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Holders Zambia get another East African job

Reigning Champions Zambia U20 will face Burundi in the final round of the Niger 2019 CAF U20 African Cup of Nations qualifiers in July.

Burundi and Zambia dispatched off Sudan and Rwanda respectively in the previous round.

The Charles Bwale drilled side beat Rwanda 2-0 in the first leg thanks to a Francisco Mwepu double before a 1- 1 draw at Nkoloma Stadium on Saturday.

Burundi also advanced via a 3-1 aggregate after a 2-0 win over Sudan in the first leg before  drawing in Bujumbura.

Zambia will host Burundi in the first leg on July 13 before heading to East Africa for the return leg a fortnight later.

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14 Comments to Holders Zambia get another East African job


    Wapya baisa

    • Just Watching ....................... says:

      U need Chambeshi on the bench as head coach, not that chipantepante we saw!! Its never too late, i still don’t understand why Faz removed him FROM the U20, atleast we should have allowed him for a season or so, so that we prove his critics wrong!!

  2. Kasama Boy says:

    Okay here we go.
    Now we have Burundi, another winnable game in the offing.
    The coach should work on these lads approach to games. Toto me they were just too over-confident.
    If it wasn’t this over-confidence, this was a game they could have wrapped up in the first 10 minutes of the game. But due to too many missed chances Rwanda even started pushing up and could have even won that game.

    • Prince says:

      Well analysed sir…we shouldn’t have changed the coach…he did well and his experience in these tournaments would have done us well…

  3. kensplash says:

    It looks like a winnable game on paper but to be honest with you this Burundi team is very strong and most players seemingly look older than their age. This is the matter FAZ must look into and ensure that our team does not play madalas. The true ages of these players must be verified (MRI). The other issue is the type of game we played over the weekend,it was not very inspiring to say the least. The technical bench must work on our game and not the CHPANTEPANTE we saw on Saturday. Malumo could have scored more than a goal had it not been for the WHOM IT MAY CONCERN (Chipantepante) type of footbal we exibited on Saturday.BIKENI BOLA PANSHI BA COACH.

  4. The biggest problem I’m spotted in our preparations is we don’t play many friendly games, this is what costed us a place to Russia building up a team in the process.
    players should be assessed before heading into the business. good luck defending champions.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hmmmmmmmm……..ok, the Burundies look so old!!!!! U20 this team!!!???

  6. Luapula bize says:

    Hmmmmmmmmm…ok, the Burundies are old!!!! U20 this team??? Ka number 11 ka fyashi, number 8,…number 4….number 17 hm!!!!!

  7. Truth is says:

    No these guys are over 20

  8. Anonymous says:

    They should bring edward tiger chilufiya. Their is talent in this under 20 team.

  9. BigSteve 4rm SA says:

    I’m not one to make an issue about players ages but awe shuwa these guys have taken it too far…ala!!! look at them!!

    Anyway many a footballer have become a star way before their 20th birthday so lets not use that as an excuse. We should just be far more clinical and the coaches should also be attentive to constructive criticism.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Can someone please educate me.I keep wondering as to what could have happened to our under 20 team that worn the AFCON and went to Korea Last year.
    My major concern is that, the current under 20 National team is totally a new team to me.Non of those players that went to the under 20 World cup are in the current squad.What could have gone wrong really??? Is it FAZ that decided to completely overhaul the team or is it that ALL OF THEM HAVE GROWN OLD AT THE SAME TIME and are now over 20???I tend to disagree strongly!!! How can they all graduate and become over 20 at the same time? My feeling is that we needed to blend the experinced players those that are still under 20 like Edward Chilufya,Prosper Chiluya etc with the upcoming younger ones like Francesco Mwepu etc.It is shocking to see how things are rushed in Zambia.You completely overhaul a team like that??? NO it doesnt work like that.This is the same under 20 team that was booted out 0f the the Junior COSAFA that we hosted in Kitwe.We won against Rwanda yes and i dont mean to take anything away from these boys but we surely have a lot of work to do.It is an uphill battle against the determined Burundi side.I only hope we reach Niger finals and defend the cup in West Africa(a very big DOUBT THOUGH)with this current outfit.

  11. Prolific Winger says:

    mmmmh…these guys are over 20 mweh…

  12. pundit says:

    lets face it gentlemen these guys Burundi are over age!

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