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Highlights: South Africa 3-2 Zambia

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Zambia Under-23 were yesterday eliminated from the Senegal 2015 Under-23 African Cup of Nations after losing his second successive match.

Conlyde Luchanga gave Zambia the lead in the 35th minute but after break Zambia crumbled and were dismantled by the fast South African players.

The Zambian defenders couldn’t handle the quick interchange of passes as Masuku and Orlando Pirates’ Gift Matupo [brace] scored.

Paul Katema got Zambia’s second as the team chased for an equalizer.

2015 has seen all the Zambia teams eliminated from continental tournaments in the first round.

Below are the highlights from the game.

7 Comments to Highlights: South Africa 3-2 Zambia

  1. Prince says:

    Is this the best we can do really??? There is much soul seaching to do in Zambia…we fail to qualify for major tournaments and if we do, our performances lack conviction…where is our grassroots football? How solid is our developmental stuctures?? The rotting process in fish begins from the head…like everything else in Zambia, the head is rotten and in football the buck stops at with FAZ the rotten head!

  2. Billy says:

    This Toaster Nsabata guy. What kind of a goalkeeper is he who can’t even make any attempt to dive surely? I am not sure about Paul Katema, his body language leaves much to be desired. Umwaiche abutaikafye kwati kapele.

  3. titus kalunga says:

    This guys are talented,but why is that we all aways felled to qualifier? Since 1998 we won 4:0 against italy and the great kale was in that game,and why can’t kale look after this and is our faz president…

  4. Seen from afar says:

    There is a whole list of administrative organisational issues, not having the best pre- tournament preparation, not having player availability or simply not choosing them.

    FAZ cannot give these as excuses because they were in control.

    For me the big thing is technical training that is lacking, that is how you stop goals from raining and hold your lead. I doubt we have it.

    Kalu once said that too much technic will spoil a player, he wants to see natural skill. Something to this effect. But we must place greater importance on it for our natural skill/ability will amount to nothing. Not in modern football Kalu. Either something is done greater than this or get out the way.

  5. Nash says:

    A very bad year for our football at all levels. What is the way forward I wonder?

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