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Interview and press statement land Sven admistrative leave

Zambia National team coach Sven Vandenbroeck has been sent on administrative leave for the reminder of his contract, The ZamFoot crew can confirm.

According to ZamFoot crew sources at Football house the Belgian got himself into trouble after his recent press release and the interview with BBC Africa.

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Football house hierarchy did not take kindly Sven’s decision to send a press statement to the media and take an interview without their knowledge.

Aggrey Chiyangi and Numba Mumamba were recently appointed as assistants to the Belgian and are expected to take charge of Chipolopolo in their dead rubber Egypt 2019 Africa Cup of Nations qualifier against Zambia on the 23rd of March.

Below is the full Press release by Sven Vandenbroeck

Dear Fans, Dear Media, Dear stakeholders, Ten days before the press release of the federation (that they will not renew my contract) I already communicated clearly to the president that it would be better to not continue and extend the contract. In fact, on 14th February ’19, i had written the president a message.

On 18th February 2019, we had a formal meeting to deal with my issues, after the president came back from his duties abroad. In this meeting we discussed to behave as adults and we all agreed to fulfill both sides contractual obligations untill the end of the contract on 31/03/2019, but not continuing beyond. I’m dissappointed with the wrong perception created by FAZ to the outside world.

I’m a young coach, full of ambition that wants to work in an environment
that allows progress. After proposing many projects and trying to set up structures, i came to the conclusion that our ambitions were not running parallel. Bit by bit, it felt like my arms and legs were cut off to do my job as i should be.

I wanna distance myself from many rumours on the net and social media.
I was certainely not in South-Africa last week, and i did not say that Zambia will never win a trophy again. I’m convinced that this country has a lot of potential. It’s just a matter of good management, organisation and maximazing that potential.

I thank the government and FAZ for the great opportunity they gave me.
There were moments that i was hard on some people to become what i thought was necessary to deliver. I apologize publicly to them.

My dear friends of the media, thanks for your patience. I understand that we sometimes have conflicting interests, but i spoke whenever i could.

It was a pleasure to work with every player i called up (playing abroad or local). The workethic and motivation was always good. I’m sure that in our last game together, we will do everything to win.

I feel myself 100% ready for my last 4 weeks in probably difficult circumstances. I don’t fear the responsibility to guide the team to the best level possible. My ambition is to leave Zambia with a positive result against Namibia on 23th March 2019.

Kind regards, National team coach Vandenbroeck Sven


6 Comments to Interview and press statement land Sven admistrative leave

  1. Daniel says:

    I believed in you. As a fan I wanted you to continue coz you are young and you needed time to have an impact. Anyway all the best. It happens in life.

  2. Game changer! says:

    Young man just keep quiet! You failed to qualify to afcon 2019, you are the reason… Your job dependent on it… That’s why you are young and inexperienced. Ati umusungu!!!!!

  3. Lukanga Kafusha Justice says:

    Ba FAZ what next??? 2 Afcon qualification failures

  4. Lukanga Kafusha Justice says:

    Next ni ba under23 if we are not careful. We already in the month of march

  5. Mark c says:

    The coach is not a faliar he needed support how do you expect results to come without good preparation. Kamanga and his administration are bunch of Faliars. He is to young I marveled at his team selection the players need to take the blame the are not serious what is next now ba faz kamanga swallow your pride and resign.

  6. Ngoti@yahoo.co.uk says:

    We Chi Nangwa we naba Kamanga bobe

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