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Kamanga fails to lure kit sponsor… as FAZ opts for ‘Our Own Brand’ to dress Chipolopolo at CHAN

In two months time, FAZ President Andrew Kamanga will clock two years in office and he will be half way through his tenure of office.

Surprisingly, the ZamFoot Crew has learnt that Kamanga has decided to go to China this time in search of ‘Kit Sponsor’.

Within 20 months, Kappa and Mafro have dressed the Zambia national soccer team despite many Chipolopolo faithful crying for renowned brands like Nike, Addidas or Puma.

‘It’s shocking with what is happening to the Chipolopolo Jersey. It seems like it’s a salaula now,” an insider in the Kamanga camp told Zambianfootball.co.zm last week.

“Remember Kamanga went to South Africa and bought Kappa shirts off the counter.

“Afterwards there was that deal with Mafro and we were told that FAZ was going to be paid $200, 000.

According to information gathered by the ZamFoot Crew, FAZ has decided to go to China this time around.

The new Chipolopolo Jersey will have an ‘X’ on the part were brand names are supposed to be in addition to a FAZ logo.

“Kamanga has failed to lure a kit sponsor and the national team will wear Chinese shirts in Morocco,” added a ZamFoot Crew source.

“What FAZ has done is to design it’s own kit and have it made in China. It’s basically the same way like all these guys who pirate the Chipolopolo Jersey do.

The home kit will be the Orange shirt and black shorts.

From the samples obtained by the ZamFoot Crew it looks good despite all the controversy surrounding.

The away kit is the Green shirts with white sleeves.
This one looks like the 2010 Jersey. It’s downgrade even compared to the Mafro.

Then there’s the white one which will be the third kit.

The Jersey is expected to shipped from Asia on January 5, 2018 and make it’s way to Morocco.

It won’t arrive in time for the friendlies the Wedson Nyirenda coached side is expected to play in North Africa.

13 Comments to Kamanga fails to lure kit sponsor… as FAZ opts for ‘Our Own Brand’ to dress Chipolopolo at CHAN

  1. With this sinking Zambian economy how do you expect better dressing for the team. Mukula tree logs are illegally traded by abapamwamba to china.
    Its not Kamanga. Its poor Zambian admin generally.

  2. Bennny says:

    Mmmmmmm is this true? If yes what difficult?

  3. Discipline says:

    Am very sure this kit won’t even make it on time in morocco drama on the way watch this space.

  4. Zambia says:

    Is this really true?

  5. Positive thinking says:

    Wow, just wow…this jersey thing is an amazingly sad story. Swaziland has a kit…Lesotho has a kit sponsor…let that sink in.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Salaula indeed

  7. Zambian Buffalo says:

    Local is laka.

  8. sl says:

    And you called Kalu a thief. A thief that delivers is better that an employee who earns without delivering.

  9. Papa says:

    Hahahahahaha! Hilarious!

  10. Sibs says:

    @Lubinda Wa Munongo. The buck stops with Kamanga. He is the FA Boss and he is supposed to get us a Kit deal not rushing to China. Kalusha Bwalya did well in this area.

    Kamanga should humble himself and go to Kalu and ask him how he managed to do well in this area. We had Nike and other kit manufacturers were ready to give us deals even before we became African Champions. Kalu has International contacts he can help i’m sure if approached.

    The signs coming out of Football house are worrying……

  11. discipline says:

    Better dress the boys in zawa kit than in x rated ones these clowns fighting to run our soccer are sooo pathetic surely just how can zambia not have a renowned kit.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Where is John and Anita

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