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Kalaba helps Mazembe to CAF Champions League win

TP Mazembe brought back their hopes for a CAF Champions League semi final qualification when they picked maximum points away after beating Egyptian side Semouha Club 2 – 0 in Alexandria.

Chipolopolo captain set the former champions on course with a well worked goal in the 40th minute after he got on the end of an exchange of passes with Adama Traore.

Midfielder Adjei completed the rout with an 84th minute goal after another assist by Traore.

Semouha were reduced to ten men in the 88th minute.

Chipolopolo vice captain was back in the TP Mazembe started on the bench while Kabaso Chongo and Given Singulume were not named in the final 18 man team.

This was the first win for Mazembe in the group stage after drawing against Al Hilal and Moghreb Tétouan.

39 Comments to Kalaba helps Mazembe to CAF Champions League win

  1. start with Lubambo says:

    Kalaba is the man

  2. CRESPO says:

    The master

  3. He is the player of the moment to talk about.

  4. Scotch says:

    Kalaba is too bg for Mazembe.And it doesnt not just sound good for Chipolopolo captain to be playing for an African club

  5. Tc Soccerman says:

    This boy loves it in ituri forest, I don’t what they put in that forest that he won’t leave. Maybe he wants to run for Zaire president..Mxxxm

  6. john says:

    Kalaba should go to lille. Renard rates this boy he will never sit on the bench in France. Zambia will get a big chance of showcasing it’s talent on the world stage. More countries will want friendlies with us

  7. john says:

    Kalaba should look at the bigger picture and not small time thinking. The world will never know about him if he continues playing for Tp

  8. abram says:

    I agree with john, renard knows kalaba he cant put him on the bench. he wil be having more game time.

  9. naked goal says:

    Kalaba can not leave Congo dust

  10. john says:

    I don’t know what’s wrong with this boy. Renard will never put him on the bench why is he so scared of going to France? Is it women in Congo he’s after? If anything he will find better looking women in France. It’s a multicultural place he will meet all kinds of women. So why is he afraid of leaving? Lille will even give him more money.

  11. Anita says:

    The boy doesn’t like strict discipline emphasized in big professional leagues and teams! He wants to remain in Congo where he is worshiped! Its not about game time, its just strict discipline which makes him uncomfortable.

  12. Its easy to discredit Kalaba but let’s look from another angle and that is age.

  13. amaafrica says:

    sudan vs zambia world cup 2018 second round – november 2015

  14. john says:

    Breaking news- Rodgers kola has moved to Greece from gent in belgium.

  15. Paddy says:

    World Cup draws

    Sudan vs Zambia

    • paradox says:

      lies. zambia will play in second round. so Sudan has to play another team before facing Zambia

      • Paddy says:

        Somalia/Niger v Cameroon

        South Sudan/Mauritania v Tunisia

        Gambia/Namibia v Guinea

        Sao Tome e Principe/Ethiopia v Congo

        Chad/Sierra Leone v Egypt

        Comoros/Lesotho v Ghana

        Djibouti/Swaziland v Nigeria

        Eritrea/Botswana v Mali

        Seychelles/Burundi v Congo DR

        Liberia/Guinea-Bissau v Ivory Coast

        Central African Republic/Madagascar v Senegal

        Mauritius/Kenya v Cape Verde

        Tanzania/Malawi v Algeria

        Sudan v Zambia

        Libya v Rwanda

        Morocco v Equatorial Guinea

        Mozambique v Gabon

        Benin v Burkina Faso

        Togo v Uganda

        Angola v South Africa

  16. Paddy says:

    @ Paradox Sudan won’t play in the first round just like Zambia. South Sudan will play in the first round. Don’t confuse the two.

  17. naked goal says:

    Chipolopolo won’t survive in the intense heat of khatourm. AnotheR 2 nil in favour of the Sudanese.

  18. mwa says:

    it was reported on here that Zambia was one of the 13 top seed teams however it wasn’t so when the preliminary draw begun.
    Sudan vs Zambia November 9th and 17th

  19. abram says:

    i agree with naked goal, more especialy with lwandamina as a coach the sudanese side wil go through 2 the next round.

  20. abram says:

    sudan is tricky side & they hav an experience coach muhammed mazda abdallar, he knows zambia very well, we need a coach who can beat abdallar’s side no this chicken we hv at the moment.

  21. Let’s find a good coach now. Zambia will go. Through

  22. Paddy says:

    The sooner we get our house in order the better our chances. Sudan have always been tricky opponents for Zambia, but I still feel if we come up with the right blend of players and a serious coach ASAP we shall be okay. Player fitness and player selection will be very crucial. We need to find a lethal striking combination upfront. Try out players like Kola and Mayuka in friendlies to build up their confidence levels. And if we can emulate the U-23 spirit of not losing when playing away then I have no doubt that Sudan will fall.

  23. KWABENA PISO says:

    Hmm, Sudan, a very tricky side. Sorry for the draw.

  24. abram says:

    Facing Muhammed Abdallar Mazda Again? He Is A Real Tactician, Ask Herve Renard He Knows This Man Very Well, With Lwandamina As A Coach? We Are In Trouble, Coz Lwandamina Cant Even Beat Minows Guinea Bissau & Play Penalties 2 Knowckd Out Namibia.

  25. john says:

    Sudan is not a strong team what we need is a real coach to use our players. Zambia will massacre this Sudan. With Rodgers kola moving to Greece and Mayuka rumored to be on his way to Russia we have a strong strike force which should be built around those two with sate sate coming from the bench. We don’t want to see experiments with players like patson daka. We want fwayo, lubambo and chisamba to start ahead of amateurs and small boys

  26. Tony mash says:

    We are nolonger living in the past with the quality of players we have we are moving to new football dispensation. All needed players are active . Sudan its a small team .. Zambia has better quality than Sudan . Ghana should pray not to meet Uganda

  27. abram says:

    @ KWAME NKURUMAH, yes! ghana cant beat the cranes of uganda. they corrected 4 point in 2015 afcon qualifier.

    • KWAME NKRUMAH says:





  28. abram says:

    @ KWAME NKURUMAH, yes! ghana cant beat the cranes of uganda. they corrected 4 points in 2015 afcon qualifier.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Kalaba the man 2 watch whn it comes 2 african football.

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