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Kalusha explains why he didn’t vote for Kalaba

FOOTBALL legend Kalusha Bwalya has advised Chipolopolo midfielder Rainford Kalaba not to despair after finishing third in the race for the African-footballer-of-the-year for stars based on the continent.

Kalaba finished third behind Dennis Onyango and second-placed Khama Billiat.

Kalusha, who is in Zurich, Switzerland, on FIFA duties, gave five points to Onyango, four to Billiat and three to Kalaba.

The former Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) president has advised the TP Mazembe midfielder to remain resilient and look forward to the future.

“Let it go. It’s gone. Anyone who has played football in his life knows that the most important game is the next one. I am sure Rainford [Kalaba] will have a good next season and come back and stand a chance to win. He shouldn’t despair. He should be encouraged.

“Kalaba is a good player but there are several factors considered when voting. If you look at the top two (Onyango and Billiat), you will see why Africa voted for them. There is Africa Cup and there is also champions league,” he said.

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21 Comments to Kalusha explains why he didn’t vote for Kalaba

  1. Rainford kalaba let it go just continue working hard your time will come otherwise you were the best player among the three its just that felt was not on your side

  2. Zim bullet says:

    Kalu is the greatest ever player in zambia people they still need.. The under 17 boys they were disqualified for age cheating and people blame kalu. Chipolopolo failed to qualify for afcon still people they are blaming kalu. Kalaba lost the award with a wide margin and people they also blame kalu..

  3. Billy says:

    Awee Kalusha is not a good person. This is no justification for not voting Kalaba your very own. Take 2012 for instance. Kalaba and Zambia won AFCON. Kalaba and TP Mazembe won African champions league. But the award was given to Mohamed Aboutrika of Egypt. On what grounds was this guy given instead of Kalaba? Kalusha is just as pathetic and corrupt as the rest of those guys at CAF. Kalusha is just hating for having lost the FAZ elections last year. Just get over it man. You are out of Zambian football forever. We dont need Kalusha anyway. Its time to move on.

  4. Bsimms says:

    How is Kalu to blame for the Egyptian clinching African footballer of the year 2012????? Did Kalu vote for Abutreka & not Kalaba &/ Nsunzu?

    Its unfortunate ba mupa didn’t win but Kalu’s votes wouldn’t have made a difference besides the psychological feeling of being supported by your own…..

  5. Big Steve 4rm SA says:

    If I called this reason by our so called “greatest ever” as a real truck load of total BULL CRAP…..I would then have made the understatement of the millennium.

    • Pungwa says:

      In your honest opinion, was Kalaba a better players than the other three during 2016 ? I don’t think so. Kalu did what was morally right and vote for the actual best. Lets not impose nepotism on him. Others do it I know, but we should not emulate wrong. I am not a fan of Kalu’s administrative capabilities but on soccer matters like this one, he got it right.


        Thats why you are pungwa you don’t see sense in reality even Kalu won the 1988 footballer of year without winning any major tournaments you rate the player by performance not the accolades his team amasses then most Sundown players could have been picked. Get it into your mind Kalu does not like Kalaba period

  6. SLIM says:

    Kalu’s reasons: ” Kalaba do not despair Africa did not vote for u though u r a good player”!!!!!? So, who gave Kalaba 200+ votes? is it Faz, is it DRC FA?? Listen bloggers Kalusha’s reasons sound like BULLSHIT to me. Its just aother big fart of his.

  7. Egwugwu says:

    Kalaba is a good player but not a winner in that category.look at the game with nigeria how selfish the boy was and by the way we didnt qualify for afcon. As for those who are saying aboutrika won in 2012.The man was just too good both at national team and the club, what a player! Kalaba should first mature and play a role that of leader than individual brilliance. He didn’t deserve it leave kalu alone.

  8. PIKU says:

    No vote for Kalu at Fifa.

  9. Jbs SIMUBENARD says:

    ine techi ukuvotela kalu

  10. ☆Mamoduwe says:

    This is year to year award. Whine all you want Zambians, Onyango is the best African player in 2016, purely by merit. CAF Champions League, AFCON qualification and good run in 2018 World Cup qualifiers…..

    Kalaba does not come close especially when one takes into account how he and Zambia fared in AFCON and World Cup qualifiers….FACT!!!

  11. Joe says:

    The Blog is not about Walter Bwalya or segregation against foreign Players,It is about the ‘Impact’ of foreign Players on Our Football especially National teams.

  12. Justice Lukanga Kafusha says:

    It is a waste of time discussing this issue as no one can reverse the decision/result. Kalu made his choice from his own perspective. My advice is as follows;

    1.Put a stop to the discussing of Kalu or rather dragging him into issues of Zambian football. The man played his part in improving Zambian football. No one stays in a job forever

    2.The dragging of Kalusha Bwalya into issues of Zambian football is in my view retrogressive at this stage. It is the last thing we should be discussing. Mind you the FAZ Presido is Kamanga and not Kalu. So why all this fuss

    3.Let us concentrate on discussing issues that provide solutions for the way forward for Zambian football. We true fans know very well how good Kalaba is, as such the fact that he did not win whatever this is, does not and will never take away anything from the young man. So why waste time on an issue that has no benefit to Zambian football. CAF award nayo kwati mutengo wa bunga sure awe ine nakana mwe

    At Zamfoot could you please keep us updated about player transfers within the Zambian league, so that we can follow what is happening at our local clubs. Viva Brave Rangers

    I rest my case

    Lukanga Sese Seko Nkuku Ngbendu wa Za Banga(joke)

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