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Korea Rep. humble U20 African Champions Zambia

The Zambia U20 national team on Monday suffered their worst defeat yet when they were beaten 4 – 1 by FIFA U20 World Cup hosts Korea Republic.

It was a tough day at the office for the young lads who were exposed at the back by quick movements but they will also have themselves to blame for missing what looked like easy chances.

Zambia totally dominated the first quarter of the game and should have been in the lead in the 17th minute when impressive Chrispin Sakulanda saw his shot come off the bar. He had earlier hit he upright in the opening 5 minutes.

Korea took the lead on 31 minutes but Zambia responded immediately when Edward Chilufya’s looped header beat the keeper from an Emmanuel Banda free kick.

Korea then netted a second after a brilliant counter attack which saw Prosper Chiluya beaten on the left and a square ball was neatly put beyond the reach of Mangani Bandanda in goal,

Korea did not look back after that and went on to score two more goals in the 68th and 77th minute to earn a morale boosting victory over the African champions.

Zambia XI v Korea Republic

Mangani Banda – Prosper Chiluya, Edward Tembo (Shemmy Mayembe), Benson Chali, Solomon Sakala, Emmanuel Banda, Chrispin Sakulanda (Joseph Phiri), Harrison Chisala (Happy Nsofwa), Edward Chilufya, Enock Mwepu, Kenneth Kalunga.

40 Comments to Korea Rep. humble U20 African Champions Zambia

  1. Pungwa says:

    Reality Check. We needed it. That is the advantage of such games, you meet the type of teams that you will find at the world Cup so better we get hammered now than in the tournament. We can undertake corrective surgery. Anyway our defence has always been the weakest link. Its good they have met some fast running an accurate passing football.

  2. Kasama Boy says:

    Always lessons to be learnt.

  3. soccerguru says:

    Ba Pungwa please…..what corrective surgery do u expect from.Beston
    …..next game…..It will be the same 4-4-2. …same players…same approach….Beston is clueless

    • Pungwa says:

      Kulya kunuma it leaks . The Nyondo Guy is hard to see in the game. You only see the number 5 fashion. He can juggle that [position. Those South Koreans Can RUN ba Soccerguru. We have to be up to the task !

  4. paradox says:

    bakandile tiyeni blame kamanga for that 4:1 loss

  5. Babedabe says:

    I guess that’s why we are playing these games, to see the loopholes so as to prepare adequately. Lets not be vindictive people we need to lose to learn from our mistakes.

    • kamwa says:

      Indeed it is a learning curve, the technical bench, note that this is the defense which allowed only 2 goals in the AFCON U20 and in the best XI we had Solomon Sakala and goal keeper. Because of a good mid field and striking force our defense was not hard tested. I think we will be ready in May for World Cup. Our team need to break the record, continental champions have not done well at world cup finals…

      • Rascozy says:

        @Kamwa—-are you new to u20 Competition? Or maybe you started watching football after 2010. For your information Ghana won both AFCON and the World cup in the year 2009. Hosted by Egypt. Please check your records and keep updated.

        Thank you

        Congrats to the young Chimps for hosting and winning.

    • Luapula bize says:

      Awe ama loop holes yafulisha…4 loop holes!! Hm! Nonetheless, its a good lesson at the right time.

  6. Daniel says:

    i hope this will not be the downfall of our young boys

  7. serenje says:

    this is a real eye open

  8. TC 'Our Beautiful Game' says:

    The whole essence of such games surely is to assess your readiness in tactical terms and we can build on that. Truth be told, I doubt Beston Chambeshi’s ability to make tactical changes & correct the game. We however remain optimistic that we will do well

  9. Tc Soccerman says:

    First, I hate this Kerean time, I have missed the games so far, but back to the game. We are still not playing at full strength so this result does not bother me one bit, but I agree with those that think this loss could not have come at best time. It will help us fix those areas like the defense that we all knew was porous. Anyways better lose now than during the world cup.

  10. Katz's says:

    Why couldn’t chambishi put defensive midfielders to help the defense, Doe’s he have to ask wada wada what to do

  11. Frank Nonde from Gabs says:

    This was the purpose of the tournament.To expose our weakness. hope Chambeshi will rope Ngosa SUNZU the young brother to Stopphire who is based in Isreal. The boy can stabilize the defense.With our commandos available upfront ,We will ravage should We meet again.

  12. Rascozy says:

    @Kamwa—-are you new to u20 Competition? Or maybe you started watching football after 2010. For your information Ghana won both AFCON and the World cup in the year 2009. Hosted by Egypt. Please check your records and keep updated.

    Thank you

    Congrats to the young Chimps for hosting and winning

    • paradox says:

      good to know you still breathing bro

    • kamwa says:

      Yes I know Ghana, but all others failed from the continent, so the need for our u20 to work extra hard as Teams who will play us will not underrate us by virtue of being AFCON Champions

  13. Tc Soccerman says:

    @Undefeated Guru, what’s your take on this? 1,2,3, Kamanga……

  14. soccerguru says:

    Rascozy. …I will beat u…..We all know Ghana won with overage players ….which of those players in the Ghana team have even made an impact at senior level….There was that Adiyah chap who conned AC Milan into buying him thinking he was 20…..the guy was actually 32. ….and 5 years after the world cup had disappeared into obscurity…..

    • kamwa says:

      At least, the levels of cheating have now started reducing compared to the time Ghana won! The worst junior Teams to appear on the continent are “The Gambia”, they were winning by age-cheating as a result they never went anywhere, even failed at senior level…

    • Rascozy says:

      Atleast one of them has gone ahead to win BBC African best. What else do you want from them?

  15. The Only Problems With Us Fans, We Always Expect Positive Results. When The Team Loses We Starting Blaming People Any How. Lets Accept The Loss As Real Fans. For Chambeshi, The Loss Has Come At The Right Time Its Up To The Tecnical Bench To Work On Those Mistakes So As To Produce Positive Results Next Time.

  16. J.S says:

    As heavy as it may be its a result. Technical bench should work on the defensive lapses.

  17. Anonymous says:

    It’s indeed a reality check at the right time. It’s the best you can ask for when preparing for a big tournament, I have all the confidence we will use it to our benefit. We would not have known our frailties without this experience, all the best U20!!!

  18. JOHN K. MWEWA says:

    We are behind Our lads and Technical bench; It is good to learn from mistakes that were made. It would not have been good to clobber our good hosts who had done very well to invite Our African Champions! Thank you South Korea for inviting us-you are great friends of The Republic of ZAMBIA.
    Our team will go to S. Korea breathing FIRE in May. . .GO ZAMBIA GO AND SHOW THE WORLD THAT WE ARE A FOOTBALLING NATION

  19. Don says:

    A good lesson Indeed. Let’s hope our technical bench will come up with a solution in regards to the ‘all of a sudden leaky defence’.

  20. serenje says:

    this march 2017 lets wait see how they will plays in the game against Honduras there after how they will perform after spending sometime in england

  21. yazzy says:

    remember even b4 afcon we lost to Barcelona by 3 goals ro1 but we recovered so sometimes its good to loose wen u ar preparing.so that u learn something from yo weaknesses.go chipolopolo go and work extra hard!

  22. This loss has come at the right time for the lads and the technical bench to work on their mistakes.big up to Edward chilufya for scoring in almost all matches. go copper bullets go.

  23. Kuku says:

    Come on Chipolopolo, Asians you hit them on the counter. Let them do the running then every attack you launch should be potent. Thats how Brazil wins the world cup in Asia. You have to give them a mental problem. Pick up and go again…

  24. Tony mash says:

    We have over used the boys am sure they had fatigue and jet leg. The boys need to loosen their muscles. We have to be very careful we should not continue giving games without rest.The main objective of playing at this tournament is to keep the african champions in shape not to win. The technical team did the right thing to give chance to all players to show case their talent. It was not about winning remember there are some lads who never kicked the ball when we host the tournament. The coach made it clear that he wanted to test some different combinations. Therefore he rested some of the regular players. The technical crew is very aware that their back line is the weak department on paper and he played all defenders. It seems the material at the back is average but on the pitch they are the best . The strength of the team is at the back. The back line played all the matches and they gave a good account of themselves none of the back four players was substuted. They only conceede two goals. The coach should maintain these defenders they understand each other. Any changes now its just as good as manuevering in a high risk of puting the team in disarray. The team has depth . And the assessment which is being done will help the technical team to pick good players to sit on the bench. The coach should exercise good sportsmanship by giving ngosa sunzu an opportunity to show us the goodness he is made of. If the coach continue snubbing this young sunzu he will feel unwantend. After this tournament the boys deserve a rest. After winning cosafa the boys are yet to rest.

    • Lukanga Kafusha Justice says:

      Agree there shouldn’t be any radical changes, but the door should still be open to any player who may emerge from the ZPL between now and the time we travel

  25. soccerguru says:

    The Coach is a chicken. ….nkuku. ….can’t think strategically

    • Kuku says:

      You think he will win all the games. Learn your limits, coach has been in the game before Levi stadium and Heroes stadium were built.

  26. Bsimms says:

    Am glad we lost! Now let’s wait for the comeback 🙂

    Let’s see what we are made of… Senegal showed us what they are made of in France.

    Whereas in Korea we are just proving that home advantage does help!

  27. Kanda Elongi says:

    If possible ,Zambia should play against some Korean clubs before they lieave ,this will give them an oppprtunity to study and get a feel of their style of play.Leave no stone un-turned.This is a team with a lot of potential to excel.

  28. Lukanga Kafusha Justice says:

    Just watched the highlights. The team did not have someone to organize the defense and defensive midfield. We had our chances but we failed to utilize these. The South Koreans were just too quick and that is there style of play. I wont be surprised if they win the world cup. However it is worthwhile to note that the Koreans used their best team with all their players available we did not (no excuse), which is good for us

    The coach should serious look at our defense and teach them how to organize themselves properly. Each defenders role needs to be defined and emphasized to the players concerned. Our wingers should drop back to assist when we under pressure. Two (2) of the goals that South Korea scored would have been prevented by the defenders. The goal that chipped over the head of our keeper should have been prevented if our keep had delayed in coming off his line, as 2 of our defenders were still around the goal scorer

    These errors that have been made should be a lesson and ought to be ratified as quickly as possible

    The coach should have known too that playing a team like South Korea at their home ground, you don’t play an open game. He should have used a defensive formation and try to catch the Koreans on counter attacks

    The other thing worth mentioning is that the South Korean team has been together from under17 to under20 with a few additions. They play the same systems from under 12, 14, 17, 20 and senior level

    There are many teams that will dance to the music of the South Koreans at the world cup, mark my words

    Chambeshi should sit down and watch the videos from these games and if need arises let him consult with the Senior Coach.

    All we need to do is to improve on our defending and learn to utilize our chances

    Looking forward to the world cup



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