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Lamisha Musonda signs for TP MAZEMBE

AFRICAN football giants and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) top tier side TP Mazembe have to secured the services of Charles Musondas’ son; Lamisha Musonda.

The club announced through their official website that the Belgian offensive midfielder has been with them since Nov 5 for discussions.

According to the website, Mazembe are working on strengthen their squad ahead of the 2018-19 CAF Champions league and it is believed Musonda fits the missing piece of the jigsaw.

Lamisha Musonda is the son to former Zambia international Charles “Charly Cool” Musonda.

He is the sibling to former Chelsea midfielder maestro Charly Musonda Jnr – currently playing for Club Amhem in Netherland.

In his formative days Lamisha Musonda played for Anderlecht in Belgium before joining the Chelsea youth side in England. The English side would subsequent sell him back to Belgium at Mechele and later he would move to Spain.

It will be the first time Lamisha Musonda plays on the Africa soil and proximity to his father’s roots in Mufulira

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15 Comments to Lamisha Musonda signs for TP MAZEMBE

  1. Logic says:

    Not sure what to make of this move

  2. Pundit says:

    We told you Boys to play for mother Zambia but you dumped the land that birthed your parents you failed to follow the likes of the greats Lionel Messi who could have opted for Spain,Didier Drogba,Zaha,Bolasie,the list is endless today you are back in Africa! Shame to your parents!
    Its not too late to change your mind tho we don’t need you we have massive talent the likes of Mwepu and company.

    • Chosen says:

      Pundit, please Countercheck facts on the ground historically and find gloom that lies behind Charles Musonda’s sons not playing for mother Zambia before you crucify them. This world is cruel, hey!!

    • francis says:

      You should think nd paulse before u spit out yo dirty words, its not the boys decision to play for zambia but musonda’s,even if they come here, what is nice about national team?always loosers even i can’t wish to live my professional team.nd play for amatures.

  3. Lukanga Kafusha Justice says:

    Leave the boy alone as he never decided not to play for Zambia. It was the parents who decided on his behalf. If the boy wants to play for Zambia he should be welcome

    No more no less

    This applies to the other 2. We cannot blame the boys

  4. Tikataka says:

    Are you sure with your facts about Walter Bwalya are true?? Any body in desperation can say they were born pa boarder no mans land lolest the truth is Walter is not Zambian if he is then Sven should consider him for selection soon.
    Dual Citizenship is in Zambia please

  5. Big Steve 4rm SA says:

    The Musonda boys are not to blame for anything….please direct blame properly for those who make it their business to point fingers instead of fostering unity.

    This will be a good test for the lad and it will also afford our coaches have a better look at him just in case he makes himself available.

  6. moussa mumu says:

    you have too much jealousy and feed on bring him down mind set. Its their right to play for which country they think serves their career interests best. It does not matter which country. My children were born abroad nad do not know any thing about zambia .so why should i force loyalty to zambia from them. Bull shit . Your loyalty is to where you earn your bread . period.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Most likely wants to play for the Zambian national team

  8. kampinda says:

    Lamisha eagerly awaited debut in a friendly didn’t place yesterday didn’t take place due to illness. Welcome to Africa, young man!

  9. Libanga kalumyana says:

    I think musonda snr mislead his boys they are grown up now and can decide on their own am not a fan of there dad never liked him kalu loves his homeland

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