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Kamanga: Zambia won’t appeal to FIFA

Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) president Andrew Kamanga has given the association position on whether they will file a complaint to FIFA over the 1-0 loss to Nigeria with Botswana referee Joshua Bondo controversially ruling an Augustine Mulenga goal offside.

Addressing the press at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport, Kamanga said that FAZ found itself in a difficult position as FIFA deemed a referee’s decision final unless there is evidence of external influence on the whistle man.

The FAZ president said that although Zambia was denied a ‘clear goal’ by the referee there had been no indication of external influence for the decision.

“According to article 15 of the FIFA regulation, which clearly states 15 (6) that the referees decision is final. That is where football comes from. Where there is reason to believe that the referee has probably made a mistake, I think there are enough safeguards within the system that address those kinds of concerns. So that is where we are starting from,” he said.

“I think all games have got referee assessors, I think they will equally file in their reports, the match commissioner will file in the report. But the rules are very clear, you cannot overturn a referee’s decision, the only decision that is overturned and I think this should be very clear and this is the basis on which we find ourselves constrained.”

He added: “Those of us who were in the stadium saw it within a split second that it was not an offside but the referee made a decision and like I said the referee’s decision is final. But the only consolation is that FIFA will overturn the result of a game if they have reason to believe that there was external influence.”

Kamanga said that Zambia had been down the appeal road as was the case in 2016 against Guniea Bissau who were suspected of having used a foreign player.

“We have spoken to the match commissioner, we did speak to the referee assessor I equally made frantic efforts to speak to officials in FIFA…I had the opportunity to consult widely but the conclusion was that we were denied a clear goal, but the rules being what they are, you cannot overturn the decision of the referee. The only basis is when there is suspicion that there was evidence of external interference,” he said.
“The referee may be carpeted for making a wrong decision but the decision still stands, unfortunately that is the way football is and that is where we find ourselves.”

Kamanga said that introduction of Video Assistance Referees as experimented during the FIFA u-20 World Cup was meant to cure erroneous decisions by referees.

“This is why FIFA has tried now to come up with Video Assistance Referees where they are trying to make sure that the decision can be overturned whilst the game is going on. I think we did see that at the World Cup at u-20,” he said.

He said that VAR offers immediate remedy for football injustices on the pitch.


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53 Comments to Kamanga: Zambia won’t appeal to FIFA

  1. Logic says:

    We lost fair and square…always looking for excuses!

  2. E B HIBALWA says:


  3. Gilbert says:

    A point of correction the FAZ President. An appeal is OK to fine tune the referees attitudes how they will officiate future matches. Just like the recent decision which was made to nullify the SA-Senegal match. The match will be replayed because of a biased referee. Even Ghana has gone on to appeal against the Uganda match also. So even Zambia can still appeal as well.
    A lot of match officials have have been delivering distorted results to the world even affecting the staff team officials. Therefore if FIFA gets to receive complaints, it will look into the matter.
    The Fifa mission statement is that “Fair Play” & “Fair Officiate”.

    That will send messages to the centre men of all disciplines.


    • Naijaguy says:

      Keep quiet. Do u know know that if FAZ appeal and lose they will be fined? Is FAZ financially buoyant?
      Watch the game again without sentiment and you will see it was an offside.

  4. Naijaguy says:

    The ref already blew the whistle long since, yet the Zambian player was running like a headless chIcken to score even when our goalkeeper had already kept quiet waiting to take the ball. Watch the game again if you doubt.

  5. Amandla says:

    All we need is to fire all officials who were at easy when we began the matches. We lost the qualification earlier not now because of inefficiency! We had a World Cup-tested team and young lads who have redeemed Zambian football but we continued using the guys with a laxity approach until you saw that they were sinking then you summoned the boys with a fighting spirit! Please put Ama-Ben in charge and let him get all his U20 players. That is the real Zambia A Team!

  6. vincent kabanda says:

    FAZ luck of confidence to appeal to FIFA, hence pretend that ref dicision is final

  7. djeniko says:

    What is this FAZ President saying? He is just saying things that Zambians will like to hear. He dare not say the truth which is that, that so call goal was an offside. As a president if he says it was an offside, his house will be burnt down. He is a lair. Which FIFA, CAF, Match commissioner told him anything. CAF has long since sent Nigeria a congratulatory message being the first country to qualify. Zambians should go and watch the video over and over. The players know it was an offside that was why there was no that usual running and hogging and falling and punching the air attitude from the Zambians. When Nigeria scored it was unmistakable. A new comer will immediately know that a goal has been scored. Plan how to qualify for Nations cup instead of wasting your time and energy in a blind complaint.

  8. Nigerian says:

    what is this Zambian football President blabbering about? watch the match again and you all will see that the referee had stopped the action while that Zambian player was running like an idiot to score his desperate goal. sore losers, wailers, never do well. keep talking and failing.

  9. Bsimms says:

    Ba Kamanga lol iya, just sit down! We knew there is nothing you could do about it. Your utterances make no difference. What type of evidence does FIFA expect you to produce other than a video clip of the goal? The match commissioner’s & referees’ reports must be their to either affirm your claim or justify the ref’s decision.

    What is required is to take a concrete administrative step & put in a formal complaint stating our grievances.

    Serious countries have done it in the recent past;

    √. Ghana
    √. Burkina Faso / Cape Verd = Re match between S.A & Senegal.

    A complaints procedure does not mean we seek a decision in our favor! No… All we need is a means through which we can formally air our views as an aggrieved nation which is part of FIFA.

    So you casually talked, with your peers about it & then? No Mr. President….


    Since the position is as you have concluded, kindly ensure that we win all home games (international fixtures) by you know… ensuring that any referee who visits Zambia makes controversial decisions in our favour BUT ensure that no one can prove interference. √

    The aforementioned is, according to you totally acceptable by Fifa standards… So let’s qualify to all tournament’s in future. Refs are at our mercy.

  10. Mark c says:

    Faz that is cowardness you must protest. Kamanga you can’t conclude on behalf of the Nation though you are the president of faz. Did you consult your board.

  11. GSK11 says:

    Agree with Bsimms..what’s there to lose…

  12. Lets just move on, we lost full stop.

  13. Umungalato says:

    These nigerians commenting here are pure cunts, go back to your boko haram homes you twats!!!!!

  14. Leo says:

    Most matches that involves world cup matches are very pathetic not just this game ,though I admit that it influence the qualifying
    However chipolopolo MUST learn to beat the opponents and also beat the match officials

  15. Benny says:

    Hahahah!sure we need to beat both the opponent and the referees those Nigerians commenting here should be honest and watch the match perfectly the truth is that l watched twice the Nigerian defender near our Nigerian’s goal was closer than mulenga.Nigerians must keep quiet and go back where they are being intimidated by Boko

  16. Mboyo says:

    @ Benny, stop calling names. tell yourself the simple truth forget about propagandas that is a for sure.we are afraid to meet Caf,FIFA meaning that they know what they were doing.

  17. Leo says:

    I’ll say it again let’s to beat opponents n match officials
    They can disallow one but score three
    This game even Nigeria knows they played a good team
    1.fashion sakala could have turn provider had he had brains
    2.ngo’nga awe sure he missed three chances
    By now we should be leading by 3 or 4 against match officials by the time imobi is scoring its a consolation against the host
    NB:that imobi boy looked more mature than the age mates of Zambia
    We must learn to start introducing players to the nation team as early as 15 for them to develop quickly develop unlike umuguys uyu they call ng’onga
    Infact the game against Cameroon must be the fusion of those kids who the cosafa U17 and U20
    We already know n have seen what mweene n company can do
    There no excuses for not qualifying for afcon 2019 and wining it!

  18. Lukanga Kafusha Justice says:

    The goal Zambia scored was not offside

  19. Egwugwu says:


  20. Chimpombwa says:

    Ummm SA v Senegal…was any external influence discovered??? Last I checked both the SA federation and the Ghanain ref clearly stated there was no undue influence yet a rematch has been ordered… Kamanga has shown a lack of spine on this.. MXXXM…

  21. Don says:

    Nigeria gave that Tswana ref present inna hotel room prior to match, what do you expect. Monie talko n na bullshit walko.

  22. Dammy says:

    I never knew Zambians were such sore losers. Please FAZ make a protest to FIFA about the offside goal and see if you will not be laughed out of FIFA offices. Replays over and over again shows that the offside call was right. Watch Soccer Africa on Supersports on Thursday for analysis of the match maybe then your eyes will be cleared.

    • Man Muzo says:

      I watched and they all said it was not offside apart from peterside. That goal Nigeria scored came from an infringement and the ref was still adamant. What more eveidence do you want?

  23. STUMPY says:

    kudos to kamanga. we canot circus fifa everytime we lose. we zambians whine too much. bitter as it is to swallow it was a clear offside. look at it from the point augastine recieves the ball. congrats nigeria

  24. EMMANUEL says:


  25. Strongbar says:

    ok Lets forget about Appealing; but no KAPUMBU.Please why is no one talking about ” KAPUMBU” his guy should be no where near the national team. He is the reason we have lost many games this year: Mozambique, Nigeria at home and in Uyo, even Zesco vs supersport to name but a few; his luck of positioning and awareness is nothing short of “criminal”.. Please let’s get rid of this crown from the national team, if wada is serious talking about having a team for the future, otherwise we will continue losing many more important games to come…Kapumbu must Go Go Go.” Very useless defender ” in uyo he knocked Fashion Sakala off the game, coz he was just kicking balls forward aimlessly.The National team has never benefitted or scored, from those long throw ins of his into z penalty area, so what’s the other reason this chap plays for the national team: I beg to be educated colleagues.

  26. obedience says:

    This is Joshua Bondo, the Botswana referee who handled the Nigeria-Zambia world Cup match, enjoying his paid for holiday in Nigeria some few weeks ago after being invited by Nigerian Football Federation officials.
    20 hrs · Public

  27. Akin Sambaki says:

    There isn’t any need bickering over this issue.I saw a more indebt analysis of the fictitious “goal” where a straight line was drawn across from the position of Mulenga(the Zambian busy body “goal” scorer) to the position of the Nigerian player closest to the Nigerian goal post.Lo and behold,it indicated that was an offside!It would be difficult to decipher this without this analysis.Moreover,the whistle had already been blown before the “goal” was “scored” and the Nigerian players and even the spectators heard it except perhaps the busy body Augustine Mulenga. This made the Nigerians relax their charge in defending.So,NO GOAL COULD HAVE BEEN SCORED IN THE FIRST PLACE. YOU ARE MEANT TO PLAY TO THE WHISTLE AND NOT ACCORDING TO YOUR OWN WHIMS.
    Moreover,Nigeria has been robbed severally especially at the world stage. It would be difficult for Zambia to comprehend this because,they sparingly play football at the world stage(I’m not even referring to world cup here but age-grade and female football). A good case in point was the final of the 2005 U-20 world cup against a Lionel Messi inspired Argentina where two dubious penalty kicks were awarded the Argentines when the referee saw that the Nigerian lads were making the Argentines (whites) sweat blood.The contest ended 2-1 with Obasi scoring a fine header for Nigeria, and I remember the likes of Mikel Obi,Bala Ezekiel,Taye Taiwo,Monday James,Apam Onyeakachi etc crying their hearts out and were reluctant to leave the pitch after the final whistle was blown as a result of the day light robbery.Dele Adeleye even accused the referee to his face for racism.Some other examples also suffice.
    You guys should stop crying over spilt milk and conserve your energy on how to prosecute your next COSAFA challenge. World cup is for the big boys and not for dreamers nor for those who believe world cup qualifying matches are played on the mouth.
    Monkey and Gorilla may claim oneness,but Monkey is Monkey and Gorilla is Gorilla. Hope the import of this proverb isn’t lost in you.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Naija men and your foolish wisdom and proverbs…what utter fools. ..little Iceland will freeze your monkey asses in Russia

    • Naijaguy says:

      Lol.. we are foolish right? But you will watch us at the world cup. Who then is the bigger fool? LoooooooooooooooL.
      Zambia will qualify in the year 5098😂😂😂😂

  29. Anonymous says:

    kamanga is a weak soldier

  30. Proudly Zambian says:

    To those Nigerians busy making noise on our website, nobody is saying you won’t go to the world cup, but please find the decency to admit that the ref made a blunder in your favour by disallowing a clear goal. Such things happen in football, and it’s always easier to see it from a perspective that suits your desired outcome, but on a given day that goal would stand! Watch the analysis in this video clip from your own Nigerian analysts.


  31. Dammy says:

    These Zambians are seriously deluded, if not for being on the same continent we will never meet on the football field just like Nigeria will never be found playing against the likes of Singapore or Malaysia because we are not on the same level. Nigeria does not need a referee to beat a minnow like Zambia. We have been to 5 world cups and are the only African country to have made the 2nd round 3 times. The bloody cheek of Zambians to think they will come to Uyo and win. When Zambia start playing the likes of Brazil, Argentina, Spain, France, England, Italy, Uruguay etc at full international level, you can then begin to call yourselves equal to Nigeria. The English Premier League players that you watch on television like Mukel, Iwobi, Iheanacho, Ndidi etc would not have had cause to come and play in your decrepit Chinese donated Ndola stadium if not for the fact that we belong to the same continent and have to sometimes play minnows like Zambia. As for the Boko Haram comments, Al-Shabbab is next door in Kenya and it will soon be your turn to beg Nigerian troops to come and help you.

  32. djeniko says:

    I really don’t know why Nigerian and Zambian fans are at war here. From the comments so far it seems the fun continues. I am having fun and laughing my belly to pain. Starting from when one Nigerian said the scorer of the Zambian ‘goal’ was running like a “headless chicken” to score after the whistle has been blown to the one that says Nigeria went to the referees’ hotel and gave out gift to them. I also enjoyed the one that says if not that we are in the same continent Zambia will not have gotten the privilege to rub shoulders with Nigeria just like Malaysia and Singapore has not crossed our path. Anytime Zambia qualify for world cup starting from 5098 they can call us. I don’t know why this guy was specific about 5098? One guy is seriously praying that as Boko haram are giving Nigeria hell, a terrorist group in nearby Kenya should throw backy and enter Zambia so that the score will be 1-1 draw in terrorist attack. I also enjoy the one that talked about monkey and gorilla. Someone call it stupid proverb. Main while one says Zambia have no choice but to watch Nigeria in Russia. They can’t off the TV that time. Its all fun.

  33. my supprise is that there was no reply as to whether the goal zambia scored was an offside by supperport,its clear that ss was also supporting nigeria in english premier league they show replays when ever the decission by the ref was unfairly made.to me it was a goal it was suppose to be 1 all suppersport is guilty Faz must appeal about this.

    • Naijaguy says:

      Shut up mr. Accept it,we beat you homr and away stop complaining cos you may get high blood pressure. So calm down so you can live and watch us play in Russia.

  34. mukei 71 says:

    Nigeria bought a ticket to Russia by using the ref and line man,there was no offside you can replay that and see. that was a clear goal .If i was in charge i could take it with Fifa.that stands more better than a goal disallowed for Ghana.

  35. Akin Sambaki says:

    Nigeria have moved on from their sweet double victories over Zambia to the verge of making another epoch in African football by being the only African team to have qualified for the world cup with the highest points haul.Our final qualifying match against Algeria will be played with so much gusto and panache and approached like a cup final,though mostly new soldiers from top European clubs as well would be surmoned to prosecute that battle,in order to try out new but equally good legs.Nigeria is just spoilt for talents. Winning against Algeria is innegotiable to take our points haul to 16,the HIGHEST EVER by any African team in world cup qualifying series.
    Such is the character of a team of class.

    • Don says:

      Ok, go on n play your 3 worldcup matches, we’ll be watching you.Try not to hit the showers early n catch up with Cameroon, Senegal n Ghana.

  36. Moze says:

    You can only play fair play with Zambia in Africa … west Africans… Corruption football is what they boast with to have graced the world cup …that’s why at world cup level a west African or north African can never win the world cup ….never never because FIFA will never be west African org …to strategise corruption..

    • Naijaguy says:

      West Africans are the king of football in Africa. Lmao. Keep hating while we continue to move forward. Loser 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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