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Hayatou reconciles Kamanga and Kalusha

CAF President Issa President took advantage of his stay in Zambia for the ongoing Total U-20 Africa Cup of Nations to dispel the notion of tension between president of the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ), Andrew Kamanga and his predecessor, Kalusha Bwalya.

“We met them on Thursday, and we succeeded in making them understand that the football of their country (Zambia), and beyond that of Africa, needs that they work together,” the CAF President said at a press briefing on Saturday, 4 March 2017, to assess the organization of the tournament.

“When we met them, they were able to explain and they understood that there were only misunderstandings,” said Hayatou, adding that the two personalities have agreed to dissipate all the clouds between them and embraced each other.

“It is a very good gesture and it is a good omen for the football of their country that these two people can shake hands” Hayatou added.

At the same meeting, Bwalya, a member of the CAF Executive Committee and African Footballer of the Year in 1988, was asked to acknowledge that his successor was elected in accordance with the established rules and regulations.

“The new president (Kamanga) has been elected by the Zambian football family, so Kalusha should be able to confer with him on all aspects of football management in the country,” said Hayatou.

“I also told the new president that everyone has an interest but Zambian football must be first, and that he takes into account the opinion of Kalusha, who is no stranger in football.

“Before assuming presidency of the FAZ, he wore for several times the jersey of his country. He was also Technical Director and national team coach before his election to the head of the governing body of Zambian football.

“CAF is very pleased to have managed to dispel the clouds between these two personalities and it would be very beneficial for football in general,” Hayatou concluded.


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  1. serenje says:

    positive development but mr kalu should be strongly talked to, his actions has portrayed him of been some how childish and egocentric. We love him and he stil has alot to offer and the best he can do is to work with whoever occupiea the faz presidency and he should be aware that the young boys of today and tomorrow can achieve more than he did just as he did better than the likes of fred mwila. Chitalu and others, so should be a stambling block to anyone but role model. Stars do come and go but we never forget what they will during their time. As for mr kamanga continue been humble and work with any one including ba kalu

  2. Truth is says:

    Was this too difficult for Chagwa to do? Smh. Edgar is the one that should have done this. Did it have to be a foreigner to reconcile the two gentlemen honestly?

    • Nostra says:

      I think its OK this way, if Ba Lungu interfered it could have been “government interference” discussion again. Maybe now would be best opportunity for Lungu to sit next to both guys at next semifinal match.

  3. GRAND says:

    @ serenje,
    Why should you blem kalu in this afon incident ?
    Before afcon kamanga wrote to caf not to allow kalu to attend this afcon, and yet kalu is a caf executive member who attends all afcon s even beyond zambia.
    After the afcon commenced, again kamanga writes to caf to complain about kalu s presence
    What kind of madness is in this kamanga ? In all these kalu has not complained to any one.
    Some one should explain to me why you should blem kalu its only a fool who can blame kalu,

  4. these two guys cannot work together because they are always denouncing each, kalu said government should stop funding faz …. and kamanga also saying blah, its just the presence of issa which has made these guys to smile at each others faces once the tournament ends no relationship.
    I support what Truth has said our president is responsible for uniting people.

  5. Jamaica 2000 says:

    Zamfoot you don’t know how to report. First of all, you were suppose to tell us about the previous situation like other media sources did. They posted Kamanga’s letter and this development from Issa Hayatou followed. By so doing, people will follow nicely how things are unfolding. You are reporting like ZNBC on political issues.
    To add my comment to this issue, i must state that Kalu should move on and respect Kamanga as incumbent and legitimate president of FAZ. He had his time. There is time for everything. FAZ is not a personal to holder position, it belongs to any competent Zambian to run it.
    At this moment also, i wish to congratulate our U-20 national team for representing the nation of Zambia well. Keep it up boys and sell the flag of Zambia beyond our borders.

  6. This is what I have been always talking about on this blorg that kamanga and kalu should reconcile for the betterment of our football but kamanga supporters have called me names on this blorg.the development of zambian football is not about kamanga or kalu but it is about every zambian to contribute so where are those fools like ka Richpopo ka slim what’s your opinion

  7. RICHPOPO says:

    GURU kamanga has no problm,its kalu who failed to accept that he was beaten like egypt nd he shud stay away from u20

  8. RICHPOPO says:

    kalu’s reconciliation is all abot becoming an agent 4 the u20’s kamanga becareful of him nd his kandilez like guru

  9. GRAND says:

    @ S L I M ,
    You don’t see anything wrong for kamanga to write to Caf that kalu should not attend the afcon even before the tournament started.
    Even after the tournament started he again writes to complain about Kalu s presence,
    Can you please tell me whats wrong for Kalu to attend the afcon. This is total madness from kamanga to be scared of his own shadows.
    By the way The Great Kalu has moved on,
    S L I M teach your kamanga to reason and not to be scared about kalus presence at the stadium

  10. GRAND says:

    @ R I C H P O P O,,
    What wrong has kalu done for you to say that he has not accepted that he is not faz chief ?
    If Kalu attendd the afcon in Gabon has caf executive committee member whats wrong for him to attend the afcon in Zambia ?
    Ba R I C H P O P O , do you even watch football ? If you did you were going to know that most of our under 20 team squared are kalu s boys

  11. ZamFoot says:

    ‘The undefeated guru’ and others using unpalatable language. Be warned that we we won’t tolerate this any further.

  12. Babadabe says:

    All said and done idea hayatu has done a noble job in sitting these two gentlemen together. However,am still disappointed with the letter that Kananga wrote.first of all poor timing,secondly the legal framework supports his stay at faz I don’t see why he should be threatened by Kalu to an extentof washing dirty linen in public that was childishness and unzambian pasty Kalu is Zambian and a brainchild of the afcon currently taking place.it was during his time that we won the rights to host this tournament it’s only right that he be here to support this arrangement.No Zambianout there has the rights to deny the other the rear opportunity of being present for such an event . Let’s learn to work together as Zambians only then shall we prosper in what we do.

    Wishing the young chipolopolo all the best in the upcoming assignments!!!

  13. serenje says:

    Grand. Even you are are relative or friend to kalu. Go down the short history and find who started the problem. Is it not kalu by failing to accept defeat? President wa faz uwamuyaya twalikana. Any crediable zambian should be given chance including yourself. Football in zambia is not owned by one person. Think our side the box

    • Babadabe says:

      Serenje kindly relate to us at what point did Kalu reject the results.from the information I have he simply went back to his base in South Africa and the only other time I heard of him he was on the campaign trail to the of, unrelated to football.so why are you creating false accusations!!!!

      • TC Soccerman says:

        I am going to assume that they are other things happening behind the scenes with kazala, Kalu’s right hand man that is why Kamanga did what he did. Look, I personally don’t hate Kalu, I hate his ego and arrogance and the he ran Fan with all that “kaili yali ni nkongole fye” saga and just many more like awarding marketing contracts to his wife. Anyone not smelling a rotten rat in all that simply is in denial that King Kalu was cooking up something there. It’s not only Kalu, it’s his crew too, kazala, Simwanza etc. Remember what happened with Munaile? How comes Kalu can’t get along with others that want to lead by the books? Anyways, Kamanga should watch this wolf in a sheep’s skin as might look good yet want to get back at him to settle the scores. I wish Kalu the best, but let Kamanga do his job.

        • Kuku says:

          you are certainly a perfectionist. Obviously you are not a former drug dealer otherwise you would be quiet. Give us a line about how suitable you are? We will ask wiki liks to run a rule?

          • Tc Soccerman says:

            Kuku, please put the bong down and step away from the computer/cell phone, you are proving to be suffering from a narcissistic personality disorder and functions emotionally at the level of a 5 year old (when you give them Candy, they forget everything, but the Candy is all that matters and they view you as a God) . When did I say I was a perfectionist? At least I don’t screw up other people for my living as Kalu and his crooks were doing at FAZ.

  14. GRAND says:

    @ serenje,
    Tell me what problem kalu did during the afcon for him not to attend .
    What history are you talking about ? Is it when kamanga formed a parallel faz ?
    Its very true any zambian should be given a chance and thats what kalu has done to kamanga.
    The problem you are not telling us what kalu did for him not to attend the afcon ?

  15. TC Soccerman says:

    It didn’t have to take dictator, greedy Issa, that is clinging to power to have a talk to Kalu, besides Issa himself is doing what Kalu wanted, that is to be Wamuyaya. Kalu should have respected the will of the Zambian people. People were tired at everything revolving around Kalu, his wife, kazala and Simwanza etc while the development of the game suffered, the players subjected to substandard preparations before crucial games or tournaments or just peanut payments while Kalu was pocketing huge sums of money to furnish his extravagant life in South Africa and kazala was busy diverging whatever was left to his businesses. They were all a bunch of crook. I for, I am glad Kalu is gone, now Kazala need to be out too. And Kamanga need to know that we are not his cadres, we want him to deliver and will hold him accountable if he doesn’t or starts to nyunya us.

    • Pungwa says:

      Sub standard preparations indeed. some of them still hurt ! Away to sudan, you arrive a day before the match and Sudan is at 40 degrees temp ! Ghana England friendly debacle and you say no one is to blame so no need for an apology, Ghana world cup qualifier and you arrive only a day before. You blame the ghanian fa for being denied access to the stadium ( because you went there late !! ). Meanwhile Eric Mwanza was busy trying to propagate some irritating spin doctoring game in blaming the Ghanaians – aah that was annoying, but someone continues with arrogance ati ” I don’t answer to nobody but the councillors”. I think it was good riddance as the people he anwered to showed him the door, but look like we still want to come back through the back door ! iyoo bane.

      • Tc Soccerman says:

        Yes Pungwa, how people forget that quickly. Or just choose to forget that only when it suits their agenda.

    • Kuku says:

      The game did develop under Kalu and even this qualification to the U-20 World Cup is bit part of Kalu’s fruits. Kamanga’s tenure will also bear fruits if he saws in the right areas. I don’t want to judge kamanga but he has to get credit for taking the boys to Spain. But don’t forget these same boys are COSAFA champions with minimal preparations. But we won AFCON when the preparations where done from SA. Anyway, Kalu organized big preparatory matches prior to that AFCON triumph in the name of Brazil, Chile etc two of the big names in world football, if you have such a short memory. Kamanga has matched that by going to Spain.

      I hate to say you have the same mindset as an armed robber. Only this time you are armed with a foul mouth. You don’t care about destroying Kalu’s reputation, I can go on and on but the least i can say about you is that you are an imposter to football like the rest of them so called administrators.
      The athletes who are born with the talent are at your messy, you use them like chewing gum, when it loses the sweetness you spit it out. Kalu has been clever to have tried something else and do it well. Now you want to assassinate his character because of your selfish interest.

  16. GRAND says:

    @ T C S O C C E R M A N,
    so you are telling us that your kamanga wrote to caf out of assumptions,
    In any case what happened before the tournament kicked off ?

  17. GRAND says:

    @ T C S O C C E R M A N,
    Can you pliz educate us why kamanga wrote these two latters to caf.
    Every zambian who wants to watch the afcon has the right to do so. Where is your kamanga getting the powers to prevent kalu from watching the afcon ?
    Besides being a Zambian, kalu is among Caf executive members that alone can grant him permission to watch any game across the African content.

    • Tc Soccerman says:

      “kalu is among Caf executive members that alone can grant him permission to watch any game across the African content” So what? But that does not give him any right to undermine Kamanga’s leadership at FAZ by trying to cause indiscipline portrayed by Kazala, Simwanza and the likes after being ordered by Kalu. Hayatou even talked to Kalu about it but you ignorants are here spilling nonsense.

  18. I would like to see the two parties fighting reflects on all their acts, see if it is really helping football development in our country.

    The two personalities CAF chief mentioned , Faz president and our past president need to embrace each other,speak of unit and work together to improve our sport.

    Also the people on the grass root level that are fueling fights and making kalu and Kamanga relationship worsen must stop this as this is not helping footbal in Zambia.

    The two personalities have a special responsibility to assist develop the sport in our country and they must not listen to people that are bringing hatrate between them.

    There is also a serous need to reconcile, understand each other and end this quarrels, elections are over, let’s support the guys in power and judge them on their performance until the next elections.

    From Nkana President.

  19. discipline says:

    Ba tudyemo ba kwa Kalu

  20. Pungwa says:

    Kalu Fails FIFA Integrity Test, Thrown Out Of The Race But Quickly Announced His Withdraw

    Confederation of African Football (CAF) executive committee member Kalusha Bwalya has failed a FIFA integrity test and is subsequently out of the race for a position on football’s most powerful executive committee.
    Kalusha has however made a haste announcement he was dropping out of the race, but offered no reason.

    Kalu’s sudden decision has caught Zambia by surprise weeks after he caused a firestorm in the local association when he demanded a nomination letter.

    Kalusha hopped out of the race after it became clear FIFA was demanding answers he did not have. The allegations ranged from him bribes to professional misconduct.

    Sources at FIFA have disclosed that Kalusha’s candidature was blighted with numerous allegations of impropriety.

    And as a result, the FIFA Ethics Committee wrote Kalusha a letter containing more than 10 question asking him to clarify the allegations.
    The FIFA officials have disclosed that Kalusha was asked to explain a lot of allegations including two legal challenges he had lost in the Zambian court which included failure to pay bills on time leading to the former soccer star losing his house in Lusaka’s Woodlands area.

    FIFA also questioned dubious contracts Zambia had entered when Kalusha was head of the local FA, chief among them the Nike kit sponsorship that was cancelled in acrimonious circumstances.

    Other than issues to do with domestic affairs, Kalusha is accused of collecting bribes in connection with FIFA campaign when Qatari businessman Mohammed Bin Hammam wanted to challenge the fallen Sepp Blatter.
    Kalusha admitted to receiving over US $80, 000 from Bin Hammam which he claimed was a debt but no such figures have ever reflected in the FAZ financial statements.

    The local investigatory body, the Anti Corruption Commission, attempted to take up the matter but bowed to political pressure.
    FIFA sources disclosed that while Kalusha had obtained clearance from ACC, he failed to answer pertinent questions regarding the circumstances of US $80, 000.

    FIFA is not relenting in stamping its authority on the game and promoting transparency. Last year, Gordon Derrick, the general secretary of the Antigua and Barbuda Football Association, also failed an integrity check and blocked from running for president of CONCACAF, the sport’s regional governing body for North and Central America and the Caribbean.

    FIFA is yet to make a decision on Kalusha’s withdrawal. The Ethics Committee has also written other candidates like Danny Jordan of South Africa, Ghana’s Kwesi Nyanteki and Leodenga Tenga of Tazania.

    Kalusha gave an interview with a Kenyan journalist in which he announced his withdrawal from the FIFA race although the world soccer governing body was soon to announce he did not pass the integrity test.

    • Tc Soccerman says:

      Cadres hates facts and they hate it when they are exposed. Even corrupt FIFA can tell that Kalu is a crooked rat.

  21. Kuku says:


    Kalusha Claims It’s False, “Results Of Integrity Test Not Out”
    George Mwenya | March 4, 2017 | 10

    Kalusha Bwalya has faced up to the real reason he withdrew from the race for a FIFA executive position after a respected BBC journalist put it up to him.

    And lets just not end there….when FIFA increases the number of world cup places Europe should not get more places…..probably not related BBC can take this up in their own time. And punishments for Banana throwing at Africans…
    Veteran BBC journalist Osasu Obayiuwana plainly put it to Bwalya that he had withdrawn from the FIFA race after having failed an integrity test.

    Bwalya has naively believed that he could still run around flaunting his legendary status at FIFA when the corrupt old order he belonged to has been dismantled with the disgraceful departure of long serving FIFA president Sepp Blatter.

    Obayiuwana put it to the 1988 African Footballer of the Year on whether he had withdrawn as a result of failing the integrity test but Bwalya responded.

    “I have received no such notification. The results of the integrity tests are not out, so how could I have failed it? Such reports are false,” said Bwalya.

    Obayiuwana said, “We were told that he was unable to satisfactorily answer questions put to him and so he has failed.”

    Bwalya angled in with a response, “I have decided to withdraw from the race to concentrate on retaining my position at CAF.”

    The former FAZ president has yet to recover from losing elections last year to Andrew Kamanga and has been linked to manoeuvres to destabilize the current FAZ chief’s stewardship.

    Meanwhile, FIFA’s ethics committee is moving in with on iron fist on officials that don’t meet transparency and accountability criteria.

    Kalusha’s has a lot of baggage arising from his time as FAZ president which included improper transactions and allegations of bribery.

    He recently forced Kamanga to write a nomination for his candidature at FIFA. The pressure mounted on Kamanga led to a dispute in the executive where Kalusha’s chola boys

    Editor’s Note:

    We challenge Mr Bwalya to make public both the questionnaire from the FIFA Ethics Committee and his responses for everyone to make their own conclusion. We can only wonder how Mr Bwalya has finally realised he now needed to concentrate only on defending his role at CAF where integrity checks are not a priority when a few weeks ago he put up a strong fight that reached Cabinet to be nominated for a FIFA contest.

    • Alexander Liwana,RSA says:

      Having personal vendetta against anyone will take you nowhere.Kalusha Bwalya is a zambian who made too much contribution to Zambian soccer and why do you want to pull him so much down.Shame on you

      • Kuku says:

        That article is from Zambian reports quoting a BBC correspondent. And that’s their editor at the end of the article.

        My comment on the article was pasted in the wrong place as follows: “And lets just not end there….when FIFA increases the number of world cup places Europe should not get more places…..probably not related BBC can take this up in their own time. And punishments for Banana throwing at Africans…”

        I think i can take this back also. There are tangible efforts to fight racism in football. Enjoy the U20 AFCON sir!

      • Tc Soccerman says:

        @Alexander, its nothing personal, these are facts. I personally want Kalu to succeed, but in the right manner, why are you people ignoring the facts? He messed up.

        • GRAND says:

          @ TC Soccer man
          Can you please tell me what Kalu did for him not to attend the afcon here ?

          You are a truly typical Kamanga s supporters who reacts to assumptions and fear of your own shadows

          • Tc Soccerman says:

            He has been instigating his cadres that are left at FAZ to cause havoc in this tournment with a view of creating grounds to impeach Kamanga or make him look bad so Kalu can even the scores or get back to FAZ. Kamanga should not be worrying about that crap, but the proceedings of the tournament. If I was in Kamanga’s shoes, I would do the same too. Kamanga need to focus on the tournament not the nonsense of Kalu and his bunch of minion leeches sucking blood out of faz money. “You are a truly typical Kamanga s supporters who reacts to assumptions and fear of your own shadows” Wrong, I just call facts as I see them. I don’t know how many times I have stressed that I am not a Kamanga supporters, but take it as you please. I, with many sensible Zambians will judge/Support Kamanga based off what he does at FAZ, the rest is garbage to me atleast.

  22. Kuku says:

    March 5, 2017

    Proper Zambian comments the person we used call upon when it came yo football remember when our national team perished this man has helped in every best in he can its only now when the some pipo are wishing him bad lack in any avenues he wants to take,and the day he goes to the other side of the world they will be on top sending massages of how greatly they will miss him in the football circles.everyone has a life style and loves money its only that such opportunities have not come you.great kalu I wish you greater trying in your future endeavors God bless FAZ and KALU

  23. GRAND says:

    @ K U K U

    What are talking about ? We are talking about the relationship between Kalu and Kamanga.
    We want to know why kamanga wrote to Caf that kalu should not be among Caf delegation to u20 afcon ?
    But you are bringing Fifa issues here, Any way these are typical Kamanga supporters who act out of assumptions.
    Just like the first letter that kamanga wrote claiming that Kalu s presence at the afcon will destabilise the afcon.
    I ask you to substantiate how the presence can cause trouble, you are bringing the Fifa and other issues.


  24. GRAND says:

    @ K U K U
    @ P U N G W A
    Can you pliz answer the above question

  25. Kuku says:

    First selective justice is not good. To answer the question @GRAND JURY better to perform when you are in that seat. I cant give a better answer as am not privy to certain information.

  26. Kuku says:

    i googled and pasted the above articles, so i haven’t said much.

  27. Alexander Liwana,RSA says:

    I think we need everyone is Zambian soccer especially Kalusha Bwalya.This is the way to go.

  28. Samaita says:

    For now lets concerntrate with the on going total afcon.

  29. kensplash says:

    I have really enjoyed your comments guys i must confess.I wish to add my voice by saying that Kalu for sure is our icon and will remain so for so main years to come.This man has in his own right contributed a lot to Zambian football.We love him and will continue to cherish him whether he lives or not.However,his administration of football in this country leaves much to be desired.He wanted to run football like his own business forgetting the fact that there was a country at stake.Should Kamanga follow suit, he will not be spared either.We need our football to go a long way with the correct administrators at the helm.Go ZAMBIA Go!

    • Tc Soccerman says:

      @kensplash, Exactly what I and others saying, we all love what Kalu did as a player and we thank him for stepping up when the country needed him most, but that should make us compromize our integrity as Zambians by allowing Kalu to do what he did(dubious deals and “Kili yali ninkongole fye” saga, when he was FAZ President and all this shininigans he is doing. The problem with people is that when you have a different opinion then you are viewed as an enemy is false by all means.

      • GRAND says:

        @ TC Soccer Man,
        Can you please provide evidence that the Pipo at faz are being sent by Kalu.
        Or you are like your boss who wrote to Caf not to come with Kalu to afcon because his presence will make him sick.
        This is the classic example of the reaction to assumptions by kamanga and his supporters.

  30. Tc Soccerman says:

    You people that have tolarated Kalu’s manoeuvres at FAZ are the worsed as you did not help him in a good way, but altimately destroyed him and his archivements. You kept on praising him and sugarcoating all the sagas pointing to no evidence instead of holding him accountable and not asking valid questions when you should have. You are all in denial of facts and still living in the past of Kalu’s achievement and thus helping destroy his legancy instead of helping to preserve it and grow. To me, you are the worse people as you have helped the destruction of Kalu’s good deeds when he was a player and the beginning of his FAZ Presidency. If we all held him accountable and let him know when he erred, then Kalu would be headed for higher Fifa positions, but the baggage he accumulated while at FAZ WITH YOUR HELP as you supported him, is now haunting him and thus detering him from even archieving greater heights in FIFA, so don’t come here and acts like you love Kalu more than we do, because you don’t and if you did then you would have helped to narture him to do things in the right manner which would help him succeed in attaining higher positions at FIFA or CAF without having those baggages he acquired while at FAZ. So thanks(Sarcasm) to YOU blind supporters, YOU HELPED DESTROY KALU.

    • GRAND says:

      @ TC Soccer man,
      All that you have written is based on assumption you have failed to provide any evidence.
      But the first letter written to Caf by your kamanga was because he is always scared of Kalu s presence.
      How can he say that his presence will destabilise the tournament ?
      He again goes on to write a second letter,
      You dont see anything wrong in this all you can do is to bring issues that are not there.

      • Tc Soccerman says:

        Please with all due respect Mr.Grand don’t address Mr Kamanga to me as “Your Kamanga” He is not not mine, but he our leader at FAZ. As a matter of fact, I do not believe Kamanga is scared of King Kalu and here is why, If Kamanga was scared of Kalu then he would not have taken Kalu at last year’s FAZ election, but he did, not for personal gain, but for the sake of our football. I think Kamanga is just sick and tired of the petty fights Kalu and his minions keep bring up, Kamanga is acting like an adult and instead of having stret fights like little kids, he wrote to CAF so they could at minimum talk to Kalu, which Issa has done(for whatever thats worthy). I promise you, I am not a Kamanga Cadre and If Kamanga screws up then you can count on me to hear it first. We all know that Kalu screwed up and we all mess up, but using his past achievements as a passport to continued indiscipline is just rediculous. It was written on the walls that Kalu was leading FAZ as though it was his personal business, people were even calling Kalu as “Galu” which I strongly despise and disagree with that kind of nonsense, but people were angry at the direction Faz was going. Thats a fact.
        “You dont see anything wrong in this all you can do is to bring issues that are not there.” No I don’t especially if it in interest of having a smooth tournament without having any wrangles that Kalu and his minions like Kazala etc might create.

  31. soccerguru says:

    We do not need Kalu. …..we are fed up of his manoeuvring to chew resources. …..He is a useless cow.

    • Tc Soccerman says:

      Please Soccerguru, don’t call Kalu names like that, he deserves the respect from all of us, just because we don’t agree with what he stands for does not mean it is ok to insult him. You are better than that.

      • GRAND says:

        @ T C soccer man,
        I may agree with you that you are not a kamanga s man.
        While kalu is not an angel, he has may have his short comings it was absolutely not necessary for kamanga to write to write those letters.
        How many things did kamanga do to kalu ? He even went on to form a parallel executive but kalu is not doing the same to kamanga.
        When you are a leader expect opposing views, Kalu is one of the few former faz presidents that managed to finish two terms.
        I really don’t know why we should condemn kalu in this afcon issues. For me its only kamanga to be blamed in this particular issue

  32. Pungwa says:

    @Grand, I honestly dont know why that letter was written. I am not privy to what precipitated it. However, I am sure that Kamanga did not just wake and start sabailaling – there must be a good reason.

    • GRAND says:

      According to the contents which cleary started that kalu s presence will destabilise the afcon which was a wrong perception.

  33. Kampombwa says:

    Yaba two Zambian leaders who have failed to do their part shame on both of them.

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