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I will let my football do the talking- Edward Chilufya

Zambia U23 national team winger Edward Chilufya says he will let his football do the talking for him at the upcoming U23 AFCON tournament in Egypt.

The Sweden based wing-wizard says he will do the talking on the pitch. Chilufya was the first foreign-based player to join the squad in Egypt.

“I won’t say much I will show what I can do on the pitch. I can’t say much and will just let my football do the talking, ” Chilufya told the ZamFoot Crew.

Chilufya went on to urge his teammates to work extra hard as they are in a tough group and face familiar opposition in South Africa in their opening match.

“Am happy to be here, I found the team with a lot of morale. The group is tough so we need to work extra hard,” he said.

” Facing South Africa will be tricky because it’s a team we have met a lot of times so we need to work hard.”

Zambia is in Group B alongside South Africa, defending Champions, Nigeria and Ivory Coast.

The top three teams at the tournament will qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.


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3 Comments to I will let my football do the talking- Edward Chilufya

  1. Wake Up says:

    Lets not fool ourselves, we have failed to play any west African or north African team as preparations, lets look at the teams we played on route to the u23 afcon.

    Malawi- we just beat 1 nil
    Congo- we just beat 1 nil and then 3-3

    we will talk and talk until we meet teams like Nigeria ghana mali ivory coast and Egypt. lets not run our mouths because the teams that the west played to get here are a lot more competitive than we are, I said it before until we constantly play friendlies with the west and when I say west I mean good teams from the west Nigeria Ghana Ivory Coast Burkina faso etc they will always punish us when we meet, playing southern African teams just wont cut it and we wonder why we end up in the same place year in year out. You must rub shoulders with the best to be the best simply and plain.

  2. wake up says:

    To Zamfoot admin, Allow all comments to stand without awaiting moderation. Its 2019 and there is something called FREEDOM OF SPEECH, no wonder why Zambia is backwards when people cant speak their mind especially on a topic such as football, you need to allow people from all walks of life to have their input and opinions this is what forward thinking nations do, You should visit sites such as Kingfut from Egypt, South African soccer sites,Ghanaweb, Big Soccer blog ,Narriland etc, STOP TAKING COMMENTS PERSONAL IT REALLY SHOWS THE IMATURITY OF ZAMBIA AS A NATION. if you want to have add value to Zambia soccer and attract people from all walks to your website stop your childishness and allow comments to Rome freely it will create better dialogue and constructive criticism about SOCCER, this is not POLITICS where you need to hide something from the public its only SOCCER, take a chill pill relax and enjoy life. with that been said I know you will not post my comments anymore but I don’t care, By hiding truth from the people of Zambia is not going to change the state of Zambian football as results speak for themselves and people can see where Zambia stands as a footballing nation, if you fail to do this then you are failing Zambian football from advancing because you only want positive things said about the team, in life not all things are positive and the ones who win are the ones who are able to bring up the negative and work on it. Again allow comments so you can attract people to the site and make money from advertising and stop cutting your self short. DONT TAKE COMMENTS PERSONAL, if Mandela and all great leaders took things that the public said personal then they will not be able to do what they have achieved but rather run away and hide from public oppion. GROW UP, word to the wise. ONE LOVE by the way im a Zambian living in Australia, i follow our football and want to have an input whether negative or positive but its clear Zambia is still backwards, i pray for the day we will wake up and stop dreaming but rather address issues as it is when they arise. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH ME SAYING WE NEED TO SET UP AND BY DOING SO WE NEED TO PREPARE AND RUB SHOULDERS WITH THE BEST ON THE CONTINENT IN TERMS OF FRIENDLIES, EGYPT,ALGERIA,GHANA,NIGERIA,MALI,SENEGAL,IVORY COAST. If you don’t agree due to pure envy then your living in a fantasy world and will continue to fail the people by not addressing this. POINT SAID IM OUT.

  3. smams says:

    Who is back you or zambia I guess it is you. While you bring out the true people who are advanced don’t show frustrations like you have done in the text above. Being polite even in addressing a negative is what is considered forward thinking. Aren’t you ashamed now that even your unworthy comment was still published.

    By the way Zambia won the AFCON 2012 without training with or rubbing shoulders with the so called the Best we even beat them.

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