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CHAN 2018: Ivory Coast 0 – 2 Zambia (As it happened)

Zambia are in action at Grand Stade de Marrakech against Ivory Coast in the second match of Group of the CHAN 2018 tournament.

Wedson Nyirenda has gone for the traditional 4-4-2 with Friday Samu leading the attack.

Lazarous Kambole is in the hole whole Zanaco duo Augustine Mulenga and Ernest Mbewe.

Kondwani Mtonga is the more advanced in midfield with Donashamo Malama sitting in front of the back four.

The back four marshaled by Ziyo Tembo has been maintained


1.Zadi Ble, 2. Dagou Britto, 3. Akassou Koutouan, 4. Wonlo Coulibaly, 5. Essis Fulgence Aka, 6. Hamed Diomande ©, 7.Mel Togui, 8. Brou N’goh, 11. Kouame Alphonse Yao, 14. Mohammed Sanogo, 15. Diallo Kouassi


18. Toaster Nsabata, 4. Adrian Chama, 5. Lazarous Kambole, 6. Simon Silwimba, 7. Ernest Mbewe, 15. Donashano Malama, Kondwani Mtonga, 17. Augustine Mulenga, 19. Ziyo Tembo ©, 20. Fackson Kapumbu, 23. Friday Samu

52 Comments to CHAN 2018: Ivory Coast 0 – 2 Zambia (As it happened)

  1. ZamFoot says:

    3′ CDV 0 – 0 Zambia
    First chance falls to Ivory Coast. Powerful run on the right sees Silwimba beaten and Chama is late to the ball for WIlliam to shoot but its wide

  2. John Smith says:

    Any links pls?

  3. ZamFoot says:

    5′ CDV 0 – 0 Zambia
    Penalty appeals from Ivory Coast as Kapumbu brings down his man in the box but the ref waves play on.
    Zambia straight in attack and Ernest Mbewe finds Samu in the box but he shoots over the bar

  4. ZamFoot says:

    Augustine Mulenga puts Zambia ahead

  5. ZamFoot says:

    8′ CDV 0 – 1 Zambia
    Friday Samu broke loose on the right and laid the ball for Mulenga who made no mistake from outside the box

  6. ZamFoot says:

    11′ CDV 0-1 Zambia
    Long throw from Kapumbu finds Mtonga but his header is saved by the keeper

  7. ZamFoot says:

    14′ CDV 0 – 1 Zambia
    Good interchange of passes from Zambia on the right but the final ball is just beyond Samu
    Again Samu with all the space fails to find the net. Ivory Coast easily opened up

  8. ZamFoot says:

    16′ CDV 0-1 Zambia
    Again Kambole breaks on the right but the defender reacts first ahead of Samu. Another chance goes begging

  9. ZamFoot says:

    18; CDV 0-1 Zambia
    Ivory COast attack on the left and they cut in but the curled shot is saved by Nsabata at full stretch

  10. ZamFoot says:

    20′ CDV 0-1 Zambia
    Freekick to Ivory Coast is easily dealt with by Zambia. Malama goes down injured in the process

  11. ZamFoot says:

    23′ CDV 0-1 Zambia
    Ziyo concedes a freekick on the right but they fail to take advantage

  12. ZamFoot says:

    35′ CDV 0-1 Zambia
    Corner from Augustine Mulenga finds Ziyo but he heads wide

  13. ZamFoot says:

    28′ CDV 0-1 Zambia
    Good footwork by Augustine but he is fouled with a bad challenge. He goes down injured and requires attention as he is taking off on a stretcher

  14. ZamFoot says:

    31′ CDV 0-1 Zambia
    Off the bar!!!
    Good work on the left flank sees a cross floated for Mbewe who fails to bury a free header

  15. ZamFoot says:

    35′ CDV 0-1 Zambia
    Freekick to Ivory Coast in a dangerous position just outside the box

  16. ZamFoot says:

    36′ CDV 0-1 Zambia
    Ball played to the back post but good job Nsabata as he picks the ball from the air

  17. Bsimms says:

    So far so good!

    FREE FLOWING football without one injured guy…. You know who. Thumbs up to the coach. Good attitude towards the game.

    In my opinion the best game I have seen Wedson Nyirenda’s side play.

  18. ZamFoot says:

    41; CDV 0-1 Zambia
    Yellow card Simon Silwimba

  19. ZamFoot says:

    43′ CDV 0-1 Zambia
    Mbewe beats his marker on the right but he is brought down for a free kick

  20. ZamFoot says:

    44′ CDV 0-1 Zambia
    Kapumbu sends his corner to the edge of the box and finds Malama but his shot is blocked.

    Samu is denied again from close range after a Kapumbu long throw in

  21. ZamFoot says:

    Ivory Coast 0 - 1 Zambia HT
    Zambia dominant but need to score again to give themselves some breathing space.
    Chipolopolo have created several chances and will need to take them in the second half

  22. Don says:

    Go Zambia 🇿🇲 go !


    full proof link:

  24. ZamFoot says:

    Ivory Coast 0 – 1 Zambia
    Second half underway

  25. ZamFoot says:

    48′ CDV 0-1 Zambia
    Elephants win free kick deep in Zambian half

  26. ZamFoot says:

    49′ CDV 0-1 Zambia
    Straight into the hands of Nsabata

  27. ZamFoot says:

    51′ CDV 0-1 Zambia
    Chipolopolo taking a while to settle in the second half,Elephants looking to take advantage

  28. ZamFoot says:

    55′ CDV 0-1 Zambia
    Only one attack from a Kapumbu long throw in for Zambia so far in the second half

  29. ZamFoot says:

    57′ CDV 0-1 Zambia
    Sub for Zambia
    Mike Katiba in for Friday Samu

  30. ZamFoot says:

    60′ CDV 0-1 Zambia
    Free kick to Ivory Coast in a good position on the left

  31. ZamFoot says:

    71′ CDV 0-1 Zambia
    Shot from range by William is just wide of Nsabata’s goal
    First sub for Ivory Coast

  32. ZamFoot says:

    63′ CDV 0-1 Zambia
    Play is stopped as Kambole goes down injured

  33. ZamFoot says:

    65′ CDV 0-1 Zambia
    Cross from Kapumbu but it is picked by the goalkeeper

  34. ZamFoot says:

    67′ CDV 0-1 Zambia
    Ivory Coast getting closer but they are not troubling the goalkeeper

  35. ZamFoot says:

    68′ CDV 0-1 Zambia
    Mbewe effort is cleared off the line.

  36. ZamFoot says:

    70′ CDV 0-1 Zambia
    Adrian Chama injured and requires attention

  37. ZamFoot says:

    Beautiful by Augustine Mulenga

  38. Bsimms says:

    The COMPOSURE one Ngonga can only dream of. PERFECT cordination = Brilliant goal

  39. ZamFoot says:

    72′ CDV 0-2 Zambia
    Another break on the right by Mbewe who picks Mulenga. The Zanaco star calmly dribbles his way in the box past 3 challenges to shoot past the keeper

  40. ZamFoot says:

    78′ CDV 0-2 Zambia
    Ivory Coast come close but a shot in the 6 yard box is blocked and they fail to take advantage from the resultant corner

  41. ZamFoot says:

    81′ CDV 0-2 Zambia
    Throw to Ivory Cost deep into the Zambian half. They shoot from the edge of the box but Zambian defense stand strong as the shot is blocked

  42. ZamFoot says:

    85′ CDV 0-1 Zambia
    Ivory Coast attacking but not troubling Nsabata

  43. ZamFoot says:

    87; CDV 0-2 Zambia
    Zambia ending with no recognizable striker as Kambole gives way for Chirwa

  44. ZamFoot says:

    3 minutes added

  45. km says:

    Good football to watch.free flowing. that’s a good team wada you Ave assembled

  46. Mark c says:

    Great performance by chipolopolo. Mulenga what player very skillful with good precision on the ball.

  47. MAITE365 says:

    Arsenal should just buy this Mulenga lad…better tha Sanchez. His finishing was poor but has now pwefected

  48. Nazo says:

    M’tonga is a passenger in the Zambian team.

  49. Leo says:

    I must commend the team today play better and there was some food flowing passes
    Going forward we are ever improving
    Just the right and left full backs are plangas
    More especially kapumbu
    Wada today was on point the way he psyched the boys the attitude was great keep it up boys and technical bench
    The other observation is either ivory coast mapulanga or this chipo has improved compared to the way we play against Uganda
    And I think Uganda will qualify if they sort themselves well

  50. km says:

    On this game silwimba was very solid.even kampumbu,was better than the first game.

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