe redeems himself with a top save . That could have been 2-0.

  6. ZamFoot says:

    GOAL ALERT! Zambia 1-1 Zimbabwe (Mutizwa, 21′ | Mundia, 38′)

    Super Sub Lubinda Mundia nods home to equalise with his first touch after on for the injured Mike Katiba

  7. ZamFoot says:

    HALF TIME: Zambia 1-1 Zimbabwe (K. Mutizwa, 21′ | L. Mundia, 38′)

    High tempo game as Southern Africa’s finest talent do battle.

    Zambia has been the dominant side with Jack Chirwa’s joining in the final third a major talking point.

    ZImbabwe have been a threat on the counter.

  8. ZamFoot says:

    Zambia kick off second half

  9. ZamFoot says:

    47′ Zambia 1-1 Zimbabwe
    Zimbabwe pressing right from the restart but Zambia resolute in defense

  10. ZamFoot says:

    49′ Zambia 1-1 Zimbabwe
    One on one save by Chibwe as Zambia’s defense is caught napping. Mistake was by Mulenga
    Earlier Chibwe made another point blank save though the referee ruled he effort offside.

  11. ZamFoot says:

    52′ Zambia 1-1 Zimbabwe
    Too much space again for Zimbabwe in the box bit final effort is poor.
    It’s attack after attack from Zim

  12. ZamFoot says:

    54′ Zambia 1-1 Zimbabwe
    Adrian Chama cross finds he head of Mwila but his strong header is wide

  13. ZamFoot says:

    GOAL ALERT: Zambia 1-2 Zimbabwe (Mutizwa,21′, Chawapiwa, 55′ | Mundia, 38′).

    A well taken goal from Talent Chiwampila to restore the lead

    Zimbabwe have been the better side and deserve the lead.

    Zimbabwe make it 2 as their persistent attack pays

  14. ZamFoot says:

    57′ Zambia 1-2 Zimbabwe
    A cross from the right, a good header beats Chibwe but comes off the upright but they do well when Talent Chaipiwa picks the rebound to slot home

  15. ZamFoot says:

    60′ Zambia 1-2 Zimbabwe
    Chawapiwa again runs at Lawrence who he leaves for dead on the ground but his cross is cut out by Mulenga

  16. Ifintu ni bola says:

    There’s no protection for the back four and our midnight is not bridging our attacks.wada do something please

  17. ZamFoot says:

    63′ Zambia 1-2 Zimbabwe
    Zimbabwe attack again but the striker totally misses the ball for his final touch

  18. ZamFoot says:

    64′ Zambia 1-2 Zimbabwe

    Zambia Sub :
    U20 international Boston Muchindu in for Lawrence Chungu

  19. R2D2 says:

    The Bogus kit stinks of corruption right to the top-FAZ president Kamanga!! The kit is horrendous, no design whatsoever just a blaring of orange and black. As per usual the coach is clueless with no detectable organized patterns in defense or attack.

  20. ZamFoot says:

    65′ Zambia 1-2 Zimbabwe
    Muchindu concedes a free kick with first touch
    Again Chibwe is second on to the high ball as was with the first goal he conceded

  21. ZamFoot says:

    Zimbabwe make it 3 – 1

  22. ZamFoot says:

    67′ Zambia 1-3 Zimbabwe (Mutizwa,21′, Chawapiwa,65′,Mushure, 67′ | Mundia,37′)

    Chawapiwa again does damage on the Zambian left back and squares the ball which Mushure finishes off with ease

  23. ZamFoot says:

    70′ Zambia 1-3 Zimbabwe
    Godfrey Ngwenya in for Mwila Phiri

  24. ZamFoot says:

    71′ Zambia 1-3 Zimbabwe
    Jack Chirwa shit from outside the box is over the bar

  25. Anonymous says:

    This one is done and dusted.

  26. ZamFoot says:

    72′ Zambia 1-3 Zimbabwe
    Mwila shot is blocked as Zambia push forward

  27. Ifintu ni bola says:

    Wada is not reading the game.He’s not even making use of Lubinda’s pace on the wing.He hasn’t tailored the play to suit the strength of the prayers.Zimbabwe will get a fourth if nothing changes

  28. ZamFoot says:

    72′ Zambia 1-3 Zimbabwe
    Chirwa shot is blocked in the box amidst claims for a penalty

  29. ZamFoot says:

    73′ Zambia 1-3 Zimbabwe
    Shonga free kick from the position he scored against Tanzania is off target

  30. R2D2 says:

    When was the last time this coach won a game? Zambia should just get the same Barcelona youth coaches who recently in the country. Useless kit!!

  31. ZamFoot says:

    75′ Zambia 1-3 Zimbabwe
    Lubinda Mundia loses his footing as he headed for goal in the box

  32. ZamFoot says:

    77′ Zambia 1-3 Zimbabwe
    Scissors kick by Shonga near the penalty spot but it is deflected for a corner

  33. ZamFoot says:

    Good chance that for Zambia

  34. Generalismo says:

    WADA will not take Zambia anywhere.

  35. ZamFoot says:

    79′ Zambia 1-3 Zimbabwe
    Rushed challenge by Webster Mulenga on Chawapiwa earns him a yellow card

  36. ZamFoot says:

    81’Zambia 1-3 Zimbabwe
    Chawapiwa has been excellent for Zimbabwe and it’s a shame he has to be substituted for an injury from that challenge

  37. Generalismo says:

    It is wishful thinking and stupidity to think that Wada will get Zambia anywhere. The team selection to start with will not get Zambia anywhere

  38. ZamFoot says:

    82′ Zambia 1-3 Zimbabwe

    30 yare free kick taken by Jack Chirwa but Chigoba saves well

  39. Positive thinking says:

    Yaba ba Zambia

  40. ZamFoot says:

    85′ Zambia 1-3 Zimbabwe
    Free kick to Zimbabwe near the centre circle

  41. ZamFoot says:

    87′ Zambia 1-3 Zimbabwe
    Zambia not looking like they will come back in this game

  42. ZamFoot says:

    88′ Zambia 1-3 Zimbabwe
    Zambia free kick but it’s wasted as it goes out for a goal kick

  43. R2D2 says:

    Poor kit no design whatsoever!!

  44. ZamFoot says:

    89′ Zambia 1-3 Zimbabwe
    Hesitation by Zambia again in defense sees Zimbabwe send a tame shot at Chibwe

  45. ZamFoot says:

    90′ Zambia 1-3 Zimbabwe
    Godfrey Ngwenya is denied by the Zimbabwean goalie.

  46. Thoko Ngwenya says:

    A very bad weekend for Zambian football with local coaches…at some point to the players fault as well as the tactical awareness or astituteness of the coaches
    …Zanaco failed when it most mattered and Wada Wada and Zambia here…
    Zambia national team simply need to change this coach. I think Janza was even better with the ex0erience he garnered under Renard and at AFCON 2015…but what did FAZ do?

  47. Generalismo says:

    With Wada, Zambia is not going to go anywhere. He lacks the necessary technical acumen-ship a country of Zambian pedigree deserves. Plot 1 showed lack of ambition by pushing an appointment of such mediocrity

  48. ZamFoot says:

    FULL TIME: Zambia 1-3 Zimbabwe (Mutizwa,21′, Chawapiwa,65′,Mushure, 67′ | Mundia,37′)

    Zimbabwe win Cosafa Cup for a record fifth time.

  49. Anonymous says:

    Beaten by a better mindset.

  50. Mingalato says:

    Nyerenda made horrible mistake of leaving Beira in Mozambique. He had better chances of being on of well enjoying coaches.
    But he rushed for golden tribal rush under both PF and FAZ.

    • R2D2 says:

      The ones eating are a very few selected Easterners and a host of Bembas from PSs to Ministers all Bemba a 180 turn on Mwanawasas tribal govt.

  51. Mingalato says:

    If I was Nyerenda I wouldn’t go back to Zambia, just find a club in South Africa.

  52. sly says:

    I beg to differ. The officiating cost Zed the game.

  53. sly says:

    As for Zesco, my story is the same. That lekgoa/mulungu is the weakest link.Why is he paid?

  54. Billy says:

    The Zambian team is not organised, and lacked confidence, aggressiveness, drive, and passes were horrible. They were just kicking the ball in front like “it’s to whom it may concern”. This is not a good team. Unfortunately, these are the traits of the senior team as well. I can’t even say about the coach himself. The less I say about him the better.

  55. Leo Pretoria says:

    Northern Rhodesea
    Thank U Zimbabwe for showing NR how to score
    Because some people were beginning to think that wada wada is a coach
    Like kabwe warriors, power dynamos now it’s chipolopolo
    Kamanga li kula period!
    Local coaches makula

  56. humble says:

    FAZ itx now time 2 react or let govt intervene jx like in sudan so dat zambia cn also be suspended unlike seein them being embarrassed by dis wada wada thing, his cluess, enough of stupidity pliz!!!

  57. R2D2 says:

    Look at the kit and the rubbish sponsorship $200k a year agreement between FAZ and the Ghanaian company.

  58. Anonymous says:

    Congrats for reaching the final. You have silver medal at least. Those players must fight to keep their places. Under-20 should show they re knocking on the door. Go Zambia!

    • Kips says:

      What was wrong with this Wada guy coopting as many as U-20 boys? Did he think he was going to give credit to Quick Silver? Now he (Wada) has got the humiliation he deserves.

  59. Big Steve 4rm SA says:

    Gents this might actually be not so bad because had Zambia won this cup then certain people would use it to start justifying why we should stick with a local coach.

    The more the coach incapacity to deliver in tournaments might just spear head Govt to agree with FAZ that there is justifiably a need for a foreign experienced coach.

  60. Kips says:

    We had it coming. This Wada has killed our once entertaining play. Shame, our players could not even string more than three passes. Our strikers couldn’t go round the defenders. I saw, on many occasions, our strikers dribbled by Zim defenders at will. Sad.

  61. Concerned Citizen says:

    Time to dump the coach and the inept FAZ regime before they make irreparable damage to the team.

  62. Chocho says:

    Coach Wonder Wonder!!! All we saw was each player trying whatever they know from the club. Nothing from Coach Wonder Wonder? ??????

  63. Mark c says:

    This is a weak team the cant string passes together. Credit goes to Zimbabwe the played entertainment football. Zambia is the weak team.dont live in the past zambian go back to the drawing board complecenncy has killed football in zambia. I give credit to Brian Mwila what strong player he lucked support. That Webster Mulenga and Jersey 7 the were weak Wada must learn to lead the game sure with this coach zambia no afcon and world cup for you.bring fashion sakala, mwepu dDhaka and Banda.to the team.

  64. I even miss Herve Renard and great Kalu’s administration….* Kamanga, get us a coach please!!! “wada wada chovu” is just too dull to be a national team coach

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