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FIFA U20 World Cup: Zambia 4 – 3 Germany (As it happened)

FIFA U-20 World Cup Korea Republic 2017

Coach Beston Chambeshi has named Musonda Siame in the starting XI ahead Edward Tiger Chilufya.



Mangani Banda (1), Moses Nyondo (2), Prosper Chiluya (3), Shemmy Mayembe (13), Solomon Sakala (5) (C), Boyd Musonda (21), Musonda Siame (7), Enock Mwepu (11), Emmanuel Banda (12), Fashion Sakala (10), Patson Daka (20)

(1)Brodersen (GK), (2) Neumann, (3) Schad, (5) Gimber (C), (6) Fechner, (8) Serdar , (9) Reese, (10) Ochs, (13) Bader, (14) Touunarigha, (17) Iyoha

Kickoff: 13:00 hours Zambian time

176 Comments to FIFA U20 World Cup: Zambia 4 – 3 Germany (As it happened)

  1. KWAME NKRUMAH says:


  2. tpower sexy says:

    zamfoot update kaili

  3. Sibs says:

    Our defense needs to tight. A bit of a slip there by the Captain Sakala.
    But a better start from Zambia. Not slow like other games.

  4. Sibs says:

    23 Mins gone. Still Zambia 0 Germany 0

  5. Anonymous says:

    Where can one watch this online or on USA tv?

  6. ZamFoot says:

    Zambia 0 – 0 Germany

  7. Sibs says:

    Mwepu stumped on by the big German number 17 Iroya. The German gets a yellow card. 2 German has two players booked.

  8. ZamFoot says:

    32′ Zambia 0 – 0 Germany
    Balanced game. No team dominating

  9. ZamFoot says:

    33′ Zambia 0 – 0 Germany
    Zambia easily losing the ball in midfield even under not much pressure

  10. Sibs says:

    Zambia has a bit of an upper hand. But still 50-50. No clear cut chances for both teams.

    33 mins played

  11. ZamFoot says:

    35′ Zambia 0 – 0 Germany
    Zambia not tested the keeper yet

  12. ZamFoot says:

    37′ Zambia 0 – 0 Germany
    Free kick to Germany in a dangerous area conceded by Sakala

  13. Sibs says:

    I have to say Solomon Sakala is always giving out fouls in dangerous areas. German score from Free kick

  14. ZamFoot says:

    37 ‘ Zambia 0 – 1 Germany

    Mangani beaten as the ball comes off the crossbar

  15. KWAME NKRUMAH says:

    scores chipos 0 the germans 1

  16. Sibs says:

    Top class free kick from German number 10. Zambia 0 German 1.

    38 mins

  17. ZamFoot says:

    39′ Zambia 0 – 1 Germany
    Good effort by Patson but is over he bar

  18. ZamFoot says:

    40’′ Zambia 0 – 1 Germany
    Lng range shot off target from Boyd

  19. Sibs says:

    I have watched all of our games. Solomon Sakala has not been impressive at the back. The weakest link in Central defence

  20. ZamFoot says:

    43′ ′ Zambia 0 – 1 Germany
    Yellow to Patson for a bad foul

  21. Sibs says:

    Patson Daka gets a yellow for a foul on German #3

  22. ZamFoot says:

    45′ ′ Zambia 0 – 1 Germany
    Zambia defense opened up on Chiluyas side but saved by the offside flag

  23. Sibs says:

    We struggling in midfield. No cohesion. German are playing better now

  24. ZamFoot says:

    45′ ′ Zambia 0 – 1 Germany
    Banda shot from outside is off target

  25. Sibs says:

    We were lucky that was no offside. Half time.

  26. ZamFoot says:

    ′ Zambia 0 – 1 Germany HT

  27. KWAME NKRUMAH says:


  28. Sibs says:

    The Coach needs to change the tactics. Our strikers are being fed crumbs. No service. Patson and Fashion are dropping deep to look for the ball.

    Tatu letaya bwino at the moment. Germans are not equally good but tactically the look superior.

    Looking forward to a better second half.

  29. Rascozy says:

    Come on Zamzia. You can do it.

  30. Mario says:

    Why aren’t they able to control the ball today? Seems like most touches are bad, leading to losing the ball easily.

    Solomon Sakala was a ticking time bomb giving away all those fouls. The bomb blew up!

    Zambia needs to stop shooting long range, instead play quick passes to break the defence.

  31. Sibs says:

    Looking at half time Hi lights Mangani Banda should have done better with the free kick. Beaten at his near post.

  32. Sibs says:

    Agreed @Mario We shouting from far when the easier option is to pass the ball. Siame needs to come out. I feel the Coach needs to take a gamble and put in Luchanga in place of Siame.

  33. Sibs says:

    Sorry meant to say shooting from far.

  34. mc Chrissy says:

    their have to take time

  35. Sibs says:

    Again Solomon a bit shacky

  36. Blessed says:

    Anyone with a link to watch online?

  37. Sibs says:

    Zambia 1 German 1. Goooal!!

  38. Mario says:

    C’mon what an equaliser!!

  39. Kuku says:

    What you do is be remoaseful for the overconfidence. Thank you for the update everyone. Come on Zambia!

  40. Sibs says:

    Emmanuel Banda what a blast in 9 yard box. Keeper no chance.

  41. Sibs says:

    A good delivery from the right by defender in the box. That’s the service i was talking about.

  42. Jr says:

    How are we playing?

  43. ZamFoot says:

    54′ Zambia 1 – 1 Germany
    Yellow to Fashion

  44. Sibs says:

    Fashion Sakala yellow card. Careless foul. We should not be giving away set pieces. Cleared away by Zambia defence.

  45. Cretus Mwelwa says:

    You can do zambia

  46. ZamFoot says:

    57′ Zambia 1 – 1 Germany
    Good move on he right ends with a shot from Boyd but it’s over the bar

  47. Sibs says:

    Nice move again by Zambia and croos by Mayembe but Bilton shoots over the bar. Bilton cant shoot on target. 3 TIMES now way off target.

  48. ZamFoot says:

    59′ Zambia 1 – 1 Germany
    Fashion breaks on the right but he is well marshal ed and the ball goes out for a goal kick

  49. Sibs says:

    Bilton Musonda again shooting from far instead of passing. The Coach needs to call him to order or the CAPTAIN. Whats wrong kashi

  50. ZamFoot says:

    61′ Zambia 1 – 1 Germany
    Good play by German #9 but Nyondo is alert to slide in and concede a corner

  51. ZamFoot says:

    64′ Zambia 1 – 1 Germany
    Boyd this time gets his shot on target but it’s tame

  52. Anonymous says:

    Zambia equalises thru Banda

  53. Sibs says:

    Bilton Musonda is struggling. He is killing us.

  54. ZamFoot says:

    67′ Zambia 1 – 1 Germany
    Shot by #9 us good but just off target

  55. Sibs says:

    Goooal Zambia 2 German 1. We back in business.

  56. ZamFoot says:

    What a goal by Fashion
    2 – 1

  57. ZamFoot says:

    He picked the ball on the right and he hit it straight at goal with so much power leaving keeper no chance

  58. KBk says:

    We all hope Zambia goes far in this tourney… At this level it’s only Ghana that has won it on this continent. N feel it doesn’t speak well of our football. N so far so good. Zambia looks unstoppable. All the best Zambia. Ghana is behind u. Show them!!!!!!

  59. Sibs says:

    We need ball management now. No rushed shots please.
    71 minutes played.

  60. ZamFoot says:

    71′ Zambia 2 – 1 Germany

  61. Costern Kanchele says:

    Zambia ngenese bola!!!!

  62. Nostra says:

    These Zambian boys are bad news, and they only score in second half.

  63. ZamFoot says:

    72′ Zambia 2 – 1 Germany
    Zambia split by a through ball but Mangani saves well

  64. ZamFoot says:

    75′ Zambia 2 – 1 Germany
    Sub for Germany

  65. ZamFoot says:

    76′ Zambia 2 – 1 Germany
    A chance for Zambia to break but Edward Chilufya messes the final ball intended for Patson Daka

  66. theophany says:

    We are winning, the cup is coming to zambia what do you think guys?

  67. Sibs says:

    Zambia keeping hold of the ball. Corner to Zambia. 77 Minutes

  68. ZamFoot says:

    79′ Zambia 2 – 1 Germany
    Patson misses a cross from Fashion by inches. Close

  69. frank says:

    am not watching but have faith the cup is coming home. These boys are stars***

  70. ZamFoot says:

    81′ Zambia 2 – 1 Germany
    Sub for Germany
    Badu in for Iyoha

  71. ZamFoot says:

    82′ Zambia 2 – 1 Germany
    3 v 2 chance for Zambia goes begging. Should have buried the game

  72. ZamFoot says:

    84′ Zambia 2 – 1 Germany
    Sub for Germany
    Gino in

  73. ZamFoot says:

    84′ Zambia 2 – 1 Germany
    A chance for Zambia as Patson finds Fashion in the box but they defended well

  74. Sibs says:

    Nice defensive work from the Captain Solomon.

  75. ZamFoot says:


  76. Sibs says:

    Game over!! Zambia 3 German 1. Whats a counter attack.

  77. ZamFoot says:

    Another 3 v 2 situation is exploited well by Patson who holds his nerve to find Mwepu and he made no mistake
    Zambia 3 – 1 Germany

  78. Mario says:

    Zambia still needs to work on the counters…too many wasted opportunities. But great feeling at 3-1 🙂

  79. sade says:

    How many minutes remaining??

  80. ZamFoot says:

    89′ Zambia 3 – 2 Germany
    Germany pull one back with a back heel beating Mangani at near post

  81. Sibs says:

    German pull one back. We were sleeping at the back. Zed 3 German 2

  82. ZamFoot says:

    90′ Zambia 3 – 2 Germany
    Perfect range for Emmanuel but it’s overy the bar

  83. Sibs says:

    We miss another clear cut chance by E. Banda. Lapse in concentration by the boys.

  84. Nostra says:

    Mwepu for Arsenal FC

  85. ZamFoot says:

    3 minutes added

  86. ZamFoot says:

    Zambia 3 – 2 Germany
    A minute to play

  87. Sibs says:

    A minute of added time remain

  88. ZamFoot says:

    3 – 3
    They equalis

  89. Sibs says:

    Drama!! German score.

  90. ZamFoot says:

    Zambia 3 – 3 Germany

  91. Mario says:

    I cannot believe it…naive to try to score when there is 1 min left… 3-3

  92. ZamFoot says:

    Zambia 3 – 3 Germany

  93. Nostra says:

    What a nightmare.
    I am going for work guys.

  94. Sibs says:

    We lacking leadership guys. I’m gutted!! Leading 3-1 with 4 minutes to go. We started playing around instead of killing off the game.

    Its a lesson for the Coach and boys.

  95. Positive thinking says:

    This is where it comes down to character. How will these boys react? Go Zambia go.

  96. Positive thinking says:

    I also hope they’ve been working on penalties

  97. Amuna Onzuna says:

    Our Coach is sleeping, he should have closed the game at 3-1.
    He has flesh legs to close the midfield and in the process buy time for final whistle

  98. ZamFoot says:

    92′ Zambia 3 – 3 Germany
    Corner to Germany

  99. Sibs says:

    When its was over the 90th minute the Coach was supposed to kill time by a making a substitute.

  100. Chief says:

    Zoona this is heart breaking, the boys were seeing the headlines in tomorrow’s news papers even before the match finishes.

    Keep possession and fall to the ground at any contact to wind up time..

  101. ZamFoot says:

    96′ Zambia 3 – 3 Germany
    Boyd Musonda gets a chance but he shoots wide

  102. ZamFoot says:

    98′ Zambia 3 – 3 Germany
    Another attack for Zambia on he right breaks down

  103. Aaronzo Cool says:

    Whats Up Kaili

  104. Sibs says:

    I agree with Nostra. The Coach is too blame for this ending. Whiles he done well so far but he is the leader of our team. Don’t start celebrating with the players on the pitch.

  105. sade says:

    He should have delayed the game by making a substitute

  106. ZamFoot says:

    100′ Zambia 3 – 3 Germany
    Germany attacking

  107. ZamFoot says:

    101′ Zambia 3 – 3 Germany
    Corner to Zambia

  108. ZamFoot says:

    101′ Fashion Sakala goes down injured
    Zambia 3 – 3 Germany

  109. ZamFoot says:

    102′ Zambia 3 – 3 Germany
    Luchanga in for Fashion

  110. ZamFoot says:

    103′ Zambia 3 – 3 Germany
    Good counter attack by Germany but the final ball is widw

  111. sade says:

    Mangani does not give me confidence when it comes to penalties

  112. ZamFoot says:

    105′ Zambia 3 – 3 Germany
    Patson good header from a Chilufya cross is well saved. A good chance that

  113. ZamFoot says:

    105′ Zambia 3 – 3 Germany
    Patson again volleys well but just over the bar

  114. ZamFoot says:

    Zambia 3 – 3 Germany HT

  115. ZamFoot says:

    Zambia kick off

  116. ZamFoot says:


  117. Mario says:

    Yes 4-3!! That’s the signature Zambian play.

  118. Sibs says:

    Close the game now. No mistakes again. Please.

  119. Concerned Citizen says:

    Looking more and more like Zambia blew their chance at a quarter final. Germans are usually tough when it comes to penalties. Why type of coach fails to “park the bus” in the final minutes when the team is up 2 goals?

  120. ZamFoot says:

    A good lay off from Mwepu is finished by defender Shemmy Mayembe
    Zambia 4 – 3 Germany

  121. Sibs says:

    Nice move our boys again. Zed style of play.

  122. Concerned Citizen says:

    PARK THE BUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  123. Tc Soccerman says:


  124. ZamFoot says:

    110′ Zambia 4 – 3 Germany
    Germany attacking

  125. Mario says:

    Keep possession and let the Germans chase…do not give cheap balls away.

  126. ZamFoot says:

    111′ Zambia 4 – 3 Germany
    Sub Zambia
    Banda out B Muchindu in

  127. Sibs says:

    Defender for a midfielder now. E.Banda out Muchidu in.

  128. ZamFoot says:

    112′ Zambia 4 – 3 Germany
    MANGANI injured as he went for a high ball

  129. ZamFoot says:

    114′ Zambia 4 – 3 Germany
    Mangani up

  130. ZamFoot says:

    115′ Zambia 4 – 3 Germany
    Chance for Germany but they shoot over the bar from inside the box

  131. ZamFoot says:

    117′ Zambia 4 – 3 Germany
    Luchanga wins a free kick deep in Germany half

  132. Sibs says:

    German pushing for an equaliser. Zambia holding their own.

  133. Sibs says:

    117 minutes played. 3 mins to go.

  134. ZamFoot says:

    118′ Zambia 4 – 3 Germany

    Luchanga caught offside

  135. ZamFoot says:

    119′ Zambia 4 – 3 Germany
    Better game management by Zambia thus time

  136. Sibs says:

    2 mins. Heart pumping….

  137. ZamFoot says:

    120′ Zambia 4 – 3 Germany
    Mwepu wins a foul

  138. ZamFoot says:

    Injury time
    Yellow to Germany skipper
    Found not taken yet
    3 minutes added

  139. Sibs says:

    3 Additional minutes.

  140. ZamFoot says:

    Zambia 4 – 3 Germany
    2 minutes to play

  141. ZamFoot says:

    2nd minute
    Germany miss point blank chance

  142. ZamFoot says:

    Zambia 4 – 3 Germany FT

  143. Mario says:

    wow what a finish…well done boys. Good night.

  144. Sibs says:

    We did it the hard way. Though we were the better side. German fought like most German teams do. What a game!!

  145. Anonymous says:


  146. Logic says:

    Abaiche aba almost killed me na BP….Congrats to the team. My favorite player Shemmy came through like a boss!

  147. MuZedian says:

    Excellent. Ever had blood pressure like this but well well done boys. Now you are on the world stage. The German scouts are watching and have watched. God bless my beautiful Zambia. Well done.

  148. joshua.L says:

    thanks for the update…..Really enjoyed coz am at work….Well done zambia!!!

  149. Tc Soccerman says:

    This coach almost botched it again. Whatever game plan he is employing is killing the rhythm of this team. First he benches Edward Chilufya for an eneffective Siame and then poor coaching at the end of the regular time, but we will take the win anyways.

  150. Seen from afar says:

    Man, i switched off at 80 thinking it is over…

    Well the players maybe fatigued but maybe we surely now have a top scorer in our midst.

    Thankful for the result.

  151. soccerguru says:

    I said it before….Beston is out of his depth. ….The team is carrying him at the moment

    • Tc Soccerman says:

      I agree with you guru, I don’t know what the heck he is doing. Stick with Afcon winning team, but he keeps changing 1 or 2 players in the starting lineup and that is why we barely play well in all first halves of this tournament.

  152. Tc Soccerman says:

    I don’t like France because of Thuram’s son, he is huge and very fast. He is a nightmare for opposition, but we will see.

  153. BANDA NELSON says:


  154. Mark c says:

    Discipline is the keay when you are leading. Boyed musonda and mangani Banda lucky confidence. Learn to kill the game. By holding to position. Bravo shemmy mayembe for that spectacular goal.bola nalesa

  155. Zed Patriot says:

    Awesome stuff!Zambia has the ability to improve with every game that they play but it seems like they fear rising and growing into a world class team.Both the U20 & the main team need to sit down and decide what they really want.But all in all,congratulations to the boys.

  156. Don says:

    What a match…Thriller in Seogwipo !

  157. MAXWELL says:


  158. csm dizynut says:

    mighty chipolopolo boys, congrats, coach next time switch on

  159. omie says:

    Boys you are such a breath of fresh air to watch . keep it up and take mother Zambia to world Cup 2018.with lots of love from all the way beyond the holizon of the world in Seattle Washington USA.⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽kudos.

  160. KC- Kingdom Citizen says:

    Bravo Bravo to our young chipoplopolo boys.

  161. SMSoJC says:

    So great a Team we have in these boys. Yes misistakes must be minimised but we have one of the greatest Zambian Soccer Teams … Remember they are the African Champions (also hold the Cosafa Trophy). Let’s give them the support, the first Z Team to reach the Qtr Finals. They can and will do more. A million thanks to our able Rep. Pastor Makembo! He must be awarded! Congrats our Gallant Boys! Shalom.

  162. Mwebantu says:

    @Soccer(ingulu) muselela kwakaba!

  163. Lusanga says:

    This team seems to only play in the second half.
    I think , they should just decide to be ultra defensive in the first half, not to allow any goals in, while they warm up. Attacks can just be experimental, testing the waters while keeping a defensive shape.
    Second half they can then do the usual

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