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Nigeria 1 – 0 Zambia (As it happened)

Nigeria XI v Zambia

Ikechukwu Ezenwa, Shehu Abdullahi, Ederson Echiejile,Leon Balogun, William Troost-Ekong, Ogenyi Onazi, Wilfred Ndidi, Obi Mikel, Victor Moses, Simon Moses and Odion Ighalo.

Zambia XI v Nigeria

Kennedy Mweene – Simon Silwimba, Fackson Kapumbu, Ziyo Tembo, Stopilla Sunzu – Kondwani Mtonga, Chisamba Lungu, Enock Mwepu – Augustine Mulenga, Alex Ng’onga, Fashion Sakala

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  1. ZamFoot says:

    Formalities on
    First is the Zambia national anthem

  2. ZamFoot says:

    Approximately 400 fans in Zambian regalia cheer on

  3. ZamFoot says:

    Nigeria anthem now on

  4. ZamFoot says:

    Nigeria in Green; Zambia in Orange tops and black shorts

  5. ZamFoot says:

    The stadium is packed to capacity

  6. ZamFoot says:

    Nigeria kickoff

  7. R2D2 says:

    Our National anthem was played twice

  8. Bsimms says:

    I wish the so called children. The mighty and gallant U.20 boys ready to conquer the supper Eagle

  9. ZamFoot says:

    1′ Nigeria 0 – 0 Zambia
    Nigeria straight into attack but Mweene picks the ball from the cross on the left

  10. KWAME NKRUMAH says:

    lets get ready to rumbleeee–well ghana has been duped and it will be replayed
    by FIFA.


    • Elvis says:

      Silly Ghanaian, your country will not qualify so wats will all your jealousy? Nigeria is at the World cup with a game to spare. Can Ghana dream of that ?

  11. ZamFoot says:

    10′ Nigeria 0 – 0 Zambia

  12. ZamFoot says:

    12′ Nigeria 0 – 0 Zambia
    Wins a throw on the right deep in the Nigerian half but Echijile defends well from the resultant throw

  13. Concerned Citizen says:

    Zambia well organized so far.

  14. ZamFoot says:

    13′ Nigeria 0 – 0 Zambia
    Augustine skins his marker on the right but his cross is beyond the box and doesnt find anyone

  15. ZamFoot says:

    14′ Nigeria 0 – 0 Zambia
    Greta transition into attack as Fashion is played through by Mwepu but he slams his shot into the side netting

  16. Bsimms says:

    Moments of truth he he he Chipolopolo iyeeeeee

  17. ZamFoot says:

    16′ Nigeria 0 – 0 Zambia
    Earlier Ziyo showed some resolute defending when he thwarted a Victor MOses attack in the middle

  18. R2D2 says:

    Nigeria are making mistakes under pressure; the pace of the Zambian players is telling on the slow Nigerian backline

  19. R2D2 says:

    Fackson is having a terrible game

  20. ZamFoot says:

    17′ Nigeria 0 – 0 Zambia
    Another attack on the left as Kapumbu is beaten for pace by Victor Moses but his cross is just missed by Ighalo

  21. R2D2 says:

    Nigerian coach spotted a weakness in Fackson and Nyirenda doing nothing to correct it.

  22. ZamFoot says:

    19′ Nigeria 0 – 0 Zambia
    Again Victor breaks on the left on a counter attack but Ziyo recovers well to slide in for a corner

  23. R2D2 says:

    Expat coach seems to have upper hand over local coach

  24. Concerned Citizen says:

    Kapumbu needs to lose some weight. He’s the weakest link in defense.

  25. ZamFoot says:

    21′ Nigeria 0 – 0 Zambia
    Fashion wins a free kick on the left in the Zambian area to give Zambia some breathing space

  26. Isoka says:

    Wada play Chisamba in the middle take mwepu to the wing

  27. ZamFoot says:

    22′ Nigeria 0 – 0 Zambia
    Zambia start an attack through Ziyo on the left

  28. ZamFoot says:

    23′ Nigeria 0 – 0 Zambia
    Ziyo’s back pass is poor and is stolen by Simon Moses but Sunzu does well to protect Mweene as he collects

  29. R2D2 says:

    The so called Zambian commentator guy might as well be a Nigerian; he is overselling his attempts to seem impartial at the expense of reporting fairly for Zambia

  30. Concerned Citizen says:

    Clearly onside. Should be Zambia 1 Nigeria 0.

  31. ZamFoot says:

    24′ Nigeria 0 – 0 Zambia
    Goooallll no ruled offside
    Mweene plays the ball straight into attack and Mweene’s touch sees Augustine Mulenga go one on one with goalie and he slots home but he is flagged offside

  32. R2D2 says:


  33. Kuku says:

    Can i join this company. Yes. Zambia almost became too comfortable to start losing ideas and the tide swang towards Nigeria again. Zambia survive two corners. A ball over the top finds Augustine. Did Zambia score. No offside. A Nigerian player on the floor as play breaks up.

  34. ZamFoot says:

    26′ Nigeria 0 – 0 Zambia
    Forced change for Nigeria as Onazi is injured and cant continue

  35. ZamFoot says:

    27′ Nigeria 0 – 0 Zambia
    Onazi decides to continue

  36. R2D2 says:

    Nigerians trying to upset the rhythm of the game by feigning injury-Can sme! shutup this annoying Zambian commentator guy

  37. ZamFoot says:

    26′ Nigeria 0 – 0 Zambia
    Long ball from Sunzu is just a little to much for Ngonga

  38. ZamFoot says:

    29′ Nigeria 0 – 0 Zambia
    Good ball forward for Ngonga but his touch on is to no one.

  39. ZamFoot says:

    30′ Nigeria 0 – 0 Zambia
    Nigeria sub:
    Onazi out
    Agu in

  40. Concerned Citizen says:

    Ngonga is terrorizing Nigeria’s centerbacks.

  41. ZamFoot says:

    31′ Nigeria 0 – 0 Zambia
    Best chance of the game falls to Ngonga but he shoots over the bar after doing a good job to shrug off the defender

  42. ZamFoot says:

    32′ Nigeria 0 – 0 Zambia
    Moses Simon puts in a good cross from the left but Ziyo saves the day as Ighalo was waiting to punish Zambia

  43. ZamFoot says:

    34′ Nigeria 0 – 0 Zambia
    Augustine injured after he got a boot to the head

  44. Concerned Citizen says:

    Nigerians are resorting to king fu.

  45. R2D2 says:

    This Zambian commentator guy working overtime to try and win Nigerian kudoos

  46. Kuku says:

    Come on Zambia.

  47. ZamFoot says:

    35′ Nigeria 0 – 0 Zambia
    Agu is booked after another foul this time on Mwepu. He had early kicked Augustine

  48. ZamFoot says:

    36′ Nigeria 0 – 0 Zambia
    Ngonga tries an audacious shot on the volley on the edge of the box but the execution is poor

  49. ZamFoot says:

    36′ Nigeria 0 – 0 Zambia
    Ngonga shoots from 35 yards and it comes off the upright

  50. KWAME NKRUMAH says:


  51. Kuku says:

    Ngoga should try that again.

  52. ZamFoot says:

    39′ Nigeria 0 – 0 Zambia
    Ball falls loosely fall Obi on the ‘D’ area but he shoots way over the bar

  53. Concerned Citizen says:

    Nigerians look ordinary. Zambia needs to cash in soon. Nigerians will settle for a draw.

  54. ZamFoot says:

    40′ Nigeria 0 – 0 Zambia
    Ndidi steps on Augustine for a foul

  55. R2D2 says:

    How can I turn down the volume on this guy. Nigeria resorting to individual play-local coach edging expat coach

  56. R2D2 says:

    Nigeria losing formation-defense and mid in array

  57. Kuku says:

    Can someone target the guy with a yellow card.

  58. Concerned Citizen says:

    Zambia’s coach’s tactics are spot on. European based Nigerians already look tired.

  59. ZamFoot says:

    42′ Nigeria 0 – 0 Zambia
    Mulenga tries to beat his man but the ball rolls out for a throw. Confident lad

  60. ZamFoot says:

    43′ Nigeria 0 – 0 Zambia
    Zambian defense standing strong… Another good job by Ziyo to close the space for Ighalo after Victor had driven through the middle

  61. ZamFoot says:

    45′ Nigeria 0 – 0 Zambia
    Nigeria find space on the left and drive into the box, but Simon goes for the scissors kick which put the ball over the bar
    Earlier Augustine found space but was thwarted by two defender in the box

  62. Bsimms says:

    Sounds good. So far so good. U.20 you said. They can play, they are capable. About 55min yo go hope we snick in another goal since one has been disallowed

  63. ZamFoot says:

    2 minutes added

  64. ZamFoot says:

    Nigeria 0 – 0 Zambia HT

  65. Concerned Citizen says:

    Sakala is playing selfish; two opportunities for through balls this half and he chooses to ignore teammates.

  66. KWAME NKRUMAH says:


  67. Kuku says:

    Well done Chipolopolo. You have to come back with total control.

  68. R2D2 says:

    Zambia edge in possession and Zambia had better scoring chances

  69. Kuku says:

    How good is the Nigerian keeper.

  70. ZamFoot says:

    Half Time Stats:
    Nigeria 46% Zambia 54%

  71. R2D2 says:

    Lights gone on this side- as the banner reads; HE ECL we thank you

  72. ZamFoot says:

    Zambia had the ball in the net through Augustine Mulenga but flagged offside. Looked on side, should have stood.
    Ngonga saw a good shot from outside the box come off the post with the keeper beaten.
    A good game for the Chipolopolo this far

  73. SMSoJC says:

    Zambia go forth. Shalom

  74. Don says:

    Zambia could have been 2 goals up….one dissallowed n the one that smashed the upright.Fashion Sakala looks lost ,Wada should tweak the team a bit

  75. Concerned Citizen says:

    As good as Zambia’s played, they still need to score. The Nigerians will start fast in the 2nd half and tire out in 10 minutes.

  76. Kuku says:

    Lets go Zambia.

  77. Don says:

    I should point out Mtonga is having a good game so far…….Daka should come now

  78. STUMPY says:

    stop shobaling the comentator. we need a player who can stamp authority on game

  79. Kuku says:

    Teams are back. Nigeria gets the first chance. Corner.

  80. R2D2 says:

    I hold my hand up high, proud I backed Ng’onga to have a good game

  81. ZamFoot says:

    46′ second half underway
    Nigeria 0-0 Zambia

  82. Zambian Buffalo says:

    Remove Alex Gong’a and complete the under 20 please.

  83. R2D2 says:

    On Nairaland,com; Nigerian guy; CriticMaestro:
    I will be staying in St. Petersburg for world cup


  84. Concerned Citizen says:

    Too early for a substitution by Zambia.

  85. R2D2 says:

    Zambian goal coming in 5minutes, look at your watches

  86. R2D2 says:

    I am actually typing in the dark-NO LIGHTS= HE ECL………….

  87. ZamFoot says:

    56′ Nigeria 0 – 0 Zambia
    Brilliant finger tip save from Mweene

  88. ZamFoot says:

    58′ Nigeria 0 – 0 Zambia
    Ngonga pops up on the left but he cross is poor

  89. ZamFoot says:

    59′ Nigeria 0 – 0 Zambia
    Nice inter-change of passes by Nigeria but Fackson clears well and earns a free kick

  90. ZamFoot says:

    60′ Nigeria 0 – 0 Zambia
    Kapumbu now sticking close to Victor Moses

  91. Kuku says:

    Get on the ball Zambia. Get into their faces.

  92. ZamFoot says:

    61′ Nigeria 0 – 0 Zambia
    Enerst Mbewe came in for Chisamba in the 50th Minutes

  93. ZamFoot says:

    63′ Nigeria 0 – 0 Zambia
    Zambia defending well but Mwepi is injured by Shehu who gets a yellow card

  94. ZamFoot says:

    65′ Nigeria 0 – 0 Zambia
    Sub for Nigeria
    Alex Iwobi in for Moses Simon

  95. R2D2 says:

    Ref on $10k bonus for every goal he denies-he is going to be a very popular man amongst the ladies of the night of Gaborone

  96. Kuku says:

    Lwobi is coming on.And he looks overweight.

  97. ZamFoot says:

    67′ Nigeria 0 – 0 Zambia
    Simon Silwimba slams a cross from the right but it is deflected for a corner as Ngonga waited to finish off

  98. Kuku says:

    Come on Mr. Fashion Sakala. This is the stage.

  99. Papa says:

    Any links for live streaming guys?

  100. R2D2 says:

    Daka better start warming up for the Mayuka last minute sinker sucker punch!

  101. Concerned Citizen says:

    Mistakes will kill Zambia.

  102. Kuku says:

    Lwobi scores.

  103. ZamFoot says:

    Goal Alert
    Nigeria 1-0 Zambia
    Iwobi scores

  104. KWAME NKRUMAH says:


    • Zambian Buffalo says:

      Kwame I was wishing you win the game but it was not your day. Ayew brothers I did not watch them.

      • KWAME NKRUMAH says:



        GHANA LATER;…

  105. R2D2 says:

    Ref killed the game by denying us a clear cut goal; what was the point of lacing up

  106. ZamFoot says:

    77′ Nigeria 1-0 Zambia
    Shonga in for Fashion Sakala

  107. Concerned Citizen says:

    Time wasting by Nigerians.

  108. R2D2 says:

    In such a tight contest; you cant win if the refs hand is weighted towards Nigeria-disgrace to African football! Ghana were for once cheated out of a goal in Kampala-offside decision seems to be the new take a bride mechanism as day light robbery penalties are now out of fashion on the African continent

    • KWAME NKRUMAH says:


      GHANA -0 UGANDA -0 ;


      AND UGANDA..

  109. Godwin Evoh says:

    Nigeria 1- Zambia 0.

  110. kalaba says:

    The coach must deploy kalaba on the
    corner flag immediately

  111. ZamFoot says:

    81′ Nigeria 1-0 Zambia
    Zambia pressing for a goal

  112. ZamFoot says:

    82′ Nigeria 1-0 Zambia
    Zambia throwing numbers in attack but Nigeria standing strong

  113. Zambian Buffalo says:

    Imwe Alex Gong’a is defending for Nigeria. Ninshi Ba coach , Ba FAZ please sit wada wada down.

  114. ZamFoot says:

    85′ Nigeria 1-0 Zambia
    Chancentre for Victor Moses on the edge of the box but he shoots over

  115. R2D2 says:

    What’s the point of watching African football-as for Nigeria’s 11 wins to Zambia’s 7 – how many were played in Nigeria and you have to remember back in those days the African nations cup host wud never lose as Caf and officals wud make sure of that-African football is hot air; internet gambling has only made it alot worse

  116. DOUBLED says:

    How on earth do you expect to beat Nigeria?

  117. ZamFoot says:

    86′ Nigeria 1-0 Zambia
    Chance for Zambia, Ngonga header is blocked Augustine Mulenga delays as Nigeria close him down

  118. R2D2 says:

    Nigeria’s 12 man scored whn he denied a clear cut goal

  119. ZamFoot says:

    87′ Nigeria 1-0 Zambia
    John Chingandu in for Augustine Mulenga

  120. ZamFoot says:

    88′ Nigeria 1-0 Zambia
    Ernest Mbewe finds space on the right but shoots over the bar

  121. Concerned Citizen says:

    Should be 5 minutes extra time easy.

  122. Kuku says:

    Substituion. Cghingandu for Augustine. Well?

  123. Zambian Buffalo says:

    ACC should investigate why Alex Gong’a is still in the team it could be the process of calling Ngon’a was fruad.

  124. ZamFoot says:

    90′ Nigeria 1-0 Zambia
    Simon is beaten on the right back position but his close is just cleared.
    Close to a second

  125. Concerned Citizen says:

    More time wasting by unimpressive Nigerians.

  126. ZamFoot says:

    3 minutes added

  127. ZamFoot says:

    Nigeria 1-0 Zambia FT

  128. Naijaguy says:


  129. Naijaguy says:


  130. R2D2 says:

    Ref killed the game; same usual bull of playing in west africa

  131. Naijaguy says:

    Let the comments start

  132. Tembo says:

    After all the noise one would expect Zambia to turn up. The Algerian victory was purely because the north Africans had a weak team. Zambia will be trashed by Cameroon in Ndola to end the qualifiers. Sorry noise makers

  133. KWAME NKRUMAH says:


  134. Jimmy says:

    Lol R2D2 what excuse do you have for when we hammered u in your backyard?

  135. Naijaguy says:

    Let the excuses start…looooool

  136. Okey says:

    Well played Zambia. You should be proud of your team.

  137. Don says:

    Worldcup appearance keeps denying us…congrats nigeria

  138. Naijaguy says:

    Lmao…….. where are the mouthy zambians.. crawl out of your shells

  139. Concerned Citizen says:

    This Nigeria team will be butchered in Russia. They struggled to beat an U20 side.

  140. Naijaguy says:


  141. Don says:

    Now where is Wada, I want a one on one talk with him

  142. Zambian Buffalo says:

    Can you cage this idiot called Gong’a.

  143. Jimmy says:

    Hahahaha I love the taste of Zambian tears. So tell us the last time you beat Nigeria. Or why you never qualify to world cup? 😂😂😂

  144. Naijaguy says:


  145. Naijaguy says:

    Let the comments begin..😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  146. Concerned Citizen says:

    At least the Nigerians will come back with some Roubles in their pockets after they are humiliated in Russia.

  147. glorious super eagles says:

    your little dream of qualifying to the world is a mere fallacy, how in your widest dreams did you think you can ever match super eagles talent for talent? your ugly ass coach will now shut that gutter he calls a mouth….watch us in russia…foools

    • Don says:

      You always bow out in the 2 nd round unlike Cameroon, Senegal n Ghana who at least made the quarter finals. You shouldn’t even boast cos you are s nation of 260 million people

  148. Steve lungu says:

    we have lost yes, but gentlemen today Zambia played the best of their qualifiers. Lets not take away anything from them, if the qualifying games were played with this quality, no doubt would have been in Russia already. Well done Wada and the lads.

  149. buuga says:

    Mental block against nigeria dominate them still lose


    Well done Chipolopolo at least I have confidence we have a team, give the boys time to mature and we will conquer Africa again our boys are young. realistically those nigerian super chickens sweated!!!!!

  151. Don says:

    mr ref , how much did the Nigerians give you to deny us a clear goal now? Mtcheeeeeew!

  152. John Smith says:

    With all the noise about big names that play in Europe, that performance by Nigeria against inexperience team like Zambia is not impressive. In fact, had the ref not disallow a clear goal for Zambia, Nigeria would have been beaten in Uyo today.

    • Ik says:

      Shut up, Stop blaming the ref, the Nigerian defender simply stopped marking your striker immediately he heard the whistle.

      After the goal that was disallowed, what happened?

      The story is no longer that you’ll beat Nigeria. I wish Nigeria actually took most of their chances, you guys won’t be saying this thrash.

  153. Jimmy says:

    Salty and jealous Zambians that’s why you may never go to the world cup. We just beat you home and away 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  154. Godwin Evoh says:

    Zambia played well. It was a good performance from the Zambia team. But goals make matches.

  155. man says:

    dis hurts , chia sorry zambian

  156. Concerned Citizen says:

    FAZ should extend Wawa’a contract. He earned the position permanently.

    • R2D2 says:

      He selected NO proven goal scorers at international level. Had Collins been there; Wada would have brought him on but Wada screwed up in the striking department.

  157. Gbengress says:

    Zambians, be realistic here. Were you expecting to win the game. Nigeria was not Algeria, and the fact that Nigeria needed a draw on their home soil make it more difficult. However, the Zambian team look promising. The future is bright if they can continue from where they stopped. People talking about disallowed goal, he might not score if the ref did not blow, the whistle slowed down the response of the defenders. Anyway, start preparing for Quatar 2022 (But pray that you are not in Nigeria group again).

  158. Jimmy says:

    Lol this was the same thing you guys said when Ghana beat you to qualify despite your awarded boardroom points 😂😂😂😂 losers

  159. okocha oyedepo says:

    They bought the referee.This is the reason why African football will never developer.useless Nigerians they were outplayed today.

  160. Tony mash says:

    Faz should fire this idiot.. How can you leave out kalaba and sinkala, mbola and chongo.. Our wing backs are very poor.. The midfield lacked everything.. We should have beaten nigeria the team was well drilled and selected on merit

  161. Jimmy says:

    Winners win and losers make excuses😂😂😂😂

  162. Naijaguy says:

    I knew it….looooooool. comments are already flowing.. “fire the coach”, “blame ref” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  163. B. O says:

    My analysis:

    Oh my! This is definitely a better Zambian side than we played earlier. They gave us a scare but our experience won u the game.

    The game could have gone either side had the ref allowed that goal. But I guess the ref was right. The whistle went long before the Zambian no.9 took the shot. And it was a close call. The camera angle on replay do no justice and cannot be relied on.

    The Zambian team is definitely a team of the future. They are unlucky to be in such a group with Nigeria, but yet they must grow. I knew it before that it would be tough beating Zambia, but their inexperience would give them away. And I think it did; seeing that they appeared demoralized and lost steam after conceding.
    Well from here it can only be an upward spiral for the team. They gave a good account. And credits to the coach as well.

    This crop of Nigerian team impresses me. Qualifying in a difficult group with one game to spare. Impressive.
    I expect a good run for them in Russia. They have the quality and the coach.

  164. UnitedAlg says:

    It’s funny how people only see what they want to see. From a neutral perspective, the so-called goal that Zambia scored was called offside long before the player put the ball in the net. Watch the highlights and you can hear the whistle which led some of the Nigerian players to stop playing while another defender chases the Zambian striker. In comparison to what happened to Ghana, that was an offside call. Anyways, well done to Zambia for a very impressiive display away from home.

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