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Highlights: Watch Patson Daka’s goal against Algeria

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3 Comments to Highlights: Watch Patson Daka’s goal against Algeria

  1. Mufana says:

    Peter Nyirongo
    Peter Nyirongo Congrats FAZ and the Boys, I was one of those who thought that the under 20 should remain in the under 20 team and now was proven wrong. Therefore I would like to urge FAZ and the technical bench in particular that the Nigeria game preparations should start now! you or the technical bench need to access all the prayers from the under 20 and senior team (even the dropped ones)and pick those who can withstand the pressure that will be there in Nigeria. This will be our final throw of the dice. we need to prepare now. It will be a do or die encounter and I am sure Nigeria will throw everything at us and we should also do the same.

  2. Joxxy says:

    If u lyk train 4rm now till thy kingdom come with ur under 20. The highest u can get in to manage a 1-0 defeat. Shikenah

  3. jayson Chisenga says:

    Mufana you are very right with your comment you passed on the nation team.had the techinical bench used that team which give us the 6 points,the so called Eagies woudnt have got those free points here and we were going to wire the Lions in there territory not that draw.so Wanda you are in the right direction and Bestone Chambeshi please help your mate,you going to make a name of the Centuiary.

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