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Highlights: Zambia 4 – 1 Honduras

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7 Comments to Highlights: Zambia 4 – 1 Honduras

  1. Tc Soccerman says:

    Emmanuel Banda’s left foot shots are sick, I don’t care who you are in the goal post, they are a goal keeper’s nightmare. Wicked that’s his shots are. The boys are Legit!

  2. Lusanga says:

    Egit for real. The interpassing is just on another level Barca style

  3. lukanga Justice kafusha says:

    First time since a very long time I foresee one of Zambias best under20. This under20 can only be compared na ya Kalu who won u20in Zimbabwe at their time

    Under20 is on fire believe me you, wish I was under20 mwe, to join the winning team

  4. lukanga Justice kafusha says:

    we are the winning team

  5. lukanga Justice kafusha says:

    bati abaiche bali kalipa

  6. Paradox says:

    this under 20 team is the future 1993 team. It will accomplish what the 1993 did not finish, as their endeavours was cut short by death.
    KANDILE continue spitting at kamanga while he builds a future team that will conquer Africa.

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