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Highlands Park confirm Mbesuma exit

Chipolopolo striker Collins Mbesuma has left relegated Highlands Park, the club has confirmed.

Kickoff reports that the Zambian hit-man parted company with the club  by mutual consent.

“With Collins Mbesuma, we agreed to terminate his contract,” Highlands Park director Brad Kaftel tells KickOff.com.

“There was a mutual agreement and the mutual agreement is that we have parted ways.

“Collins is a legend and he’s a fantastic goal scorer. I can only say that he’s a good guy, great player, a gentleman, and I’ve only got good things to say about Collins. I think also his age has caught up with him and he’s not a youngster anymore.

“I think the NFD requires a lot of speed and I don’t think the NFD is for Collins. Collins can do the job for a top team and is a goal poacher. But we are looking for hard running players now and we don’t have that luxury.”

Regarding Moriri, Kaftel adds: “He has retired and I have had discussions with Larry Brookstone [club director] that he has retired.

“But as far I’m concerned he has retired. We haven’t negotiated with him and my understanding with Surprise is he came to help us for a couple of months and he has retired.

“Having said that, there’s no doubt that he’s a legend and don’t get me wrong, he’s one of South Africa’s best ever players. A special player and special man. He’s really a good guy but from a playing career he has retired.

“But Larry Brookstone handles that and he’s the technical director but he said to me that Surprise has retired.”

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  1. Tc Soccerman says:

    Old age folks, We as Zambians needs to look forward to Morientes Mbesuma and Lineker Mbesuma as Colins is doing a great deal of raising those kids to be the next big super stars for Zambia if not the whole Africa. Thank you Mbesuma for all you did raising Zambia’s flag, yes there were obstacles at some point but you grew up and became a better player. Zambians will forever be thankful for everything you did to make us smile. Wishing all the best in the next chapter whatever that maybe.

  2. Ngake says:

    Well said @ TC. I wish all Zambians can be as thankful as you in celebrating our great players when their careers come to an end. Collins is a legend of Zambian football and should be honored by Zambian fans and the Zambian football fraternity. He has never rejected a call up. He always looked proud wearing the chipolopolo jersey. In all the games i watched him play i only saw him complain once which was when he was brought in as a substitute and the later substituted after 15 minutes by Herve in one game in Afcon 2012 which was understandable. Great player and even greater man.

    • Tc Soccerman says:

      That’s true my friend, very humble, God fearing player and was always proud to wear our national colors without any conditions.

  3. Sibs says:

    Well said @TC Soccerman & @Ngake. Collins “Ntofonto” ‘The Hitman’ Mbesuma. I agree with his Former Director Brad he is gentleman. What a great finisher,Poacher,a guy who would score with feet and head. Had some pace for a big man.

    Zambia may take long to produce a striker of his calibre. Saved the nation well. Set the RSA Soccer scene on fire in the 2004/2005 League season. 25 League goals after playing in 28 of the total 30 games in a season. 100 PSL goals. The National team for me needs to bring Collins once a while to teach our current players how to finish in the box. Let him retire from National Team as well.


  4. kensplash says:

    Collins will always remain as one the best footballers that Zambia has ever produced. Mr Mbesuma is a rare talent that is very difficult to replace.The man against all odds overcame his huge framed body and scored goals with easy for both country and his clubs.He was hugely successful at Kaizer Chiefs where he netted 40 goals in a single season, an all time record which i doubt will be broken any time soon.I also remember when he single handedly spoiled the party for Congo Brazaville in front of their home fans.These are the type of players we must honor as soccer fans.We must also consider another Zambian son by name of Christopher Katongo.He is the best captain Zambia has had in recent years.In 2012 he carried the team on his shoulders until we lifted the cup.He had all the qualities and abilities we could look for in a captain.His work rate was immense.I recall when he destroyed South Africa in front of their home fans by scoring a hat trick.I could write a book just to appreciate what these two players did for mother Zambia.We wish both these players the best in their future endevours.

  5. Lusanga says:

    I think nfd would have been good for Collins to get his racing shoes back on.
    He would have become lethal again.

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