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Kamanga or Mwenya?

If the story that a good number of councillors have implored Konkola Mine Police President Gideon Mwenya to consider throwing his hat in the FAZ Presidential ring at the elective AGM in 2020, is anything to go by, then indeed nerves should go down the spine on the incumbent side.


After the surfacing of this story, the name Gideon Mwenya has since been mentioned often times in undertones, tauting him as the candidate of the people and the man to resuscitate our football from moribund.


This stratagem is ubiquitous and has worked for many candidates vying for positions in football governance. In fact this was the stratagem that helped Andrew Kamanga to oust his predecessor Kalusha Bwalya in 2016 – riding on the change mantra.


Buttress your campaign with a wholesale of “change” pledges and you can be guaranteed that the consensus will be swayed


It worked for the CAF President Ahmad Ahmad who successfully convinced the masses that it was time for the emancipation of African football. And in the end, Ahmad managed to bring to a halt Issa Hayatou’s long reign of the Confederation of African football (CAF).


Much as the elections in football are not open to the public like it is in geopolitics – the general consensus of all stakeholders: the fans, members of the fourth estate et al; can not be downplayed.




A lot has been said about Gideon Mwenya’s rich history, a young and vibrant football administrator at Konkola Mine Police, credited for the pool of talent he has produced ranging from Stopila Sunzu to Kabaso Chango and his clout in grassroot football. But what they are not telling you is that he lost by a whisker in a race for a place in the FAZ Executive committee in 2016.




If there is anything the outcome of the recent Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA) elections has taught us is that being a one tenure wonder is very much possible. Philip Chiyangwa was ushered in as the messiah of Zimbabwean football but could only have supreme power to the local game for a single term before his embarrassing defeat to Felton Kamambo in December last year.


Frankly speaking the current executive have had their heydays but their successes are outweighed by the failures: mainly the failure to qualify for the AFCON twice under their watch; even when CAF has expanded the most coveted showpiece in the continent.


Precisely this failure does not put  Kamanga in a cosy situation as he seek for re-election as the local football mother body head into the elective conference next year.




It would be naive to think that Kamanga leaving football house will change our football from worse to better overnight. Either under the auspices of Kamanga or Mwenya, the solution is a pragmatic system. A system that tolerates constructive criticism as it does with hero worshiping.


We must also bring our legends proximity to football house so as to benefit from their nugget of wisdom. We don’t want leaders that feel insecure with the presence of the legends.


We are talking about the inclusiveness of all legends not a curtail of the likes of Kalusha Bwalya. We know some are fronting this idea so as to have King Kalu back proximity to football house, perpetually.


The King has had his time already. He brought us the AFCON and we are forever grateful for that. But we need to also give time and chance to other gallants. We have a bucketful of legends in the “Hall of Fame”. They must be proximity to football house so that together we can help our football rise from ashes.


The events of the coming months will indeed be interesting as we inch closer to the 2020 elective AGM. The lobbying has already been snowballed in undertones. But the only person to have publicly declared his intention to contest the FAZ Presidency is Blackwell Siwale – currently serving a life ban. It is palpably that the former Nchanga Rangers honcho is ineligible to enter the race.If indeed Gideon Mwenya is interested then it’s either him or Andrew Kamanga to acquire supreme power of football house – all the way to 2024.

3 Comments to Kamanga or Mwenya?

  1. Big Steve 4rm SA says:

    This piece was written like a badly written African novel…..lol.

    Anyway, I think even though the election is next year this piece in its badly written form is also premature. There will obviously be other candidates unless the author is actually indirectly campaigning for Mwenya.

    And before someone takes my comment out of context, I have nothing against Mwenya. All I’m saying is that its way to early to begin to look at the election as a two horse race.

    With that said though, I wish African leaders in all spheres of life could accept when they have failed and leave. It seems to be an African curse to want to hold onto power at all costs even when it is clear you have failed. Kamanga should not stand re-election simply because his failures outweigh his achievements.

    I agree with the author though that we should not expect miracles if and or when a new leadership is ushered in.

  2. Luapula Fish says:

    Kamanga remains the most useless Faz president the country has ever had . His reasoning is always weird and likes making rushing decision that always cause imbalances in the running of football.
    Together with Ka Muaonda Chibulu they peddled lies against Kalusha Bwalya to win votes .There administrative style has caused a country an embracement to the world at large .
    This is the first time our country is missing out on afcon consecutively.Its also the first time to fail to qualify with a game to be played . We also failed to qualify at the time the country has a quality players .
    Kamanga is so petty to an extent that he blamed everything that went wrong at Football house on Kalu administration, they also had the guts to remove all 2012 afcon triumph pics from football house .
    Youth football is completely non existent if we fail even to reach the finals of Cosafa tournaments .
    He has also completely failed to broker any meaningful sponsorship deal( where are the corporate skills he claimed ?).
    Any candidate will definitely be better than Kamanga. If that man will stand then I will spearhead the protests .

    • Andre Mtine says:

      The maxim of life is, advance your argument without having to smear insults at your opposing camp. Apart from your tone being disrespectful and the fact that you have both failed to advance any logical argument and peddled some distortions, your premise is all wrong.
      Andrew Kamanga is not the messiah of Zambian Football, and no single person is for that matter, but he sits at the helm of zambian football helping to shape the beautiful game. I applaud him for one thing, among many, he hs atleast openned a very spirited conversation about the development of football in this country. Never have we ever seen an administration invest so much in grassroots footbal. We have a sponsor for Division One for the very first time in the history of the game in Zambia. If indications from Football House are anything to go by, we may be having a sponsor for secondary school league.
      To me that is a right step FAZ is taking. Instead of pulling the current administration down, lets find a place within the development agenda to see where we fit in. Lets find a place to help further that agenda.

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