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Kamanga: Lwandamina’s dual roles not sustained but no foreign coach for Chipolopolo

FOOTBALL Association of Zambia president Andrew Kamanga says the hiring a foreign coach is not going to happen anytime soon.

And Kamanga says coach George Lwandamina’s dual roles at Zesco United and Chipolopolo is not sustainable.

Meanwhile, Kamanga says there will be a lot of constitutional amendments to the current FAZ constitution to bring it in line with the new FIFA trends.

Speaking during a special sports programme on the United Church of Zambia (UCZ)’s United Voice Radio yesterday, Kamanga said FAZ was looking at options concerning Lwandamina’s stance with a definite position to be made “in due course”.

“So I don’t think the issue of a foreign coach is going to happen any time soon,” Kamanga said.

“We had a conversation with government around that but for now we will just leave it at that. As you know the current coach is from Zesco and they also have pressure because they are participating in the CAF Champions League, and they are doing very well.

They don’t need the divided attention of their coach. So these are some of the things that we’ll be looking at and apply our minds to it and find the best outcome for both the national team and Zesco.”

Kamanga said the association was still awaiting for funds to engage the national team coach.

Meanwhile, Kamanga said FAZ would have no choice but to make amendment to the constitution to suffice to new FIFA reforms.  “We don’t have a choice but incorporate into our constitution the new reforms by FIFA. We just have to accept them.

I think we are talking of a three-term limit of four years [each] and a couple of other reforms in terms of governance, which we obviously have to adopt. So there will be a lot of amendments,” he said.

Asked on his personal relationship with former FAZ president Kalusha Bwalya, Kamanga said Bwalya was free to contribute to the development of football in many areas.

He said Bwalya was still sitting on CAF and had a mandate to oversee Zambia as one of the countries on his areas of focus.   “I have never met him since the AGM but I’m sure we will be meeting.

He still has a critical role to play in that regard,” said Kamanga.

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16 Comments to Kamanga: Lwandamina’s dual roles not sustained but no foreign coach for Chipolopolo

  1. Seen from Afar says:

    Lwandamina must stay if we don’t have a foreign coach.

    We need a foreign coach though, sorry but it is the truth. We must have someone with pressence to drive Zambian football forward the way HR did.

  2. mwitjuan says:

    If lwandamina will hold on to the two jobs it will come to haunt zambians either at national level or zesco!!! These jobs require undivided attention if we plan to perform better than before in both club and national caf competitions
    I thnk the best thng FAZ cn do nw is giving the man a contract and letting him decide wat he wants.

  3. Luapula Fish says:

    Kamanga seem to overexcited ,this is not the best time to start talking of changing the national team coach . Let Chicken be focussed on the two remaining important fixrures ,only after can they start the process of recruiting a new coach . Again ,its not about what he feels about effecting changes to the constitution , its about the committee together with the views of the councillors . Why is he even proposing 3 terms when infact they were against kalusha’s third term bid

  4. Dynamite! says:

    We have a serious problem on our hands, I totally conquer with @Mwitjuan because Zesco are on course to progress to the group stage of the CAF champions league and Zambia still has games to be played later this this year. At some point something will have to give, either Zesco will suffer or the national team so the sooner we sort out this the better because its not so long ago that chicken George sacrificed Zesco for Zambia but for how long will he do that???

  5. Sibs says:

    For me the issue of hiring a Foreign National team Coach is of up most importance. We have W.C Qualifiers and two A.C Games. George has done his best but we getting at a level where he will be overwhelmed with bigger teams. Tactics and technics have to change. Imagine us being grouped with Algeria in W.C Qualifiers. These guys gave Tanzania a 7-0 hiding early this year.

    Yakosa manje!!

  6. gb says:

    You thought Kalu was foolish. We need a proper coach.

    • Billy says:

      What do you mean? Did Kalusha engage any foreign coach? Herve was able to be engaged at that time as we had a responsible government. Don’t blame Kamanga for not engaging a qualified coach but blame your corrupt and bankrupt government.

  7. Cooma coma says:

    Kamanga should not come with some hide & seek of some kind of administration, football and the chipolopolo boys belong to the people, we need to know why we can not hire a foreign coach. Tell us the reason for the decision, we call that transparancy, ba Kalamba!

    • Billy says:

      Eish my friend, I am not sure if you’ve been reading the news. PF government is bankrupt. They have no money to engage qualified coach. Kalusha led FAZ was willing to engage foreign coach before being voted out. Kamanga has just inherited the tricky situation. You can’t blame him.

  8. Soccer Lover@ Z says:

    What is the fate of the foreign assistant coach who is already at FAZ?

  9. Duncandinho says:

    People thought Kalu was stubborn but soon will regretting ever letting him go .

  10. Seen from Afar says:

    If there is no foreign coach Lwandamina must be kept! Maybe he can have a technical director role at Zanaco whilst someone else is choosen.

    If we can’t have a foreign coach the most important things is that team preparations are maintained and improoved. Camping in SA has been good for us, prepartion and training camps.

    Lwandamina has a golden opportunity, for those who say local, we will see if he can match Keishi, Appiah, Shehata.

  11. Amos Mumba says:

    Zambians like shooting themselves in the foot at crucial times!Lets see how the preparations pan out.We are back to the Copper-belt vs Midlands friendlies.People thought it was kalu who did not want a quality foreign coach and were busy insulting him.Lets see how those who claim connection with the corporate world are going to bring a foreign coach.

  12. Soccer Lover@ Z says:

    There is an assistant foreign coach at FAZ.Who is paying him?

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