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Zambia 3-1 Algeria as it happened

Zambia are in action against Algeria in a Russia 2018 World Cup qualifier on match day 3.

With Nigeria thrashing African Champions Cameroon 4-0 on Friday night, the two sides will be going for maximum  points.

Zambia Coach Wedson Nyirenda has named an attacking side with Chisamba Lungu in central midfield.

There are also starts for Fashion Sakala and Patson Daka.

Zambia XI – Mweene , Silwimba, Fackson, Ziyo, Sunzu, Kondwani , Chisamba , Augustine , Fashion Sakala, Patson Daka, Brian Mwila

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  1. ZamFoot says:

    Zambia is in copper Jersey with black shorts while Algeria is in white

  2. ZamFoot says:

    2′ Zambia 0-0 Algeria. The match is underway at Heroes Stadium.

  3. Yebo says:

    keep us updated…

  4. ZamFoot says:

    5′ Zambia 0-0 Algeria.

    Brian Mwila hits the upright From the a Chisamba Lungu corner.

  5. ZamFoot says:

    Goal Alert ! Zambia 1-0 Algeria (Brian Mwila, 7′)

    Augustine Mulenga sends in a pin point cross and Mwila nods home.

  6. KWAME NKRUMAH says:


  7. ZamFoot says:

    25′ Zambia 1-0 Algeria.

    Zambia is containing the North Africans and trying to catch them on the break.

  8. KWAME NKRUMAH says:


  9. ZamFoot says:

    Goal Alert! Zambia 2-0 Algeria (Brian Mwila, 7′, 31)

    What a counter attack from Zambia.

  10. Mario says:

    Algeria don’t know how to handle the pace.

  11. ZamFoot says:

    35′ Goal Alert! Zambia 2-0 Algeria (Brian Mwila, 7′)

    Patson Sakala is fouled after a rampaging run.

  12. ZamFoot says:

    Half Time: Zambia 2-0 Algeria (Brian Mwila, 7′,32′)

    Augustine Mulenga has been involved in both goals

  13. Don says:

    Iyereeeee! Boys are on course.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Zambian defense so unconvincing especially Sunzu. Our strength is in attack.

  15. ZamFoot says:

    48′ Zambia 2-0 Algeria (Brian Mwila, 7′, 32′)

    An Algerian player dives in the box and the referree books him

  16. KWAME NKRUMAH says:


  17. ZamFoot says:

    55′ Zambia 2-1 Algeria (Brian Mwila, 7′, 32′ | Yacine Brahimi 54′)

    Brahim grabs one for the North Africans

  18. ZamFoot says:

    56′ Zambia 2-1 Algeria (Brian Mwila, 7′, 32′ | Yacine Brahimi 54′)

    Fashion Sakala has been sent off.

    Enock Mwepu has replaced Chisamba Lungu.

  19. Kuku says:

    Tell them to stop chasing and just play.

  20. Mat says:

    Keep the updated coming kaili.

  21. ZamFoot says:

    70′ Zambia 2-1 Algeria (Brian Mwila, 7′, 32′ | Yacine Brahimi 54′)

    Roddick Kabwe has replaced two goal hero Brian Mwila.

  22. ZamFoot says:

    79′ Zambia 2-1 Algeria (Brian Mwila, 7′, 32′ | Yacine Brahimi 54′)

    Alex Ng’onga has replaced Augustine Mulenga.

  23. Kuku says:

    Come on kapumbu that’s how you do it. Zambia. Come on Zambia.

  24. Kuku says:

    That’s the new yaya Toure. Mwepu. What a goal.

  25. ZamFoot says:

    90′ Zambia 3-1 Algeria (Brian Mwila, 7′, 32′, Enock Mwepu 89′ | Yacine Brahimi 54′)

    .Enock Mwepu scores on his debut

  26. Seen from Afar says:

    Thanks Zamfoot, that should be game.

    What a debut for Mwepu. The team exceeeded expectation!!! Wada is safe!!!

  27. Don says:

    Congratulations Guys, you have made us proud. Now let’s take this battle to Algeria, If we can navigate a win over there .

  28. Don says:

    True Mwepu really stamped his authority…CERTIFIED !! Brian Mwila was a bomb upfront , I was like what is the coach doing by substituting him, but in the end it all worked out . Thank you once more.

  29. Xris says:

    At least after a long time we can now put on a big smile for our team. Congrats!! Only Defense issues

  30. Leo Pretoria says:

    Chisamba lungu is overrated

  31. I think coach now has finally find players to make us proudly and smiles on faces congratulation Zambia wada wada for the youthful squad indeed you been building the team

  32. Wada wada haters were are you with yo tied legs squad woooooooooooo nesoni look at yo Algeria stars outplayed by youth Zambians

  33. Discipline says:

    Some teams will dance to our tune come afcon 2019 we are using these games for the lads to gain some experience

    • Bsimms says:

      True lets use the young ones seeing that the Super chickens have done their country proud by getting 3 out of 3 = 9 points is exellent work
      It is not over yet!

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