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Landi slams use of long balls

City of Lusaka head coach Roberto Landi has alluded Zambia’s lack of good quality central midfielder to the use of long ball approach by many clubs. The Italian looked to be throwing a dig at Zambian coaches after his teams 4-1 humiliating loss at the hands of Sensational Zanaco.

“They need to teach football to these players . They have all the qualities like speed and skill but if you just kick the ball upfront then what? . You ask why you don’t have one top level central midfielder? ” Landi said.

-Zambian players are very good players, I have trained in Liberia , In Libya and Egypt So I know their level but they need to be taught football. Long balls only can not win you anything not in Africa and certainly not anywhere in thhe world,” he added.


The former United States goalkeeper trainer is yet to record a win since joining City of Lusaka . The team from woodlands stadium is bottom of the table with only 12 points collected from 29 games played


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22 Comments to Landi slams use of long balls

  1. Kasama Boy says:

    Well Said Mr. Landi. the next thing is, please be kind enough to tell us who should teach your players at City of Lusaka FC the type of football you are advocating?

  2. C J from RSA says:

    For real, why doesn’t he teach his players the same football he is preaching so they start winning games. Just an excuse to his failure!!!!!

  3. Logic says:

    Well have you taught your team to play as you suggest and if so how is that working for you? This blanket attacks context…if it’s working for other teams, why stop it? Hector Chilombo must be laughing somewhere right about now

  4. BuzzEd says:

    We need to learn to appreciate constructive criticism. There is no reason to start attacking the coach and calling him names. Need I remind you that this is an Italian coach making an observation on the current talent pool of players available to him. It is evident at National team level which is why Mwepu seems a promising talent because he has those qualities of holding the ball in midfield. The other one I can think of in the recent past is Andrew Sinkala. What the coach is basically saying is that we should be teaching the proper fundamentals of football to these kids starting at the U14 level so that by the time they join the likes of Lusaka City, Zesco or Zanaco, they will have those technical skills embedded in them. His observation cannot be further from the truth when you watch the national team playing. The ball just flys over the midfield to the opposition.

  5. sly says:

    I totally agree with him. What he says is the observation I have made too. Isaac Chaisa used to provide the same dimension of football. Perry Mutapa is anothe,Tom Bakala was not different from the other two. Of course we can throw it back at him (Landi) but the truth is that as a coach for a premier outfit you will be compelled to scout around for the missing link player. Most likely Zambia is not having such at the moment and one wonders how he will save City of Lusaka without that kind of a player.

  6. Concerned Citizen says:

    He’s right; all world class teams build their attack from the back to midfield and then attack. Zambian tendencies are to skip the midfield by lobbing balls to the strikers.


    It takes quality to have a winning team, the problem in Zambia is we do not receive constructive criticism well! Look at Zanaco and Zesco they play well in the local league, go a bit far in the continent but fail stamp their authority and make it to the final why? We lack technicality. please people listen! only a defeated army will reveal their weak points.
    Just look at our exports, how many quality midfielders and defenders do we export especially to Europe! That should qualify the Coach’s observations and sentiments.

  8. BOLA.watchman says:

    I know that there are quality centre midfielders in Zambia, But the style of play in the recent years is affecting how we involve them in the game. If we can change our style of play to possessive style, it would be a start to something big in our football. Defenders chip crossing the ball to strikers has become common in our national team. Roberto Landi is right

  9. Positive thinking says:


    Because I don’t want my point to be missed. Ba Justice asked why we need player rater after we lose and here is my response

    So nga twa lusa ninshi we should not get a player rater? This is a blog designed to generate discussion among us fans. We are here talking about Alex Ng’onga already. A player rater is a good way to generate discussion on Zambias performance or lack there of. Anyway the ship has sailed so it is what it is

    • Justice Lukanga Kafusha says:

      Mwaiche wandi ala chali nkalimpa losing to Nigeria a team we should have beaten awe

      • Positive thinking says:

        Na Justice. Fila chitika. We can’t just be burying our head in the sand after a loss. That is the time for real reflection and thought about what we need to do to go forward. But you are right. We should have won that game.

  10. GSK11 says:

    The coach lacks insight.

  11. Benny says:

    The coach is right that’s what we lacks in Zambian football, it’s true Mwepu is the best ball supplier from midfield to strikers if u watch football between our local league champions the ball remains in the legs of the opponents while our player lose easily this is because of lack of dribbling skills and the continued us of long balls in which defenders shot ball street to the opponents

  12. Chali says:

    The coach is very right. We have coaches who only understand chipate pate, hence leaving Sinkala and Kalaba in the national team.Well observed coach!!!

  13. Umungalato says:

    Excellent observation from landi! And i totally agree with him. Zambia is no longer producing proper ball playing mid fielders. In my opinion, that is why i feel emmanuel banda and enoch mwepu are crucial in midfield to whatever we want to achieve in future because they have the potential to revolutionize our buildup play in midfield for so many years to come.in the national team: if placed in the right hands that is. I hope EMMANUEL BANDA is given more game time in the national team because he is in my opinion one of the most technically gifted central midfielders we have produced in a while. I watched emmanuel banda play a holding role or number 6 in a 3 man midfield alongside mwepu against ecuador for the under 20s in an adidas tournament before the world cup and he was terrific. They kept the ball well on the floor with quick, accurate and incisive passing. These young boys are the best ball retention central mid fielders for zambia and that is why i personally feel E.BANDA should be given more game time in the national team in the near future because very few in zambia (maybe ENOCK) can pass the ball or shoot like the way he does. His overall technique is a cut above the rest. I my the only zambian fan who sees this in the lad?? Did you see that pass he made against giunea U20 at afcon or the one against italy – both to assist patson daka? Watch those clips and you will see the quality i am talking about. Thats the kind of quality not present in the zambian league and LANDI just hit the nail on the head with his honest and professional observation.

  14. Amandla says:

    It is true! Gone are the days we had real football at Scrivener Stadium where the Jeff Butler and Moses Simwala coached team, Nkana used to build up attacks from defense to the front go and score NOT cipantepante! The coach for the AFCON 1996 in RSA (I can’t recall his name, Wow!) was excellent as well! Zambia played “Isolo!”

  15. sly says:

    Reading through the above comments I realized having mention a wrong player, Tom Bakala .In fact it is supposed be Ian Bakala.

    • Luapula Bize says:

      Sure, I am Bakala just as Dabid Chilufya were exceptional! The Thomas Nyirenda guy who once played for power and now in mozambique is another good example of a germ of a central midfielder!

  16. Soccerguru says:

    I agree on Emmanuel Banda

  17. Egwugwu says:

    I agree we are all annoyed for the loss to Nigeria but l blame wada for leaving out kalaba especially when Emmanuel Banda and chilufya were enable to travel.

    • Luapula Bize says:

      Please, give us a break on Kalaba! Kalaba failed to stamp his authority when we played Nigeria in Ndola. He wasnt there when we won against algeria in both legs. Give us break!

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