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Zambia 4 – 1 Honduras U20 (As it happened)

Zambia Under 20 coach Beston Chambeshi has named his strongest possible squad for the final game against Honduras at the Adidas Korea Four Nations Invitation tournament.

Zambia will be warming up at the stadium that will also host their Group matches.

The game kicks off at 16h00 local time which is 09h00 Zambian time.

South Korea will be up against Ecuador in the other match that will kickoff at 19h00.

STARTING XI: Mangani Banda, Shemmy Mayembe, Propser Chiluya, Moses Nyondo, Solomon Sakala, Benson Chali, Chrispine Sakulanda, Emmanuel Banda, Edward Chulufya, Enock Mwepu, Kenneth Kalunga

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  1. Billy says:

    Zambia in white tops and red shorts.

  2. BuzzEd says:

    Zambia leading by a goal to nil 14′

  3. ZamFoot says:

    Zambia 1 – 0 Honduras
    Edward Chilufya with the goal

  4. BuzzEd says:


  5. Ala ba pumwa abaice ba honduras,we shall beat them mucifukushifye tibatwingilila batumpa bamambala.Copper bullet fire we are behind you boyss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. PINK FROG says:

    Any updates????????????

  7. BuzzEd says:

    Honduras hits the post from a free kick just on top of the 18 yard box.

  8. BuzzEd says:

    E Chilufya forces a brilliant save from the goalie, Honduras survive.

  9. BuzzEd says:

    Zambia pushing forward pinning Honduras in their own half.

  10. BuzzEd says:

    E Banda goes down from a tough challenge on the left flank

  11. BuzzEd says:

    Resulting free kick zooms past the goal mouth with no one to challenge…Mwepu was couldn’t get there in time.

  12. BuzzEd says:

    E Banda scores a brilliant goal from the top of the 18 yard box 2:0 to Zambia

  13. Goodwells Ngámbi says:

    Any links to the game?

  14. Billy says:

    Zambia 2-0 Honduras. Watch it at http://livetvkorea.weebly.com/kbs-n-sports.html

  15. Big Steve 4rm SA says:

    I see its now 2-0 E Banda with the second goal.

  16. ZamFoot says:

    Zambia 2 – 0 Honduras
    Emmanuel Banda scores the second goal for Zambia

  17. Billy says:

    Enock Mwepu makes it 3-0 to Zambia. Zambia 3-0 Honduras.

  18. Billy says:

    Honduras scores from a penalty spot after Shemmy Mayembe handled the ball in the box. Zambia 3-1 Honduras.

  19. Big Steve 4rm SA says:

    3-1 latest score line.

    E. Chilufya

    E. Banda

    E. Mpewu

  20. ZamFoot says:

    Zambia 3 – 0 Honduras
    Enock Mwepu adds another for Zambia

    Honduras earn a penalty
    Zambia 3 – 1 Honduras HT

  21. ZamFoot says:

    Thanks Billy…. keep the updates coming

  22. Its now Zambia 3:1 honduras half time.

  23. ZamFoot says:

    Good updates buzzed!!!

  24. Billy says:

    Second half underway

  25. Billy says:

    Zambia 4-1 Honduras. Enock Mwepu

  26. ITs now 4:1 mwepu again!!!!!!

  27. Big Steve 4rm SA says:

    4-1 Mwepu with a brace now

  28. chingaza says:

    keep it going zambia

  29. Steve lungu says:

    big Steve more Updates my brother

  30. Steve lungu says:

    big Steve more updates brother

  31. Big Steve 4rm SA says:

    wow…..almost got a 5th…eishhhh

  32. Billy says:

    Its 4-1

  33. Billy says:

    Its still 4-1. 77 minutes played

  34. Billy says:

    We almost scored a 5th goal after a good interchange of passes.

  35. mulumbimusonda says:

    Good for junior chipolopolo

  36. Big Steve 4rm SA says:

    So we are most effective when we attack from the wings…through balls down the middle through to the second striker are all yielding no results in the final third.

  37. Big Steve 4rm SA says:

    off the cross bar…..

  38. Big Steve 4rm SA says:

    Mangani collects from a shot from afar

  39. Those who would like to be checking updates try these links,www.livescore.com and http://www.oddstake.com for live updates even the world cup they will work.

    Cheers young chipolopolo,we have finally retrieved the 1993 squard!!!

  40. Billy says:

    Game over: Zambia 4-1 Honduras. Game well played by the boys.

  41. Big Steve 4rm SA says:

    Game over…….

  42. Billy says:

    These boys if they continue like this, they are going places. They play so well, far better than their seniors.

  43. Kasama Boy says:

    Mwasalipeni Bane ba U20, what an outing. 2-0; 1-4, and now 4-1. I am a proud Zambian, holding my head high.
    Uyu umwaiche Emmanuel Banda, what a sweet left foot he has. That Golden Leg if properly nutured will take him very far.

  44. Iyeee chipolopolo ! Iyeee chipolopolo ! Iyeee chipolopolo !

    Thanks to E.Chilufya,E Banda, E.mwepu for the goals,Thanks to all the U20 squard for the well done,thanks to Chambeshi for the advertisement for our team,it has reflected to the whole world.THE 1993 SQUARD IS BACK,WE HAVE FINALLY RESTORED WHAT WE LOST!!!!!!!!!!

    Viva boys!!

  45. Kasama Boy says:

    Although we can’t read much in these results, the following news on another thread is very encouraging. Hope things stay like that. Unfortunately there will be so much preparations and consequently so much development between now and the actual U-20 World Cup:

    Zambia’s 2017 FIFA U20 World Cup opponents Portugal have just finished bottom of the Tournoi U20 4-Nations in France.
    Portugal and Zambia will meet in FIFA U20 World Cup Group C opener on May 21 in Jeju.
    Portugal picked two draws and a defeat to finish last on 2 points.
    The two-time U20 World champions drew 2-2 with England in the opening game on March 23 before losing 3-0 to 2017 U20 AFCON runners-up Senegal on March 25
    Senegal lost 2-0 to Zambia in the U20 AFCON final on March 12 in Lusaka.
    Portugal closed the Tournament with a 2-2 draw with hosts France on March 28.
    England won the tournament on 7 points, France were second on 4 points, Senegal had 3 points and Portugal 2.

    We pray and hope our boys do us proud. They are Zambia’s Pride.


      @kasama Boy mubepaile mukolwe wapakapanda abaice basubeko soup pamilomo like we used to do in the KK days no matter who you were people needed to know ati mwacilile nkoko and inondo for Ba coach Beston Chambeshi not the ones they sell in pick’n’pay or shoprite awe but tulya tumukolwe utwakwata stamina and when you cook kununkila icipanda conse……ooh how I miss home coz that’s what makes us Zambians.
      Well done mwe Bana besu!!!!!

  46. Super world says:

    Congrats U20 that is a sign that being crowned African champions was NOT about home ground advantage but execellent team perfomance.

  47. Special paper 1 question.

    1.When we play 5 or more games,the results are eigther draw,1:0 or loose.WHOME ARE WE?
    (A) U20 National team (B) U23 National Team (C) Senior National Team

    2.When we we play 5 or more games we usually win eighter 4:1,6:1 or 2:0.WHOM ARE WE

    (A) U23 National Team (B) Senior National Team (C) U20 National team

    100 (mrks)

  48. patrick says:

    mwabombeni bane ba copper bullet

  49. Enock says:

    keep it up guyz,we are proud of you.Go zambia go and bring the world cup….

  50. Big Steve 4rm SA says:

    We have a team in these lads….wow.

    I can only hope FAZ has the leadership mentality and focus to pay as close as possible attention to nurturing this talent to world class levels.

  51. Good results boys continue working hard

  52. Prince says:

    World Cup 2022 is a reality…since Gabon 93 we have never seen a Zambian team command respect at its level than these boys have shown us thus far…Even the 2012 Afcon winners crashed out a year later…these boys need to be managed properly and FAZ seems to be doing a good…the need to develop these boys as a unit is urgent! The South Korea game showed us our weakness that need working on…Portugal has now full control with whats not working in their team going by their recent tournament results…Send our boys to England as planned and review your Barca B and SK games…prepare well for Korea and you will surely reach the last four where everything goes! Congratulations!

  53. Valentine says:

    Bolla kuwina!!!! Congrat our brothers..Valentine

  54. Tc Soccerman says:

    I hate this Korean time, when the boys are playing its 2 a.m here and I have to be sleeping. Mcheewwwww. Useless. I am not going to miss the world cup though, Anyways good work by the boys. Any highlights yet?

  55. BMD says:

    Thumb up lads

  56. BMD says:

    well done, Keep it up with the same spirit.Indeed we’re behind you in huge defeat and victory

  57. Mwebantu says:

    Where is the self-proclaimed wailer called “footballdemon?”

  58. Mwebantu says:

    It is not here and I am not surprised!

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