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Kaunda: We were caught ball watching

Under Seventeen coach Chris Kaunda says he has noticed the deficiencies that caused Zambia to go down by a goal to nil at the hands of Guinea this evening, in a group A match of the Africa Youth Championships in Niger.

Kaunda has told @fazfootball.com in Niger that his lads did not play well in the first as they were caught ball watching at times. However Kaunda is confident between now and the next game he can rectify the shortcomings.

“After we talked to the boys at half time you saw how we played. We missed three good chances but of course that is water under the bridge. You can rest assured that we shall play better in the next game” Kaunda told journalists at the end of the match.

Kaunda added: “It is disappointing to lose the way we did especially that we could have scored at least one goal from the chances we created. It is still an open tournament. We will go and review what happened today, talk to the players and get them to play without any pressure. Against Niger in three days’ time, there will be nothing like they are the host or home team. I will still say that my boys are ready and they will be focused on that match. Our world cup target remains the same.”

And team captain Patson Daka says the match against Guinea is now history which the team should only use to better itself for the next game.

“This match has passed we can only learn our mistakes from it and better ourselves for the next assignment However, we shall not allow this loss to divert our attention from our goal of getting to the semi finals” he added.

As a team, we will now focus on the next game. We have learned a lot from today’s game. Now we have to go and correct the mistakes and I believe that we can still go to the semi-finals and the final. We will do our very best in the next game,” Daka said.

Guinea coach Hamidou Camara had this to say:

“We prepared well and our approach to this match was to score many goals. We worked a lot in front of goal in training and that is why our goal was very technical. The game was very exciting. It was tough for us and I think it was tough for Zambia as well.”

“We missed three players today because of injury and that is why we lacked cohesion but we tried to work together and keep the ball but like I said Zambia was tough and we had an exciting and technical match today.”

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  1. Judge Joe Bidden says:

    I still have trust in Kaunda to rectify their shortcomings and deliver in the two crucial remaining games, however even if I didnt watch the game we seem to be falling in the mediocrity group like the likes of Botswana, Kaunda shouldnt even praise the kids for coming out ‘hot’ in second half, if they did why didnt they at least equalize for crying out loud? Now Iam keeping my left hand unoccupied – it will be used for slapping Kalusha Bwalya whenever I meet him together with his inept FAZ, I understand the boys like the senior Chipolopolo arrived late for the tournment without proper resulting… (Let me first go for lunch, Kalu I will be coming)

    • Bolapazed says:

      A judge must have lot of wisdom. Everything is Kalu. Havent you been reading on Zamfoot as to when the boys arrived? They even had a training session a day before the game in the very stadium they played in.

      We are in the same group as Guinea, Niger and Nigeria is that a mediocre group to you? Maybe that is why the team lost because they have the same mentality as yours of underrating your opponents.

      • Judge Joe Bidden says:

        I can see you got English Comprehension issues since grade 5. What does this mean:

        “We seem to be falling in the mediocrity group like the likes of Botswana…”

        This group has nothing to do with the Tournament, Niger or Nigeria, cant you see Botswana in the statement? Go back and re-take English Iam pretty sure the Examination Council will allow you to take only one subject at grade 7, unless there are other subjects you franked too.

  2. john says:

    Kalu is a pathetic man. We are tired of him. How many times will the boys go late for tournaments? As for the team we are tired of them winning at useless tournaments like cosafa but failing to deliver at caf or fifa events when it matters. Our boys are weaklings a and failures. We are simply tired of them failing to win a caf game.

  3. john says:

    The last time zambia won a game at caf level was February 2012 when they beat Ghana. It’s now more than 3 years that we have failed to win at junior or senior level quite frankly this is pathetic. We are now failures and the laughing stock of the continent just because of poor planning and useless coaches. We are tired of this rubbish.

  4. john says:

    Zambia is now known as the whipping boy on the continent. No team in West Africa or north Africa fears zambia. They know we are not organised. We are very easy to beat and will always get knocked out in round 1.

    • Sokafan says:

      john is now known as the useless boy on the blog. No blogger will respect or take john serious as he is a chameleon.

      • Ba Reubeh says:

        Iwe Sokafan chikala just keep quiete!! John is talking sense and u are busy posting s!lly comments imbecille!! Are u Kalu’s ass licker? Or u wipe his stinking @$$ when he done $%&*#ing? U re the !d!ots that are making Zambia football go backwards becoz of yo $tup!d hero worshipping? Truth is the organisation of FAZ ubder Kalu for tournaments has been u$#l@#8!!

  5. Kay Hummer says:

    I can’t ask for too much for these young boys. For me they are already winners just by merely qualifying to this tournament which has eluded us for 50 years. They are the best under 17 team that we have ever had in 50 years. This is a learning process for them. I can only wish them the best of luck in the next game against Niger!

    • Judge Joe Bidden says:

      Hard to believe this came from you. So you settled on ’em qualifying to the tournament as an achievement in 50years? Guys lets be serious lets not be praising mediocre performance and justifying our failures.

  6. john says:

    I have come to the conclusion that most Zambians are failures. Not all of us but most. How can you keep quiet when corrupt kalu is failing to advertise the national team job. Let the recruitment process be transparent just like what Ghana did. We are tired of novices and pe teachers coming to build their cv’s here. As for our junior team they are not prepared and that is why they are performing like weaklings. They arrived late and to add insult to injury they only played 1 quality game with south Africa. Why is kalu failing to camp the team in West or north Africa. Why is he always insisting on south African preparations. This corrupt administrator is destroying the game in zambia. The 2015 afcon was disaster and now the juniors losing to guinea is embarrassing to say the least.

  7. Kay Hummer says:

    Judge Joe Bidden, you must be out of your mind if you think that team can win the tournament. We have FAILED to qualify to this tournament since Independence. We can’t ask alot from those boys. Truth be told!

    • Judge Joe Bidden says:

      Honestly I even never thought they will lose their first game, thats how I trust the team. But for you to say its fine we have never qualified for CAF U17 in 50years so they have achieved something is really saddening thats how serious we are digging in and make ourselves comfortable in mediocrity.

      • Kay Hummer says:

        I am one of the few bloggers who does not condone mediocrity. I say things as they are and call a spade a spade and not a big spoon. We have always failed to qualify for this tournament and in all honesty if we think the boys can go all the way then we will be cheating ourselves. The boys are a talented bunch and i expect them to do well in their next assignment.

        • Judge Joe Bidden says:

          “Call a spade a spade and not a big spoon”.

          Man, you have been saying this phrase ever since I started coming to this site. Though I like the way you look at issues. Yes all is not over, but an uphill battle to win the other two games.

  8. Kay Hummer says:

    John, yes people should come out from their shells and condemn the hooliganism type of leadership that corrupt Kalusha Bwalya is giving imposing on Zambian football. We are called names and insulted for being objective and saying things as they are. It’s so shocking that stubborn and arrogant Kalusha Bwalya has refused to advertise for the position of national team coach. Yes we are sick and tired of novices with little or no pedigree at all. We want tried and tested individuals who are going to taken our national team to another level!

  9. Kay Hummer says:

    Camping of the national team in South Africa should come to an end. It does not make sense for the team to be camping in South Africa every time when the AFCON is in West or North Africa.

    • Tc Soccerman says:

      Kay Hummer, Camping in South Africa will never end as that is how Kalu among other avenues, gets to steal money from Faz. He arranges with his South African crooks to overchange the team and the het gets to receive money after its said and done. So lets say they charge the team $20,000 for the say, the actual charge would be $10,000 Kalu takes $5000 and the crooks involved get the other $5000. Uyu mambala Kalu ni kruruku chabe.

  10. Discipline says:

    Just look at the coach people he looks to have already lost hopes nd yet he is the one person who needs to look confident.


    the U17 we have is as a result of the airtel rising stars which is because of the so called pathetic kalu. kalu have issues but to say he is at fault for everything is wrong. among local administrators only hanif adams has shown the ability to raise funds and run a club. city of Lusaka cant even do a simple business deal for a shopping mall but instead decide to build a filling station at a stadium. prove that you can change the running of football at local level then replace kalu instead of being an armchair critic.

  12. john says:

    Gentlemen the only thing now that I hope is that this under 17 is maintained and groomed so that they can win the under 20 competition we are hosting in 2017. In 2017 the cup must not leave lusaka. We must lift that cup. I hope the experience that patson and the boys get here will help them. Nevertheless let then continue fighting for a spot at the world cup in Chile. If they can beat Niger we have a chance.

  13. Mutongo Asante says:

    Ball watching indeed,Just pack ur bags

  14. john says:

    The news coming from the tournament is that ivory Coast has drawn 2-2 with south Africa. It seems our boys need to wake up because other teams are getting results. We have to beat Niger on Wednesday to stand any chance.

  15. tony mash says:

    negative plus positive is equal to ????

  16. Nazo says:

    So many excuses to our Zambian coaches but when plays COSAFA nothing like that. Its a pit and painful.

  17. sting young Nobles 2015 says:

    someone mentioned airtel rising stars, please spare us sometime. Its the Bartel’s initiative not Kalu, this telecom company organize football events one for talent identification and expose young talents who are sidelined by the various selfish clubs we have who cannot nature talent.Two for cooperate responsibility in the countries they have invested and its part of there marketing strategy . Please don’t mislead us and do a cover up on Corrupt self imposed Mr untouchable. Now that Vincent has summoned FAZ and its corrupt admin, lets wait and see!

  18. Tc Soccerman says:

    Fwayo Tembo has been doing great in training since his return to Romania, It won’t be long before he gets to start. Our competent FAZ administrators are busy on super sport and other things, when they should be following/encouraging the progress of our foreign players. This is one Administration that is so negligent. It is beyond belief on how pathetic Kalu and his crooks are.

  19. Big Steve 4rm SA says:

    I don’t support Kalu and his cronies Kasengele and company but I think we are a bit too harsh. No administration will be perfect and yes it is about time we had change at FAZ leadership but lets not be those people that only focus on the negative. As much as Kalu’s admin has messed up quite a bit they have also recorded some massive successes that no other admin has ever achieved in the history of FAZ. The MTN deal, The Super sport deal, Winning Afcon, extreme high profile friendlies most significantly the one against Brazil etc. Yes change is needed agreed but lets not start to belittle big achievements in the quest to achieve this change. Lets applaud and give credit were credit is due and in the same vein lets also constructively criticize where mess ups are made but lets not be narrow focused on only the negative and selectively chose to forget the achievements.

    • Albertino says:

      Friendly against Brazil wasn’t Kalus work but the work of Nike; the deal was to play the loser of the Ghana-Zambia as a preparation for African opposition in World Cup 2014, same applied for game vs Japan, Sudan played Zambia in a friendly as a preparatory match for game with South Africa. When was the last time Zambia played a game with a team from the same region as the opponents we are scheduled to face? Our friendlies are crap and all to the benefit of the other team! Kalu os an internationally certified crook!

  20. Hippo 2010 says:

    ZAMBIA today needs to beat hosts Niger to avoid a first round exit at the ongoing Africa Junior Championship and keep alive the dream of qualifying to the Chile 2015 FIFA World Cup finals.
    Both teams find themselves in a precarious situation having lost their opening games with Zambia suffering a 1-0 defeat to Guinea while Niger lost 2-0 to record champions and tournament favourites Nigeria on Sunday.
    That defeat has left Zambia in a must-win situation to have any chance of progressing in the competition. A draw will leave Zambia needing calculators to negotiate their way to the semi finals especially that the winner of the tie involving Nigeria and Guinea will secure a place in the last four.
    Thus Zambia’s credentials having won all their games in the qualifiers to make a maiden appearance at the competition will come under scrutiny when they face a Niger side to be backed by a noisy home support.

    With a tough encounter against Nigeria awaiting Zambia at the weekend, maximum points in this tie to be played at the Stade General Seyni Kountche in Niamey will be crucial in boosting the team’s confidence going into the last round of group games.
    Coach Chris Kaunda’s lads are fully aware of what is at stake ahead of this epic clash and nothing less than a win will see Zambia boost their chances of advancing to the semi-finals.
    “There is nothing we can do about the Sunday game but there is a lot we can do in the remaining two games against Niger and Nigeria. As a team, we are not scared of any opposition here,” said striker Kenny Sinkala.
    Sinkala is confident that Zambia can still get to the semi-finals because the team still has two games to play against Niger and Nigeria.
    “We remain focused on the reason why we came here which is to qualify to the World Cup first and then focus on winning the Africa Junior Championship Cup” Sinkala told fazfootball.com in Niamey.
    Kaunda, who declared his team ready for today’s game, will be hoping skipper Patson Daka, Enock Mwepu and Sinkala will be at their best to deliver a positive result.
    “My boys are ready and focused on this match and we will play our game without any pressure. We will not be intimidated by the fact that the host nation will be playing in front of their fans, the team is ready,” Kaunda said.
    Pressure will also be on the hosts to avoid an early exit from the tournament and they will be counting on home ground advantage to deliver a desirable result.
    A win for Niger will see them get their campaign back on track and coach Francisco Benito predicted a tough match.
    “The game against Zambia will be very difficult but we need to do well. We will need confidence and hard work from every player to win the match. We must try to work and play without pressure. We have to play freely and enjoy the games for us to go further,” Benito said.
    Meanwhile, the Confederation of African Football (CAF) has adjusted the kick-off times for the remaining games due to excessive heat. The early kick-off has been adjusted from 15:00 hours to 16:00 hours while the last match has been moved from 18:00 hours to 19:00 hours.
    CAF made changes after its medical team submitted a report that the heat could be a danger to players.

  21. paradox says:

    zamfoot admin still drink with chibuku. please wake up. under17 playing no update?

  22. badosqi says:

    Guinea vs Nigeria 1-0 30mins played. Guinea leading, naija goal disallowed.
    Game on

  23. Frank Nonde from Gabs says:

    Its half time Nigeria down o-1. This Guinea team should be very good.We should not crucify our young boys. We can also beat Nigeria.

  24. badosqi says:

    Halftime Guinea 1-0 Nigeria

  25. ghanaboy says:

    what kind of reasoning is this? guinea has beating naija so zambia will also beat naija..lol..wrong premises leading to wrong conclusion.dream on

  26. badosqi says:

    @Ghanaboy I am not a zambian na ooo. I be naija boy oo. Just dropping updates since no one is updating here.

    Guinea 1-1 Nigeria 85th mins

  27. badosqi says:

    Fulltime Guinea 1-1 nigeria..
    Group is still open.

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