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Zambia 2-2 Malawi (2019 Cosafa Cup) As it happened

Zesco United striker Lazarous Kambole has been named in the starting XI.

Green Eagles goalkeeper Sebastian Mwange starts in goal while his former teammate in Choma, who is now Kabwe Warriors Thanks Mwape has been given the nod ahead of Isaac Shamujompa to partner Adrian Chama in central defence.

As earlier reported by the ZamFoot Crew, Gift Zulu and Mwila Phiri of Nkana and Zesco United respectively will operate as full backs.

Forest Rangers duo Webster Muzaza and red hot Austin Muwowo start alongside Benson Sakala and Ernest Mbewe in midfield.

Upfront Kambole and Tapson Kaseba start said of Emmanuel Chabula and Chitiya Mususu.

Holders Zimbabwe, Lesotho and Botswana  are already in the semis.

Zambia XI: 1. Sebastian Mwange; 2. Gift Zulu, 4. Adrian Chama, 13. Thandi Mwape, 20. Mwila Phiri: 7. Ernest Mbewe, 8. Webster Muzaza, 6. Benson Sakala; 5. Lazarous Kambole, 12. Tapson Kaseba


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42 Comments to Zambia 2-2 Malawi (2019 Cosafa Cup) As it happened

  1. 900 minutes says:

    Admin, kindly get the powers that maybe, the singing of the National anthem is very pathetic. Let them present the one recorded by the band or let them record a church choir

    • Hunter the man says:

      pf is the one which introduced this pathetic recording with the view that if you listen to the words then the country will become more United. PamaFi!

      • 900 minutes says:

        Surely we deserve better than this, the singing is very pathetic, it actually brings the spirit of the players down.

  2. Frog says:

    Am I missing something, why no post ? What the results

  3. ZamFoot says:

    GOAL ALERT! Zambia 0-1 Malawi (Mhango 2′)

    Goalkeeper Sebastian Mwange should have done better to deny Mhango.

  4. Mingalato says:

    Looks good, wish Musakanya had started match, but let him be the game changer.

  5. Frog says:

    @900 Indeed the singing is out of this world. Some of these things pa Zed doesn’t need constitution amendment or a politician to change . Produce songs with quality

  6. Chindika Popeye Nguni says:

    How has this useless goalkeeper found himself in the national team?

  7. Wesu Nandibo says:

    Now when we tell u Kamanga is a failure, u call us names. I just hope we win this game or else kuyabebele enough is enough

  8. ZamFoot says:

    30′ Zambia 0-1 Malawi (Mhango 2′)

    Kambole’s shot is saved by the goalkeeper and on the rebound, Tapson Kaseba fails to hit the target.

    The Green Eagles striker should have done better.

  9. Hunter the man says:

    Scores zamfoot?

  10. ZamFoot says:

    Former Malawai international John Maduka

    “It’s always a big game when we are playing against Zambia. It’s a big rivalry, there’s no friendly match.”

  11. ZamFoot says:

    HALF TIME: Zambia 0-1 Malawi (Mhango 2′)

    Chiyangi needs to send in Bruce Musakanya and Chitiya Mususu in the second half.

  12. Chindika Popeye Nguni says:

    Useless team this Zambian team is..

  13. ZamFoot says:

    GOAL ALERT! Zambia 0-2 Malawi (Mhango 2′, Gerald Phiri 50′ pen)

    Gerald Phiri sends Mwange into the wrong direction from the spot make it 2 nil.

  14. Mingalato says:

    But Kamanga ni mbwaa, instead on focusing on cosafa, he was busy fighting Kalusha. Kamanga can even kill over power.

  15. ZamFoot says:

    GOAL ALERT! Zambia 1-2 Malawi (Muwowo 57′ |Mhango 2′, Gerald Phiri 50′ pen)

    Muwowo finds an equaliser for Zambia

  16. Wesu Nandibo says:

    We have told u people,this guy Kamanga sure does not know what he was elected for.His main agenda was to get Great kalu out.Now see were our beloved game has gone.And now he wants to go to caf. Kalu developed da game and he has destroyed everything.PHD Ba muntu yibi.From now on I urge all beloved soccer fans to boycott all da games DAT the chipolopolo will be playing until Kamanga leaves the football house.Abash Kamanga and his executive.

  17. ZamFoot says:

    SUBS: Muwowo, Kambole [OUT]
    Musakanya, Chabula [IN]

  18. ZamFoot says:

    GOAL ALERT! Zambia 2-2 Malawi (Muwowo 57′ Chabula 90′ |Mhango 2′, Gerald Phiri 50′ pen)

    Tapson Kaseba puts the Malawian goalkeeper and benefits from the slip up.

    Unselfish Kaseba squares for Chabula who taps home an equaliser.

  19. SMSOJ says:

    Equaliser… Meaning what Dear Zamfoot?
    Not sure … Blessed evening

  20. ZamFoot says:

    FT: Zambia 2-2 Malawi (Muwowo 57′ Chabula 90′ |Mhango 2′, Gerald Phiri 50′ pen)

    The game will go to penalties

  21. Aedlinso says:

    Final scores?

  22. Mataafe says:

    update, admin? Has game gone into penalty shoot out?

  23. Hunter the man says:

    Very erratic updates from these kamanga worshipping zamfoot bootlickers!

  24. Anonymous says:

    Zambia wins 3-2 on penalties

  25. Mataafe says:

    No power where I’m but I’m reliably informed Zam has gone through on post match penalties (5-4)

    • Hunter the man says:

      Please confirm scores with your source before you cause bp. The bootlickers are have been sort circuited we dont think they will update their sheet now.

  26. Wesu Nandibo says:

    My stance on Kamanga still stands

  27. BA EK says:

    pipo jst kno dat bola stands pa fintu fitatu ni win,loose na draw.so even if u insult mr kamanga u re jst wasti yo tym

  28. Frog says:

    The updates are too slow

  29. Frog says:

    South Africa 2-2 Botswana – Botswana win 5-4 on penalties

    Zambia 2-2 Malawi – Zambia win 4-2 on penalties

  30. Advise to coaching bench. Rest Benson sakala in the quarter final. Use clement mwape and thandy Mwape in middle defence. Sakala is very tough for i see another penalty against zim if he is used. He has poor judgement. Use Bruce musakanya as a starter this time.Enerst Mbewe not too good today.

  31. Good for him, hopes he gets his day

  32. Hunter the man says:


  33. Eddie Lumano says:

    ZAM vs ZIM is in which SS channel please

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