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Kamanga regrets nominating Simataa for FAZ GS


As he clarifies matters of funding the club for the benefit of the game and not confusion.

Andrew Kamanga also regrets and confirms how wrong he was in Nominating Sims Simataa to the position of FAZ GS.

Read the full statement from the FAZ President below:

FAZ President clarifies his financial support to City of Lusaka Football Club

I wish to take this opportunity to dispel recent reports alleging that I have been funding confusion at City of Lusaka Football Club.
City of Lusaka Football Club falls on the list of many great clubs that have faced great financial challenges in recent years.
Like many Zambians who have been ardent followers and supporters of the Zambian game for many years, I took it upon myself to contribute to the growth of the game by providing some financial support towards the club.

My contribution to the club’s financial growth dates as far back as 1995. I felt a great responsibility as a Zambian, to offer support to a club that has produced great legends and continues to be a source of livelihood for many young people wishing to make a living through football.

It is indeed a fact that the Justin Zulu led group were courteous enough and reminded me that I needed to meet my sponsorship commitment and I agreed that I will, like in the past help the club.
It is however, saddening that the Simata Simata led group jumped on it and accused me of funding City of Lusaka. When I challenged them to produce evidence; they provided a social media posting.
I am sure even today if they have proof of any payment from a City of Lusaka FC account they should produce it. How can a social media posting be a basis of proof of payment?

At the bearest minimum, I would be happy to pay into a club designated account and be issued with a valid receipt.

I have now come to realise how wrong I was to have nominated this man for General Secretary, and how right I was to heed to the advice of the executive committee to reject him.

Last year, Mufulira Wanderers supporters invited me to their fundraising dinner and I was asked to contribute, which I did. Is that also funding confusion or in breach of any of our FAZ statutes?
Even Mr Simata has been availed advances prior to joining his new employer is that also in breach? By the same token I expect him to redeem his advances including guarantees. Will I be in breach to ask for what is legimately due to him.

To this day, I honestly have no problems assisting the club financially. I am however, not going to provide any financial contribution for this year until the perceived wrangles between the parties involved are resolved.
It is greatly disappointing that at a point when we should be channeling our energies towards the development of football in the country, we have resorted to innuendos without any basis.
Let us utilize the right channels of communication whenever we feel aggrieved.

My contribution towards the development of Zambian football started way before I was elected FAZ president and will continue even after I leave office.

It Is my sincere hope that we could all work together and share ideas on how best we can move our game forward.

Andrew Ndanga Kamanga

13 Comments to Kamanga regrets nominating Simataa for FAZ GS

  1. Mingalato says:

    This EVIDENCE thing also spilled over from PF government to Football?
    “Kamanga we hear you sleep with that woman”.
    Answer: “where is evidence?”.

  2. discipline says:

    Chi simataa wuli wa Oyo,no wonder kalu banned you for life you such a life frustrater,clown like bozo.

  3. Brian Silungwe says:

    When People Talks About U, It’s Bcoz You Have Overtaken Them And Their Aim Is To Get U Behind Them. Kamanga shinka Amatwi Bekukowesha.

  4. Zambian Buffalo says:

    Well Mr President, we have you. All the best.

  5. Tony mash says:

    Shadreck mahembe signed for a fc platinum Zimbabwean representative in caf cup.

  6. Anonymous says:

    What is Simata Si mata still doing in football circles? Salema

  7. serenje says:

    lesson learnt. Find time even to read our fun comments here

  8. Bigsteve 4rm SA says:

    Many years ago when Simataa became chairman of City of Lusaka in a short spell he fired my father and almost the entire technical team at City. He brought in what he termed “new blood” and the result of that was failure at its best. City for that season went nowhere. Just stuck mid table in division one. At that time I begun to see how erratic this mans decision making is. He has a very strong personality but unfortunately channels this gift in a wrong way. Kamanga should have known that this guy would never accept him, Kamanga, as his boss because he obviously feels he is far more deserving of Kamanga’s office than Kamanga. Simataa needs a chill pill for sure.

  9. km says:

    Simata simata is a son of destruction

  10. Lloyd says:

    Simata Thinks Backward,he Leaves In A Fools Paradice.

  11. Discipline says:

    Yes he did steer them back to the premier league remembered that city side which had the likes of mo Sadat George something musole just to mention a few

  12. Anonymous says:

    Kalusha did well to ban u from football administration for life….I just wonder as to who lifted that ban?
    This man wouldn’t be causing confusion if the ban was still in place…..
    Please Kali came back and do something

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